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Dove Damage Therapy Cool Moisture Shampoo, Cucumber/Green Tea, 25.4Fluid Ounces

Hydrating Shampoo with Cucumber and Green Tea Dove Cool Moisture Shampoo with Nutritive Serum adds needed moisture back to your hair and leaves the soothing scent of cucumber and green tea. It leaves hair refreshingly hydrated without weighing it down. Care and repair for beautiful hair. How to Use Apply to wet hair, lather, and rinse. Follow with Dove Cool Moisture Conditioner for best results. About Dove Dove is committed to building positive self-esteem and inspiring all women and girls to reach their full potential. Every Dove product sold helps Dove and their charitable partners provide inspiring self-esteem programming for girls. What’s in the Box Dove Nutritive Solutions Cool Moisture Shampoo, Cucumber and Green Tea, 25.4 Ounces (Pack of 2). Dove Nutritive Solutions Cool Moisture Shampoo, Cucumber and Green Tea At a Glance: Moisturizing shampoo With Nutritive Serum Cool green tea and cucumber scent Hydrates hair Won’t weigh hair down

Key features

  • Soothing cucumber and green tea scent
  • MICROMOISTURE Serum nourishes hair
  • Hydrates hair without weighing it down
  • Advanced damage care and repair system for beautiful hair
  • Leaves hair-clean, revitalized and bouncy all day

Honest reviews


SO happy to have found a great shampoo at a reasonable price!

My boyfriend and I live on a strict budget so I’m always looking for a deal when it comes to restocking our household products. I had used Dove’s bodywashes and hair products in the past and had always been pleased with them. Normally we useDove Damage Therapy Daily Moisture Shampoo, Packaging May Vary, 25.4 Ounce (Pack of 2), but I’ve always enjoyed cucumber scented products and this formula was on sale so I took a chance. So glad I did!First off, I find this shampoo just as moisturizing as the Daily Moisture formula. It strips my hair clean of any product I may have used before and definitely helps tame my split ends. I’m always a bit nervous with shampoos and conditioners that promote themselves as being “eztra moisturizing” because I’ve had some bad encounters with different brands where that just means greasy and oily no matter how hard you try to rinse it out. Fortunately that wasn’t the case with Dove’s Damage Therapy line.Now for the reason why I prefer it over the Daily Therapy shampoo: the scent! I absolutely love the clean fragrance the cucumber/green tea formula has. I don’t find it overwhelming or synthetic, but just very nice and clean. For those prone to nasal sensitivity and who prefer unscented products, though, this is definitely NOT for you. I find that the scent lasts throughout the day even after my hair has dried. I love that fact, but it might not make everyone happy.I think this two-pack is a great value for a great product. I can’t afford to buy salon brands, but this one performs just as well as any of those have at a fraction of the cost. I’ll definitely be repurchasing this when we run out (which will be a while, thankfully).

Britney Olla, LA

The original formulation was a lot better

When I first reviewed this, I gave it five stars. Since then, the formulation and packaging has changed (I suspect due to the economy). It’s a shame, because the original formulation smelled a lot better and worked a lot better. The bottles were also a lot prettier.Everyone has different hair, and I think that shampoo is a very personal thing. This shampoo did not work for my mom, who has dry, wavy hair. She also has a very sensitive scalp, and this made her scalp oily and flakey (she prefers the Dove Intensive Repair shampoo and conditioner). My hair waves when it’s humid, but is otherwise straight. I’ve always had medium-thick hair that is shiny, and a scalp that is on the oily side. If your hair is similar to mine, this is worth trying out. It will clean your hair just as good as any other standard shampoo on the market. The shampoo doesn’t really have a nice smell; it’s just a very mild soapy clean smell. The conditioner smells musty and reminds me of a swamp or a moldy closet. Yuck.Overall, it is just decent. If I’m going with standard supermarket shampoo, I prefer Aussie.

Mona Stella Niagara, NY

love it!!

i have been using Dove products for a while now and find this to be one of the best. the smell is great and it leaves my hair feeling nice and clean.totally worth the buy!

Dina Jamestown, MI

Awesome Shampoo

I LOVE this shampoo! It smells so good, a nice cucumber-y smell. It leaves me hair feeling so soft and nice, even when it’s still wet. Def recommend.

Thelma Arnoldsburg, WV

Dove Shampoo

This Shampoo really cleans my hair. Makes my hair feel clean but not dried out. It leaves my hair smelling so wonderful

Barbara Sharpsburg, MD

Wonderful for Thin Brittle Hair

I have been using this product for almost a year and I love it! My hair was so damaged due to dryness from the blowdryer, hot comb and flat-iron. I used triple the heat and would most of the time use any shampoo I could find and I would only SOMETIMES moisturize my hair. That’s a no-no if it involves heat you must treat lol. Especially if you have african ametican hair. Mine is natuarally thin plus curly so I really damaged my hair. This shampoo restored moisture to my hair and even repaired almost all my damage. I snipped about 1/4 of my split ends too so my hair could recover faster. I also use Wild oil, Got2be, Pantane for woman of color daily moisturizer and Motions daily oil sheen. ALL CAN BE FOUND ON AMAZON!!! With resaonable prices. Now my hair is always moisturized correctly and very soft with all the damage gone like it never happened. Lol. It’s longer and a little thicker too. I use Dove and will continue to purchase dove from Amazon! It works!! 😀

Chris Coleman, TX

Great Shampoo

Awesome, and at an affordable price. I originally purchased because the colors matched my bathroom, but after using, I wouldn’t use another! Great smell as well as leaving hair smooth and healthy.

Katheryn Hiltons, VA