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Dove Conditioner, Radiant Shine 12 oz

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Conditioner Get Sublimely Sikly Hair Extraordinary hair nourishment in every drop Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Conditioner Dove Pure Care Dry Oil provides weightless nourishment and leaves your hair 5x silkier*. Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Conditioner nourishes while moisturizing and detangling. Infused with delicate African Macadamia and coconut oils, it deeply nourishes hair to help replenish lost or damaged lipids and leaves hair sublimely silky without being greasy or weighed down. For best results, use with the full line of Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Products. Nourishes with delicate oils Sublimely silky smooth hair Doesn’t weigh hair down *when using shampoo, conditioner and treatment as a system vs. non-conditioning shampoo. Dove is committed to building positive self-esteem and inspiring all women and girls to reach their full potential–but we need your help. Each time you buy Dove, you help us and our charitable partners provide inspiring self-esteem programming for girls

Key features

  • Provides weightless nourishment and leaves your hair 5x silkier when using shampoo, conditioner, and treatment as a system vs. non-conditioning shampoo
  • For dull, dry hair
  • Non-greasy, lightweight formula
  • Infused with African Macadamia and Coconut Oils
  • Enjoy lustrous locks that are free flowing with silkiness and shine

Honest reviews



This is great ARGON OIL Conditioner! I have tried many of the kinds of conditioners you can buy at your local super store with argon oil in them and I’d say this is the best one. I am hooked now!

Alba Alexandria, VA

Smells wonderful, left my hair soft and bouncy, but product can be dangerous

I really, really like this conditioner. The first thing I noticed is that it smells like Johnson and Johnson baby oil but dispenses creamy like conditioner. As promised, it moisturized my hair and did not leave it feeling oil, greasy or weighed down. I have fine, long hair (a little beyond shoulder length) and most moisturizing products leave my hair lifeless. Instead my hair came out full yet soft and it had a sheen to it similar to what I would get had I usedBiosilk Silk Therapy Serum, 2.26-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2). What I also liked is that I was easily able to run a comb though my wet hair while in the shower.The reason I consider this product dangerous is because as I was rinsing the conditioner off my hair, it made the shower extremely slick and slippery. I almost fell several times and had to hold on until I ran the water for a few minutes to rinse most of the residue away. The only other product I ever used that I love but have had a similar though not as slippery experience is theOlay Total Effects Advanced Anti-Aging Deep Penetrating Moisture Body Wash 15.2 Oz (Pack of 2).Overall, I really like this; however, it’s slickness in the shower that could cause me to fall makes me a bit hesitant to consider purchasing this in the future. If it weren’t for that, I think it’s wonderful and it smells heavenly too.

Christy Falmouth, MA

Nice conditioner

This Dove conditioner works great! It has a nice, pleasant smell and just a little bit is needed at a time. It definitely leaves hair soft and silky, as the manufacturer claims. I will definitely buy it again and would recommend.

Roslyn Odessa, NY

Good Conditioner But STRONG Baby Powder Scent

This is an OK conditioner but the baby powder scent is so strong, I won’t be buying more. I could still smell it the next day. It’s not a bad scent but as an adult, I really don’t want to smell like a baby. Also, the floor of the shower was like an oil slick after rinsing this off my hair.I have shoulder length, healthy hair. I usually use a “body” shampoo & conditioner. This is a medium-to-heavy conditioner. It did not make my hair limp/greasy after using it but the next day, my hair was more limp and oily than usual & I could feel it on my scalp. It’s really too much conditioner for my hair.If you have fine/limp hair, this might be a bit much. But if you have dry hair & like the smell of baby powder, this might be a good inexpensive choice.

Josefa Kelseyville, CA

Makes my hair feel nice, but the look is another thing!

Several months ago, a bad dye job left my hair in horrible shape. I’ve been getting it cut every month or two, and I will continue to do so until the damaged part finishes growing out enough to cut it all off. It doesn’t look too bad if I useCLEAR SCALP Volumizing Root Boost Nourishing ShampooandCLEAR SCALP Volumizing Root Boost Nourishing Conditioner. It still gets tangled easier than before I damaged it, but the Clear Scalp keeps it manageable.The Dove Dry Oil Conditioner left my hair feeling silky and luxurious — while I was in the shower. As soon as my hair dried, the damaged part looked like straw. I do realize it’s my fault for damaging my hair with the bad dye job, but as long as there are other products out there (like the Clear Scalp) that leave my hair looking half-way decent until it grows out enough to cut off the damaged parts, I’ll stick with the Clear Scalp.

Clarissa Chireno, TX

Ten stars!

This turns straw into silk. My hair was dry and a mass of total frizz and it was with cautious hope that I applied this after coloring and shampooing. It smelled different from any other conditioner–in a great way, a fragrant soft musk/clove scent that encouraged me that maybe, just maybe this one really would be different.And it is! My hair was so fried and frizzy it wouldn’t even hang straight down. It bushed out into an afro, from sun, home coloring and wind it gets exposed to every day in the tropics where I live.I noticed in the shower that when this rinsed out, my hair felt silky and straight and the tangles rinsed right out.And now my hair has shine and hangs straight! This is a first for me, to get this from a simple drugstore conditioner. This is a keeper and I PRAY they never stop making it. I’m throwing out all my other conditioners, because this is the only one that has ever done this. My hair shines like glass, moves, and all frizz is vanished and that’s no lie. Ten stars for this! Don’t stop making this Dove, please!

Gloria Boles, AR

Exotic Oils Fail To Elevate.

The journey from naturally dark brown to blonde and back again took its toll on my fine,medium length hair. The inclusion of macadamia and coconut oil held the promise of the silky, healthy hair that has eluded me for years. The conditioner has a pleasing consistency and a fairly strong perfume aroma that dissipates after use. It applied smoothly and rinsed out with ease. My hair was nicely conditioned but on a par with other conditioners in its price point. It is an adequate, not exceptional conditioner and the addition of the exotic oils failed to elevate its performance. Not bad but it is unlikely I would go out of my way to use another bottle.

Rowena Georgetown, MS

New Favorite Conditioner

I admit that I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to hair products. I’ve never tried Dove products, thinking they would be cheap and not work. I was happily surprised when I used the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Conditioner. It smells great and made my hair feel silky when I applied it. The best part was when I dried my hair with the blow dryer! My hair is straight, layered, colored. I don’t have frizz, but the ends get a little “yucky” looking. This conditioner made my hair so smooth/healthy/bouncy. It didn’t weight my hair down at all. Love it!!! Highly recommended.

Imelda Warba, MN

Definitely Coconut

This does a pretty good job of softening and helping my hair stay nice. It’s most striking feature to me, though, is the coconut in its scent. It’s more mellow than a lot of the very flowery stuff meant for women, which is a plus if you try to go easy on the perfumes or you’re just not in the mood. Generally speaking, coconut isn’t my favorite, but that’s just personal preference and not an issue with the product.There’s nothing really bad about it, it just also doesn’t stand out in a big way either. It’s a perfectly reasonable product for what it is.

Marquita Parthenon, AR

Decent conditioner

So the first thing you notice about this conditioner is the smell. It has a wonderful smell,I mean really really nice. I really liked that. It was a little thick going on, but that is neither good nor bad, just depends on what you like. As to how my hair felt after I would say it is a good but not great conditioner. I have had other conditioners leave my hair feeling more silky and smooth. However, my hair did come out fine; it wasn’t frizzy and definitely helped with the dryness (I have very dry hair). So it does what it says it does, and a decent conditioner (with an amazing smell). It’s at a good price point, and the ones that make my hair feel nicer is the brand that is much more expensive. So for the price, I would recommend it.

Rosemarie Andrews, SC

OK for my thick, curly hair

I’ve got somewhat thick, curly Caucasian hair — and I am always on the lookout for hair products to keep the frizz and flyways in check. I thought this was so-so. Honestly, I prefer conditioner that is a little little thicker, richer, heavier than this. I don’t think it has the conditioning power of a hot oil treatment, for example. It certainly didn’t leave my hair greasy, but it didn’t really keep it as controlled as I would have liked. After using it as a rinse-out conditioner a couple times, I tried rubbing a bit of the conditioner into my dry hair before styling — I thought it was more effective that way, and it preserved the wonderful, baby powder scent.This was okay, but I doubt I will use again, as I don’t think it’s heavy-duty enough for my thick hair.

Julia Fort Ripley, MN

Dry Oil means feels like a regular conditioner

Apparently what dove did here was put oil directly into a conditioner and make it feel to the touch like a regular conditioner. This means that you can use this instead of those tubes of oil that are sold for the hair as oil treatments. I am not a chemist so I cannot tell you if the two products achieve exactly the same thing. I did use this though and it does put a fair amount of oil in your hair without overdoing it. I just ran my fingers through my hair a day after using it and my hair definitely feels oilier. It is not dry at all and I have senior gray hair. So if you want to put oil on your hair without using those messy tubes filled with oil, this is one solution. I can’t say that I would run out and buy this on my own. I really don’t need a lot of extra oil in my hair. But as an occasional thing, it is fine.

Roslyn Middlebury Center, PA

Excellent for my coarse crazy hair!

Most of the Dove conditioners I have tried have tended to be too light on my hair, I end up putting some sort of pack on the ends so that I can get a comb through it. That isn’t the case with this conditioner, which has just enough oil in it to replenish my "oil dry" hair & scalp. My hair has a nice "slip" after rinsing, and dries with a very high shine, no frizz! In addition to that I can get a comb easily through my hair! I was concerned that this conditioner might make my hair & scalp feel greasy given the name, yet my fears were unfounded. My hair still has volume when it dries, yet is smooth, sleek, and shiny. I have naturally wavy, coarse, and thick waist length hair….a challenge for any conditioner on the market (!). This Dry Oil conditioner earned the 5 stars I’m giving it, along with leaving my hair freshly scented after drying. This is a great quality (yet cost effective!) conditioner for unruly hair. Highly recommended!

Kara Saint Bonaventure, NY

good conditioner

This conditioner has a nice fragrance. It is on the mild side and not too overpowering. The conditioner is thick and creamy and does an adequate job of conditioning my hair. It rinses well and does not leave my hair feeling greasy. Overall I would have to say that this conditioner is good, but there is nothing notably special about it.

Chelsey Eminence, IN

Works well for the price, but very similar to other Dove conditioners

In my experience my hair looks softest and healthiest when I use salon brand shampoos and conditioners, especially those that are free of sulfates. (To date for my thick color-treated blonde hair Kevin Murphy’s products have worked the best.) But when I’m on a budget or convenience-minded I’ve found the Dove shampoos and conditioners to be great for the money. While the results I get aren’t quite on par with the salon shampoos, they do a pretty good job of keeping my hair soft and healthy and without any build up or residue.I was curious to tryDove Pure Care Dry Oil Conditioner, 12 Ouncebecause it is said to contain African Macadamia Oil and I have tried and liked other Macadamia Oil shampoos and conditioners in the past like the Macadamia Oil brand. Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner. After using this conditioner, I think it is good but seems more similar to the other Dove conditioner varieties I’ve used in the past vs. the Macadamia Oil brand shampoo. While it does a good job, especially for the price, it doesn’t seem as moisturizing as the Macadamia Oil brand conditioner. I couldn’t necessarily see a discernible difference between this conditioner and other Dove conditioners I’ve tried. No matter which I use the results seem very similar for me and my hair type, but obviously hair types can vary so my results may not be typical. But overall as long as you have reasonable expectations (I think it is unfair to expect a drug store conditioner to work as well as a salon conditioner given the huge price difference) I think it is a solid conditioner.

Dolly Debary, FL

A Bit Above Average

This Dove Dry Oil Conditioner does what it is supposed to do. It softens hair and makes it easy to comb through and adds conditioning to dry hair. My results were about average for a nice, thick conditioner. I have dry ends and it does help to make hair soft and it’s a nice smelling formula. This product hasn’t wowed me but it does do the job. I didn’t notice a huge difference with having a dry oil in the mix but it’s a nice take on the oil craze. I use Argon Oil before styling so this isn’t a necessity for me to have in my conditioner. I do like the conditioning properties of this product and liked how soft it make my hair but it’s a fairly average conditioner which does the trick for providing manageability and softness to your hair.

Chelsea Montauk, NY

Puts oils back in hair after shampooing, and then some

This conditioner has more oil than most others. It made my hair and that of other family members feel thick and soft. It has a good scent. I believe a little went far compared to most conditioners.

Karina Fall River, WI

Creamy and oil added for a deep conditioning experience

This conditioner comes in a 12 fl oz. bottle that is about average size when compared to others. It’s thick, white and creamy and has oil in it so it doesn’t wash out immediately like a lot of conditioners. The oil really adds deep moisture, more so than the typical conditioner. I leaves my hair super soft and shiny and it’s probably one of the best moisturizers that I have ever used. The scent is strong and floral. Sometimes strong floral scents can be overpowering but they got it right with this one. Overall just a great conditioner.

Bobbie Trafalgar, IN

Average Conditioner, Don’t Care for the Scent

The Dove Pure Care Dry Oil conditioner is formulated for dull, dry hair. I definitely have dull, dry hair. My hair is dry, coarse and frizzy all on it’s own but now my hair is damaged from recent hair coloring and it’s in even worse condition. The bottle says “nourishing oils can enhance silkiness and shine, without being greasy or weighing hair down. The conditioner is definitely non-greasy and did not weight my hair down as advertised. On the other hand, I didn’t feel like my hair was any more silky or shiny than when I use any other conditioner.It’s not a bad conditioner but to me, it’s just average. I also do not care for the scent. The scent is slightly spicy, powdery and perfume-y all at the same time.

Tabitha Pewee Valley, KY

Healthy, Clean, Bouncy Hair …

When I read “dry oil,” I instantly envisioned flat hair. Even when I was working the luxuriously thick conditioner through my hair, I still imagined having to rewash it. No such thing. My hair was left light, bouncy, and extremely healthy. Likewise, when I ran a comb through my still-damp hair, I could instantly detect the detangling effect … which also equates to less breakage. Nice! Finally, the fragrance is somewhat similar to baby-powder … it is subtle, but really pleasant.Great price, great product! I’m surprised!UPDATE: When I woke-up the next day and brushed my hair, I was shocked to see how silky my hair was. Good grief! This product is AMAZING!

Matilda Willmar, MN

Pass on this dry oil fad.

I have kinky and coily hair like pen springs. The strands are very fine. I thought the oil infusion would be great, but it really did nothing. I couldn’t detangle with this in my hair even with my hair sopping wet. It felt quite squeaky and straw-like straight from the shower. I had to do too much to put the moisture back into my fine hair before it dried or the hair would tangle.

Millie Nonantum, MA

Works great

This works great for my daughters long hair that is so hard to care for. I like the scent too. Way to go Dove.

Bettie Lincoln Park, MI

Husband loved this dry oil condition that smells like baby powder.

He has dry thinning hair and so we keep trying new things, looking of the perfect conditioner for his hair. This works well to soften his hair and he loves the smell. It smells like his favorite scent baby powder.

Lisa Limon, CO

did not leave me with hair 5 time silkier

I had high hopes for this conditioner. I have rough,extremely dry ,and frizzy hair. My hair is a challenge for any conditioner.This conditioner is very thick,rich and creamy. The scent is wonderful. You can feel the oil in this conditioner. One would think it would leave your hair moist and well conditioned. Sadly, it only helped a bit with my dryness and was no help at all with the tangles. I felt no silkyness.Overall, I think this conditioner would be most helpful to person with only slightly dry hair. If you have extremely dry hair like mine you will need to look elsewhere.

Amanda Montague, CA

awesome results

I was very pleased with this one. I used it alone as a conditioner (without shampooing) and I was well pleased. It left my hair with lots of shine, bounce, and volume and my fiancee LOVED the fragrance. My hair is normal, so I’m not certain how it would perform for someone that actually has dry hair, but I have since added it to my collection of conditioners. This one was A#1 for me!

Stefanie Templeton, MA

Not for me

After several years of straight hair I have gone back to natural curls. Curls need moisture and more moisture.This conditioner left my hair feeling soft. But it was a very flat soft. It didn’t help with tangles and it smooshed my curls. It smells heavenly though. I also tried it for a co-wash without a shampoo and it was just a mess.

Lidia Mc Gee, MO

A dreamy conditioner

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Conditioner, 12 Ounce. This is a dreamy conditioner terrific for curly hair. Make sure you coat your ends with it carefully. Use a wide tooth comb if you can while it does its job. Rinse and your good to go. Good price for a good product that actually works. Cheaper than salon work.

Alfreda Olden, TX

gentle but not as moisturizing as the name sounds

With the word "oil" in the name, I expected more moisture than I got. The conditioner was delightfully thick to the touch, so it stayed in my hair nicely, but when I went to rinse it out and let it dry, my damaged, dry, over-processed hair still needed some of the extra products I normally put in like leave-in conditioners, etc. I recently tried another product by some brand called "Clear" ( worked better for me. Still, I generally love Dove brand products, and were it not for the fact that I have to re-dye my hair every month (I have crazy neon "fashion" colors that are semi-permanent and fade quickly), I am sure this would have been enough. As it is, however, I need to bring in the big guns. This one didn’t quite work on its own.

Corrine Astoria, IL

Wow! Fragrance!

This conditioner is a good reminder that you get what you pay for. It feels good going on, but doesn’t moisturize as expected. It doesn’t make your hair heavy and greasy, but also doesn’t moisturize well. My biggest deterrent to using this product again is the fragrance. It is SUPER strong. If you like strong fragrances this is for you, but I prefer subtle. All in all, if probably give it 2.5 stars.

Lara Peabody, MA

works well.

great scent- I use this conditioner about 4 times a week to prevent hair from getting dry due to repeated shampoo use. It really works, and mositurizers the hair well. Highly recommended.

Gwendolyn Matoaka, WV