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Dove Color Care Leave On Conditioner, 4 Ounce

Leaves Hair Color Vibrant and Protected Dove Color Care Leave-On Conditioner, with Vibrant Color Lock technology and UV Complex, is a lightweight conditioning cream that helps colored hair stay vibrant and luminous. The cream protects hair color all day, leaving it touchably soft, smooth, and manageable. The formula also defends against dullness and nourishes hair to keep it from feeling dry. How to Apply Distribute a quarter-sized portion evenly throughout damp hair and do not rinse. Style as usual. Dove Color Care Collection The Dove Color Care collection contains Vibrant Color Lock and is specially formulated to provide protection and nourishment for colored hair. The unique combination of ingredients is designed to nourish and repair hair to help maintain beautiful looking color. Fiber Actives in the formula penetrate deep inside the colored hair strand to reconstruct damaged proteins, while Micromoisture Serum nourishes the outside cuticle layer—hair is left luminous, soft, and strong. Dove Color Care features Shampoo, Conditioner, Daily Treatment Conditioner, and Leave-On Conditioner to help women keep a fresh, “just-colored” feeling. About Dove Dove is committed to building positive self-esteem and inspiring all women and girls to reach their full potential. Every Dove product sold helps Dove and their charitable partners provide inspiring self-esteem programming for girls. What’s in the Box Dove Color Care Leave-On Conditioner, 4 Ounces. Dove Color Care Leave-On Conditioner At a Glance: For color-treated hair Lightweight, leave-on cream Leaves hair soft and smooth Protects hair color all day Defends against dullness

Key features

  • Hair is touchably soft, smooth and radiant
  • Lightweight conditioning cream
  • Provides manageable, smooth hair
  • Protects against dullness
  • Nourishes hair to keep it from feeling dry

Honest reviews


close but not enough

First, I must say that I LOVE Dove hair care products. They have a great line of shampoos, conditioners and leave-ins.I wanted to try this Hair Therapy Leave on conditioner for color care. I color my hair to enhance my natural red. Reds always fade quicker than other shades, so finding something that can help maintain the color longer is always a good thing.What I like about this product is the fact that it is a cream and not an oil. I find most oils leave my hair feeling a bit, well, oily. Plus, I don’t like putting an oil on damp hair. This treatment cream is great for putting on towel-dried damp hair and leaving in for a while before drying and styling.I can say that it definitely left my normally frizzy, dry hair feeling softer, with less time with a dryer and fat iron.What I did not like was the ingredients. I noticed it contains lactic acid. As an esthetician, I have used this in chemical peels on the skin to even out and remove dead cells. Now, why I can see that it might make the hair softer, I feel it would “strip” it a bit, therefore doing the opposite of what it claims to: keep color vibrant. I did not see anything remarkable in the ingredients to lead me to believe this would do a better job at protecting color than any other leave in would.Really, the best thing for colored hair is protecting it from the sun (wear a hat) and use a sulfate-free shampoo.Other than that, overall, this is a good leave in conditioner for keeping hair softer and more manageable.

Lee Statenville, GA

Leave On Conditioner didn’t work out for me

But my sister loved it.My hair is thick, curly and dry while my sisters is thick, straight and can get oily.We both love the UV Complex and the Color Lock technology.The lightweight conditioning cream worked perfectly for her while I needed something heavier.

Ofelia Oroville, WA

One of the best leave-on conditioners out there!

My hair is long, color-treated and curly. I am always in search of conditioners, and don’t find it necessary to spend mega-bucks to find the best. This Dove Color Care Leave On Conditoner is one of the very, very best ever! It works like magic! After washing my hair, I used a modest amount of this balm and worked it through, especially on the damaged ends. My hair detangled nicely. I have used it once to blow-out my hair, and a couple of more times to let it dry naturally. The results meet my highest expectations, and that is saying a lot. This Dove product gave my hair a lot of shine and manageability, without any heavy over-conditoned look that frequently occurs from leave-in products.If you have color-treated and/or problem hair, this is the stuff for you. I will definitely purchase again and certainly recommend it to friends!

Alyce Summersville, WV

a bit expensive, but worth it!

My hair is very fine and thin, and I dye it, so it’s prone to breakage and split ends. I use traditional conditioner religiously to try and keep it healthy, but I’ve never had any luck with leave-in conditioners. They usually leave my hair feeling greasy or sticky. I use Dove shampoo and conditioner anyway, so I decided to try the Dove Color Care. It is the first leave-in conditioner I’ve ever tried that actually works as intended.I used the product just as suggested, a quarter size dollop throughout my damp hair after showering. Once my hair dried, it was noticeably smooth and shiny, and felt soft to the touch – after just one application! I love it! Moreover, the product doesn’t leave your hands feeling yucky either. I just dried them on a towel; I didn’t have to wash the stuff off first.My only minor criticism is the price. $6 (as of this writing) for a small 4 ounce bottle is expensive. However, it works, so I will definitely be ordering it again. Highly recommended.

Mia Sandown, NH

really just okay

I’ve used a detangler/conditioner for kids, can’t remember the name right off hand though. I thought this would essentially do the same thing while providing some protection for my color treatment.The bottle says to put a quarter size amount of the conditioner in your hand and spread it evenly through your hair before drying. A quarter size amount didn’t do much of anything for my hair. I had to use about 3 or 4 times the amount it said to use to get it spread through all of my hair. I spread it throughout and combed it and let it air dry. The next morning I woke up to a grease-ball for a head!I figured I’d probably just used too much so I tried it again the next night, used less but couldn’t get the comb or my fingers through my hair. I just let it dry anyway, thinking it’d be easier to comb or brush when it was dried.The next morning it wasn’t too hard to brush but again, greasy, greasy! I’m very disappointed, I use Dove shampoo and conditioner all the time and haven’t ever had a problem with it. This item just didn’t work for me. Hope you have better luck!!By the way, the detangling conditioner for kids I use is in a spray bottle. It’s much easier to use on my very thick, long hair than just using my hands.

Jenny Orocovis, PR

This really works!

I don’t usually use leave-on conditioners, but dry hair and the frizzies have been driving me crazy, so when I had a chance to try this product through Amazon Vine, I took it. Much to my surprise, it worked great. My hair looks shiny and feels smooth, but best of all it’s not greasy. This is definitely a keeper.

Alyce Coal City, IL

Dove Color Care Leave In, I love you!

I have been paying around $25 for a little bottle of spray leave in conditioner from my salon that does what this little bottle of miracle cream does for under $5. This has my favorite ingredient, dimethicone, just like my expensive spray on leave in. This is used on damp hair before blow drying and it smooths and glosses and gives body as well as anything I’ve ever tried.I’ve tried several Dove hair products now, from shampoos, conditioners and masks, and they all are fantastic. This one is incredible. I was just about to spend another $25 on that salon spray on leave in conditioner and now I don’t have to. This works the same, no differently.I love to put this on my dry hair too. My hair feels dry and brittle sometimes, and a few drop of this smoothed onto it softens and smoothes it and leaves it feeling soft and silky instead of parched. Thanks Dove, you’re the best!

Felicia Palisades Park, NJ

Light and it smells good!

I love the smell of this conditioner–its has a hint of coconut in it. I can’t comment about the “color care” portion though. I used a dollop–about a quarter size–on my shoulder length hair–wet hair and just combed it in. It kept my hair tangle free. I kept touching my hair, it felt very silky. I will definitely be looking for a bigger bottle to buy.Oh, and I tried it on dry hair–it doesn’t spread as well–so I spritzed my hair with a little water and then worked it in. It was great that way too.

Mara Radcliffe, IA

Dove Color Care Leave On Conditioner

Dove Color Care Leave On Conditioner. It makes the hair soft, smooth, and easy to handle. I’ve had my share of experiences with dull, dry, fly-away hair, so I am pleased to have this product (that is just the opposite).I’ve used a lot of different products on my hair. I do recommend this product.Dove is a trusted name brand that I’ve used every since i can remember. If it is Dove, I have no doubts that it is a good product. However, I go further than that: I actually USED this product, so I know from personal experience that it is GOOD!!!!!!!!!

Marci Linn, MO

Smells wonderful and helps tame my poofy hair

I have long thick hair that tends to get even thicker, and for lack of a better word “super poofy”, when I blow-dry it. Even with smoothing shampoos and conditioners, my hair comes out like a giant poofy triangle wedge of hair on the back of my head after using my hair dryer on it. So I usually flat iron it, and apply some kind of smoothing serum to help tame it.After trying this conditioner out, found I really like how much softer my hair is when it in place of my smoothing oil spray. Using the oil with my flat iron tends to make my hair a little too straight, with an almost brittle appearance. Using this leave-in conditioner, it helps smooth out my hair, but leaves it soft looking, which is the look I want to achieve. I’m just trying to smooth out the “poof”, not get hair so straight there’s no body in it at all.Also, it smells wonderful. It’s a bright fragrance that’s somewhere between floral and fruity. I really like this, and I’ll likely be buying more as soon as I’ve finished this bottle.

Tanya Slocum, RI

Great Light Weight and Scent

This looks very similar to rinse out conditioners.After shampooing ,it is applied to damp hair and massaged in. It works instantly conditioning the hair. The fragrance is wonderful. Light, fresh and clean and not overwhelming.It helps keep the color of color treated hair fresh and vital.It’s wonderful to use and produces great effects leaving hair silky smooth and protected from color loss.Great product, highly recommended!

Lucia Oelwein, IA

Soft and smooth

This leave in conditioner is designed for color treated hair. Creamy with a pleasant tropical fragrance, it is applied to damp hair. A little dab is all you need. It applies easily and the fragrance dissipates. It left my hair soft, smooth and manageable. I would have liked more shine but overall I was pleased. I also tried it on dry hair and it conditioned admirably. It softened the ends and tamed the frizzies. It didn’t over condition or flatten my hair. Good product.

Elaine Renovo, PA

Another great Dove product

I currently use the John Frieda red shampoo but started to use the Dove color care conditioner because I find it give my hair more moisture. I dye my hair a deep red color but I still find it to be dry especially in the summer. I also have some frizz due to a mild curl in my hair so I thought I would give a leave in conditioner a try. It has been an incredible choice. My hair isn’t dry or frizzy anymore and is very smooth. I do think that the color aspect does in fact hold my red a bit longer but I am also using the Red shampoo. I even tried this product on my daughter who has cherub ringlets and it has done wonders on her hair. I will definitely make this a regular purchase and will buy a non-color care one for my daughter!

Dollie Sacramento, PA

Frizz Control

I have been using this leave in conditioner for about 3 weeks now. It has a nice tropical fruity scent, coconut maybe, and doesn’t leave my hair heavy and oily after use. The directions state to apply a quarter sized amount into damp hair and leave in.I have short but very thick colored hair and have to use more than the recommended amount to fully condition and remove the frizz from my hair but the results are worth it. I wash, condition, brush or comb and leave to dry. My hair stays in place without the use of hair sprays and is soft and manageable. I colored my hair the same time I began using this conditioner and it appears that the color is lasting longer than normal as I haven’t noticed the gray returning quite as fast.

Polly Linn, MO

Just Okay

It seems to make things a little softer, but not as much as I had expected from a leave-in conditioner. I also had to be very careful about how I spread it out because it didn’t spread as nicely as some others I’ve used and could leave some spots feeling a bit gunky.If you take care with how you use it, it does help. It’s also just a little more fussy to use than I’d like, and the results aren’t dramatically better. It falls in the realm of not bad and not fantastic.

Gilda Crescent Mills, CA

Good for curly hair

I have crazy curly, fine, color treated hair and am constantly on the lookout for a good product that will keep the curls under control without weighing down my hair, making it stiff and crinkly, or leaving it looking like it’s wet. Dove Color Care Leave On Conditioner works fairly well in all these areas. My only complaint is if it’s windy I do get some flyaway frizziness when I’m using the Dove product. For the most part though, I’m very happy with it. It smells great, coats my hair evenly, and doesn’t leave my hair feeling sticky, dry or crunchy. I would definitely use it again.

Hester Lyndhurst, VA

Great for Some

My hair is very baby fine and pin straight. I have a lot of hair, but limp is an understatement. There are some products that work and some that don’t. I found that this smells good, but weighs down my hair. My niece, however, has curly, course blond hair that responds to this conditioner perfectly. It makes her hair shiny and beautiful. She can both blow dry it straight and it looks shiny and healthy, or leave it in and let it dry curly, and looks beautiful.We both love the scent, but I need something lighter while this works great for her.

Emily Manila, AR

Better than regular conditioner!

This stuff is amazing! I have silky, straight hair that tangles easily. The two most important aspects of conditioner for me are: 1) it makes my hair smooth and soft and 2) it makes my hair easy to brush. This conditioner meets these requirements and it saves me time in the morning.It made my hair soft, silky and smooth with a very small amount of conditioner (about a dime size). With normal conditioner I have to use more and it doesn’t make it feel this silky. When I went to brush my hair (which was tangled before the shower), my brush ran right through it like a knife through softened butter. It saved me the time in the shower of putting in conditioner, waiting on it to sit and rinsing it back out. The scent is slightly sweet and very clean smelling. It made my hair smell good all day long.I will definitely be buying this again.

Carolina Winchester, VA

Nice scent

This leave in conditioner has the look and feel of regular conditioner. I’m not sure what the difference really is. I have dry, curly hair. This conditioner is okay. It makes my hair a bit softer when I wear my hair curly. However, I don’t use this product for the times when I flat iron my hair straight. It is too heavy for that. The fragrance of this conditioner is really nice. It has a fruity scent that I like.

Evangelina Put In Bay, OH

Love it!

I have never used Dove brand shampoos or conditioners, so I didn’t have any expectations as far as quality goes. But after the first use I was pretty much hooked. I really like this leave-in conditioner and actually prefer it to regular conditioner because it simply works better. It is completely non-greasy, does not weigh down your hair or make it feel filmy or oily. It makes your hair silky, smooth, and soft, and it stays that way until your next shower! I highly recommend this product.

Virginia Monument, CO

Comparable to other more expensive leave-in conditioners

Recently I have been usingNexxus Hydralight Weightless Moisture Leave-In Conditioning Foamand it’s been working rather well on my hair. I switched over toDove Color Care Leave On Conditionera couple of days ago and I’m getting results that are just as good. My hair is mid-back length, naturally curly and color treated; so keeping it moisturized is a must to control the frizz. Although the bottle is small it only takes a little of the conditioner rubbed between my hands to cover my hair and the smell is great, slightly tropical. Overall I can’t really comment on it keeping my color vibrant, but as a conditioner it works. Given the choice between the two leave-in products I have been using I would likely go with Dove over Nexxus because I’m a bargain shopper and it’s price is a bit more reasonable.

Elaine Kantner, PA

Light and easy, but not much overall effect

This conditioner is nice and light, fine for a little extra detangling/frizz control. But the effects aren’t dramatic, nor does it last very long (I was my hair once or twice a week in the summer, and after several hours, it looks about the same as it did when I wasn’t using any leave-in conditioner) or seem to have a lasting overall effect (after several weeks, my hair looks about the same), so I’m only giving it 3 stars. It’s not objectionable and does give a little extra softening/frizz control in the short term.The scent is light and pleasant, the container dispenses easily and with control.

Callie Hometown, WV

Nice product

I liked this product however it slowed (air) drying time down by quite a bit. The instructions recommend that you use a dollop the size of a quarter but that seems like too much to me even though I have extremely long hair, I’d say I use about two thirds as much. I like the way it leaves the hair closest to the roots full and soft but there are still frizzies towards the ends. I suppose I can’t expect miracles however. It makes my hair fuller and doesn’t leave any kind of film or weight my hair down. I’m sensitive to smells and there’s no lasting smell with this conditioner. I’d describe the smell as a generic conditioner smell. Overall a nice product.

Rena Barrigada, GU

Love the Scent!

I’m a big fan of Dove products and love almost all of their products. I feel their products are very high quality and are reasonably priced. I’ve tried Dove’s whole line of Color Care products for my colored hair and I really like the whole line. This Dove leave-on conditioner is really nice. It’s the same consistency as regular conditioner as opposed to a more fluid or oil like leave-on conditioner; this one is creamy. Just a little goes a long way which good because the bottle is pretty small.I applied it to my hair and was able to comb through easily so it did a great job of detangling. It also left my hair incredibly silky and soft. The best part for me was the scent. Coconut oil is in the ingredients but the scent probably comes from the added fragrance but this has a heavenly scent of coconut. I love coconut scents and it’s nice to have a leave-in product that leaves your hair smelling so nicely.

Juliana Grove City, OH

Leave on conditioner works well and helps maintain recently colored hair.

My retired parents color their gray hair frequently but were frustrated that most shampoos and conditioners were washing out their hair color in less than a month. After trying Dove’s Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner for over one month, they were glad to give this Dove Color Care Leave On Conditioner a try.Likes:>My parents’ freshly colored hair appeared to wash out even less after using all three Dove products for one week: the Color Care shampoo and the Color Care Conditioner when washing their hair, followed by using the Leave On Conditioner during the day when needed.>Nice, fresh, refreshing, creamy vanilla-ish fragrance smells the same as the other Color Care products.>Gentle formula enriched with hair nutrients to revitalize frequently dyed hair.>Convenience of being able to apply Leave On conditioner when away from home with the small 4oz. bottle.>Vibrant Color Lock and UV complex help protect frequently dyed hair.Concerns:>Easy for older folks to forget and lose small bottle when using this product away from home.>4oz bottle doesn’t conform with TSA’s limit of 3.4oz. liquid/gel containers for carry-on luggage so this Leave On conditioner has to go into the check-in luggage.Overall:An effective Leave On Color Care conditioner when used after the Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner for maintaining and extending the duration of hair color. I will consider buying this product next time for family members who frequently dye their hair.

Esther Newport, NE

Wonderful Leave on Conditioner …

Humidity can wreak havoc on a sleek hairstyle. “Dove Color Care Leave On Conditioner” is a wonderful way to beat humidity and achieve the look you want! It has a pleasant floral fragrance, but it is not so highly scented as to be noticeable.”Dove Color Care Leave On Conditioner” can be applied to damp hair or dry hair. I first tried it on dry hair. It tamed fly-aways and did not weigh my hair down or cause it to look in need of shampooing. Using the product on damp hair also produced a smooth “do”. However, there were still a few more stray hairs than when “Dove Color Care Leave On Conditioner” was used on dry hair. I would recommend using it on dry hair after your initial styling.Because “Dove Color Care Leave On Conditioner” produces a smooth finish without heat, it should help keep your hair from being damaged by excessive flat iron usage. It may help prevent sun and chemical damage if used before and after swimming.I loved “Dove Color Care Leave On Conditioner” and will be adding it to my favorite products list. It leaves hair soft, free to move, and shining.

Amparo Blanca, CO

No Better – No Worse

I was horrified the very first time I applied this to my hair. The smell was enough to make my stomach pitch. But by the time I rinsed it out the smell was very faint. I was truly worried that I would have to re-wash my hair several times to get the smell out. Once my hair was dried and styled there was no smell at all.I washed and conditioned my hair as usual then I put this on like the directions say and left it on a little more than the 3 minutes that they recommend. I let my hair air dry for a couple of hours, then used the blow dryer the rest of the way. My hair is very long and damaged from coloring products.It did leave my hair easier to comb out when I was done towel drying it.This product did not make my hair appear or feel any healthier or better conditioned than if I had used just my regular shampoo and conditioner on it.

Ruby Elizabeth, MN

Leaves hair smooth & soft and a film

I don’t really know if this leave on conditioner does anything to prevent sun fade on hair color. I imagine using it for a couple of months will answer that question. However after a couple of weeks, I can say it does leave your hair smooth and soft – even if blowing drying after your shower. It’s easy to use – just do it like regular conditioner, but don’t rinse afterward. And here is where the one star deduction comes in… if you have long hair like mine, you HAVE to towel dry your hair when you get out of the shower. Otherwise all that excess water drips etc. This Dove leave in conditioner also leaves a filmy, slight lotion like residue on your towel. And on my hair brush now that I think about it. It does a nice job on my hair and it may be giving a bit of sun protection to my color, but that residue business grosses me out. I will stick to my regular shampoo & conditioner routine in the future.

Marsha Clinton, WI

Works well

This leave in conditioner is not something you want to use everyday, maybe once a week? It’s a small bottle so I’m assuming that is what it is made for. It left my hair nice and smooth and not greasy. I’ve been using the dove regular conditioner and found that it has worked so well that I didn’t really have a need to use this treatment, but if you are using a lower quality conditioner or maybe after coloring your hair than this leave in treatment will be great!

Alisha Hazleton, IN

Effective and a great value

This is one of the most effective leave in conditioners I’ve ever tried. At the price point, an surprising value in a market full of products where even once low-end brands have high-end price tags.The smell is pleasant and my hair was soft and there was no filmy build up. The product itself is thick enough to apply to the hair without wasting any. Yet it is thin enough to absorb into the hair. I used this on both wet and dry hair with excellent results.Note that this is a 4oz bottle, so it will look small. My hair is long and the bottle lasted over 8 weeks with daily use. A little goes a long way. Please don’t let the size fool you.Overall: This is my new go-to leave in conditioner and I highly recommend it .

Serena Saint Francis, KS