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Dove Color Care Daily Treatment Conditioner, 8 Ounce

Daily Conditioning Treatment for Smooth, Radiant Hair Get a double benefit with Color Care Daily Treatment Conditioner, the first dual stripe treatment conditioner from Dove for colored hair. The dual action formula contains coconut and almond oils and helps restore shine and keep hair looking vibrant. Hair is left feeling touchably soft, smooth, and radiant. Color Lock Treatment and Concentrated Nourishment Dove Color Care’s Dual action formulation offers a double benefit. The White Concentrated Nourishment Stripe contains conditioners that replenish lost nutrients from the inside, restoring hair condition. The Pink Color Lock Treatment Strip with Vibrant Color Lock technology, keeps hair color vibrant up to 8 weeks (40 washes).* How to Apply Apply after shampoo instead of your regular conditioner. Leave on for 1-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Use daily for best results. Dove Color Care Collection The Dove Color Care collection contains Vibrant Color Lock and is specially formulated to provide protection and nourishment for colored hair. The unique combination of ingredients is designed to nourish and repair hair to help maintain beautiful looking color. Fiber Actives in the formula penetrate deep inside the colored hair strand to reconstruct damaged proteins, while Micromoisture Serum nourishes the outside cuticle layer—hair is left luminous, soft, and strong. Dove Color Care features Shampoo, Conditioner, Daily Treatment Conditioner and Leave-On Conditioner to help women keep a fresh, “just-colored” feeling. About Dove Dove is committed to building positive self-esteem and inspiring all women and girls to reach their full potential. Every Dove product sold helps Dove and their charitable partners provide inspiring self-esteem programming for girls. *Shampoo and Daily Treatment Conditioner system vs. non-conditioning shampoo. Dove Color Care Daily Treatment Conditioner At a Glance: From the Dove Color Care collection Helps create soft, smooth and radiant hair Formulated with coconut and almond oils Protects color and replenishes nutrients Leaves hair with a fresh, “just-colored” feeling

Key features

  • Hair is touchably soft, smooth and radiant
  • Contains coconut and almond oils
  • Helps restore hair shine
  • Dual action formulation offers double benefits;Keep hair looking vibrant
  • Concentrated Nourishment Stripe helps replenish lost nutrients

Honest reviews


works as promised but at what price? (chemical-ridden product)

Colored hair is notoriously harder to maintain because it is damaged by the hair dye. Therefore, colored hair requires more conditioning and more nourishment. Dove delivers a good attempt on creating a nice, cheap conditioner that slightly restores hair, makes it smooth, and even controls the frizz of curly hair. However, I am not a fan of the ingredients in this product, which include a lot of words I can’t pronounce (read: chemicals).Dove likes to talk about inner beauty and confidence that stems from the soul, but outer beauty is hard to maintain when it’s exposed to chemicals.Although this product meets its goals in providing more nourishment to the color-treated hair, I would recommend looking for more natural products.

Leonor Mooresville, IN

Soft, shiny, wonderful hair

You know the little tube (or bottle) of conditioner you get with your hair-color (provided you buy it at the store and do it yourself, instead of going to a salon)? If you’ve used it, you know how great it can make your freshly colored hair feel, how it makes it shine and keeps it manageable.Well, Dove has taken that little tube and super-sized it. Run a dab of this conditioner through your hair after washing, wait one minute and then rinse it out. You’ll have that wonderful feeling and looks of freshly colored hair every day for weeks, not just one or two. This stuff works, and works well. I’d recommend it to anyone who colors their hair.

Brittany Mancos, CO

A Good Conditioner

This product leaves my hair soft, but not limp and flat. In the past I’ve had a lot of trouble with static in my hair when trying on clothes while shopping. After I used this product, I went shopping and had no static problems. I’ve used it a few times and I don’t notice any change in my color. The scent is pleasant and I would recommend this to friends.

Robbie Rapids City, IL

non smelly, non cloying fragrance, good for dry dyed hair

non smelly, non cloying fragrance – not fragrance free exactly, but a very low profile smell. I just hate perfumy, feminine smelling hair stuff.good for dry dyed hair – it’s not a pasty mask and rinses quickly and cleanly, so it’s good for daily use.

Julianne Kingsford, MI

A thick, creamy, heavy duty conditioner

I have naturally curly, color treated, mid-back length hair and I really like the way my hair is left feeling after using this conditioner. It squeezes out of the tube as thick as a paste and requires some working through my hands before applying. Left on for about 3-4 minutes it seems to rinse clean, but my hair is still left soft, untangled and moisturized. Although it says it’s a daily conditioner, I have been using it every other day and the results have still been great. The price is competitive with similar brands and I expect that I will be purchasing this as soon as my bottle runs out.

Marian Millbrae, CA

Super Soft Hair

I have a confession to make: I love Dove products! They smell good, the packaging is pretty and they are so moisturizing.Well needless to say, I love this too! One of my favorite Dove products yet.You use Dove’s Daily Treatment conditioner instead of your regular conditioner when you need extra conditioning or you can just use it daily if you like.I used this and it gave me incredibly soft hair. I mean really, really soft. It is so much better than regular conditioner. I could definitely tell that this was a treatment product for deep nourishment. It’s formulated for color treated hair too so you don’t have to worry about it washing out your color.Once again, Dove delivers!

Rae Lomax, IL

Leaves my hair clean, shiny and smelling wonderful!

As someone who colors their hair and is getting older I’m always on the look out for a great conditioner. Dover Color Care Daily fits the criteria that I have for a conditioner. First the conditioner should leave no sticky residue and wash out easily. Secondly I really hate conditioners that stick to your hair and within 24 hours you feel as though you haven’t washed it for days. With Dove Color Care this is not a problem. Third the conditioner should do what it says–condition. it is always amazing to me how many products get away with using the word conditioner when once it is rinsed out your hair is in no better shape than it was before. Fourth I like a conditioner that gives my hair shine especially before a coloring when one’s hair starts getting dull. And lastly I like a hair product that makes my hair smell clean and fresh. Dover Color Care does deliver in this area. The product has a very distinct, but good smell. So I give this product five stars!

Lolita Boothbay, ME

Smells and works great

I love how soft this makes my hair feel and I also love the smell. It is fresh and clean. I even like the bottle easy to get the last drop out.

Rhea Lynn Haven, FL

nice daily treatment

I really love the dove products-great prices and they really do the job! this is a great daily treatment conditioner and I use it along with the dove shampoo. great price, great quality.

Glenna Pueblo Of Acoma, NM

Another Great Dove product

Dove has long been known for a high quality skin care line , providing excellent results at a reasonable price. This latest offering seems to be no exception.The conditioner is meant to be used daily without damaging the hair. A very soothing , comforting feeling washes over you as you rinse this from your hair.Although used daily , only a small amount is needed making the 8 ounce bottle last for a considerable amount of time.

Krista Montrose, NY

Too thick and heavy

This conditioner almost comes out as cream. Way too thick for my tastes, although the scent is sweet and pleasant.But really doesn’t do much to add any shine or bounce. Pretty average.

Brandi Paris, OH

Thick and Rich

This is a thick, rich conditioner. It comes in a tube, and out of the tube it has a consistency closer to paste than to a liquid. I found that it spread through my hair easily, and a little goes a long way. The scent is decent- I think it smells sort of like coconut. In any case, it conditioned my hair well. I’m not sure that it’s prolonging the life of my color, but it doesn’t seem to be stripping it, and that’s enough for me.

Gayle Blenheim, SC

Leaves my hair purdy

I started to go gray when I was in my 20’s — not the pretty gray that’s all white and cool-looking, the ugly gray where I looked old before my time — so I started coloring my hair way back when. And my hair has suffered for it. Crunchy and fried-looking, my poor hair was not happy. Finally, companies started making colored-hair-specific products and my hair was happier and prettier for it. Now that Dove has come out with daily color care conditioner, I’m in. I love Dove products — they’re gentle on my skin and hair, smell good (without being overpowering) and make my hair nice and soft. I’ll definitely be purchasing more of this, especially since it’s cost-effective!

Lydia Slemp, KY

A good conditioner

I have shoulder length hair that is very fine. It is colored and highlighted …Overall, I found this conditioner to be pretty good for my very fine hair. It smelled great, and didn’t weigh my hair down.

Mellisa Fishers Hill, VA

Hold your nose!

After opening the mailbox, I was rather puzzled. The padded envelope from Amazon was as scented as a loveletter!Have I ordered so much that I had a secret admirer?Cooooooooool!Alas, after opening it, it was the Dove CC Daily conditioner. Unopened, undamaged. The scent was so strong, it was coming through a perfectly closed tube.Even though I find the scent WAY too strong, and sweetly cloying, I tried it.My naturally (NOT) raven and pink locks like it (soft, nice shine), my nose can’t bear it.If you like heavy, sweet scent, this might be fine for you. You certainly can skip wearing perfume after using it!

Teresa Manhattan, NV

Helps with frizz control too!

This conditioner smells really nice. I have brown hair with some highlights. I try to use Dove color care shampoo and conditioner when I first do my highlights but it’s been a while since I had the last retouch. This deep conditioner helped me to revive them again. I don’t wash my hair every day but I’ve been able to use this conditioner 3 or 4 washes in a row before it gets too heavy (buildup). I am now using it with a regular shampoo and enjoying the extra shine and a good frizz control which is my biggest problem.

Nan Ila, GA

Smells so good!

This conditioner was awesome as soon as it arrived. You can smell it through the packaging!I really have a thing for conditioners. I have thick hair and it curls so getting a good conditioner that doesn’t make it greasy is very important, and hard to do!I just use a small little amount and I really love how silky and healthy my hair felt after using it. People have commented on how nice my hair looked, so that is a high compliment! Also, it is important to get a good conditioner with hair coloring. Something that won’t take out the color so easily. I really like Dove products in general, so I knew this one would be a good one, and it didn’t let me down. So good, I am going to get the shampoo to go with it! Way to go Dove, excellent product!!

Traci Belvidere, NE

Dove daily treatment conditioner

Usually a conditioner starts to build up and weigh my hair down after about three consecutive uses and I have to stop using it for a few shampoos until it washes out. I haven’t had a problem with this conditioner. After daily use for about two weeks it hasn’t built up.The conditioner leaves my hair very soft and shiny. The scent is a very nice coco-nutty scent. The consistency is about the same as toothpaste and I use about 2 inches per shampoo. Works better than an expensive salon conditioner I’ve been using.

Barbara Oak Ridge, NC

Smells like my Nonna Lucia’s Gardenias!

That’s one big plus in its favor!! However, Dove Color Care Daily treatment Conditioner is also a great complement to my Dove Hair Shampoo, Color Repair. Both work together synergistically and give me very shiny hair – and even though my color-treated (done at home on the cheap) hair is short short, it now has extra bounce and looks great.What I also like about Dove Color Care Daily Treatment Conditioner is that it does not come pouring out of its tube, but instead it is thick and it’s easy to measure out what I want without having to try to sqwurp it back into the tube opening, like I’ve had to do with some of my gloppier hair conditioners.Aaand, the price is MORE than reasonable!!!Great job Dove!!!

Kristi Pulaski, NY

Does a good job of protecting color, removes brassiness

This has such a strong initial fragrance that the post office opened up the package it came in to inspect it, and taped it back up before sending it on to me! Its a heavy perfume smell that is pretty nice but awfully strong.I live in sunny Florida, and am in the blazing sun at least partially most days. I also am a swimmer, almost daily now that it’s nice and hot outside. This really takes a toll on my hair.I’ve been keeping my hair shorter due to the beating it takes, and it still tangles quite a bit after I wash it. It also fades rapidly after coloring usually within a month. The original color is nowhere to be seen, and I am left with brassy highlights that were once a lovely dark blond. This does help to keep the color in longer. My color looks more vibrant after I use it, and my hair doesn’t fade out. I had just colored my hair after I used this, and have been using it for over a week, every day after being in the pool and haven’t seen the usual fast fade into brass that usually happens.My hair also is much easier to brush after I wash it. Usually it’s quite a struggle to get any comb or brush through it when it’s wet, but this takes the tangles out nicely.This totally removes all brassiness from my blond highlighted hair and returns it to a gorgeous ashy color. And it does it without being purple like other brass removers. It’s not advertised as a brass remover, but it works better for this than anything I’ve used.I feel that, for me, where I live, it’s very important to use a conditioner that protects the color and keeps it from fading rapidly, more so than if I lived in a climate with less sun, and less chlorine from pools.This adds body, softness, smoothness, and takes brassy tones out of blond hair. It’s the best.

Carlene Martinsville, VA

Great Affordable Conditioner

Dove Color Care Daily Treatment Conditioner is a super-rich very thick product. It really does seem to help my hair hang on to color. And it leaves hair remarkably soft. Would purchase again as well as recommend.

Ericka Austwell, TX

love Dove

I really like this for everyday use, I don’t know about it being a color care conditioner, but I love how Dove keeps my long, thick colored hair manageable and its not breaking the bank!!

Tina Lummi Island, WA


After using this condiitioner for various periods of time, I found that this formula did nothing for my hair and in general did not feel satisfactorily conditioned so I personally cannot recommend it.It seems that all the hair color treatment shampoos and conditioners share some things in common.They do seem to leave your hair ‘heavier’, and less glossy. Some even slightly alter a light color a bit in the case of violet colored products.This Dove formula:1. use sparingly2. small squeeze, rub between your palms and then apply.3. rinse wellThis Dove formula:1. did make my hair a bit heavier2. did not alter my highlights negatively3. resulted in a straighter sleeker hair line of movement4. did not result in a shine to my hair but not too dull eitherUsed as needed when out in sun or elements, this could be an alternate hair care product.

Dayna Penfield, NY

An Option For Daily Use

Designed for daily use on colored hair, this conditioner promises to restore and nourish while keeping color vibrant for up to eight weeks. The conditioner is a thick pink cream. It has a strong fruity fragrance with noticeable coconut. Despite its creaminess, it did rinse cleanly. It left my hair soft and manageable although I did not notice any marked improvement in shine.This is a dandy option for a daily conditioner. I don’t think it is superior to other retail brands but it certainly holds it own. If your hair is very fine, you might want to avoid applying close to the roots as it can be a bit heavy. But overall, I liked the way my hair felt and the price point is reasonable.

Mabel Ogdensburg, WI

smells good, not sure how effective

I love the tube packaging–so much easier to dispense! Leaves my hair fresh and clean without the residue that some conditioners leave behind. I am just not sure if it has any impact on protecting colored hair. My hair was easily combed after showering. I have recently had a problem with breakage but this product did not help improve that issue.

Pamala Charlton City, MA

Silky and managable hair

This comes in a flip cap tube which I love since I have older eyes and glasses and hair washing just don’t go together. The conditioner is a thick lotion and doesn’t fall out of your hand before you can get it on your hair.It has a pleasant smell and your hair feels like silk after you rinse it out. Combing you hair is tangle-free and after drying, it is soft to the touch. It helps my hair color last a few days longer which saves me from having to color as often.You will be happy with this purchase.

Antonia Margaret, AL

Solid Choice

I’ve been pretty happy with Dove hair care products in the past. I find that this goes along well with my past experiences. The scent that ends up on your hair is pleasant without being overwhelming. It does a fairly good job softening as daily conditioners go. It’s not so thick and heavy that it takes a lot of effort to rinse it out.If your hair has a need for a lot of conditioning, you’ll certainly want to supplement with something a little more heavy duty from time to time. As a daily choice that can be used without a lot of fuss, though, this is nice.

Ilene Nashville, NC

Good care for your hair

I’ve been using the Dove Color Care Daily Treatment Conditioner for about a week and I’m very happy with it. I need a product that helps take care of the color in my hair while also nourishing my naturally curly, fine, long locks. I’ve tried dozens of conditioners over the years. The Dove works well, is affordable, and leaves my hair shiny and manageable without making it feel like it’s got product residue in it. It seems to be doing a good job of taking care of my color, as well as taking care of my hair. It applies evenly throughout my hair and rinses out cleanly, unlike many other “treatment” products, and it smells great too.

Kristin Alvord, IA

Just as good as the Dove Hair Therapy Color Care bottled conditioner

I had been using the Dove Hair Therapy Color Care shampoo and bottled conditioner together, for about three weeks before I tried this tube conditioner. I really like the Dove Hair Therapy Color Care products. They work very well for my very fine, dry hair.I really don’t see any difference between this tube conditioner and the bottled conditioner, other than this product is a thick cream. Once it is smoothed on to my hair and worked in, it feels and works just like the bottled conditioner. Both products are intended for daily use, and have similar usage instructions. I would gladly buy either conditioner again… probably choosing between the two formulations based on which is on sale.The Dove Hair Therapy Color Care products leave my hair as soft, shiny, detangled and manageable as any other shampoo/conditioner I’ve tried. I have not had a problem with conditioner residue build-up, as I experience with many other conditioners. The scent is light and clean (not flowery or fruity). The price makes this an excellent choice for me.

Eleanor Bud, WV

Thick, fragrant, and easy to rinse

The hallmark of a great daily hair care product is the ability to rinse completely without residue or build up and without stripping the color from your hair. This Dove Color Care Daily Treatment, first of all, smells wonderful and is thick enough to feel like a deep conditioner but rinses like a daily conditioner should. Not too sure how much of a role conditioner actually plays in stripping hair of color since shampoo is the big culprit of color stripping (generally speaking) but I didn’t notice my fresh color running down the drain when I rinsed this out over several washes. I do notice that more with shampoo. I guess the logic in my head is conditioner adds something (protection?) to the hair while shampoo removes something.In any case, I really enjoy using this when I do my hair each evening. I don’t have super thick hair but I do have a “mane” and it’s particularly long now. The fact that I can rinse this out without residue and that I need less drying and smoothing afterwards is freeing, to say the least. And my hair smells really nice.Recommend.

Eliza Woodworth, ND