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Dove Body Wash, Sensitive Skin, 22 Ounce

Hypoallergenic and ultra-mild Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash with NutriumMoisture Get softer, smoother skin after just one shower.* Experience our improved body wash formula, now even gentler, with the rich lather you love. Dermatologist-recommended Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash is designed to give you a rich lather with our gentlest cleansers. Our ultra-mild and hypoallergenic formula is even gentler and offers more skin natural nourishment than most body washes. 25% More Of Our Gentle Cleansing Ingredients Improved Lather Rinses Cleanly And Quickly NutriumMoisture Technology Nourish and cleanse your skin with our rich lather Dove is committed to building positive self-esteem and inspiring all women and girls to reach their full potential–but we need your help. Each time you buy Dove, you help us and our charitable partners provide inspiring self-esteem programming for girls. *Compared to skin before shower

Key features

  • Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash is hypoallergenic, soap-free, and unscented for sensitive skin
  • #1 Dermatologist Recommended
  • Gives you softer, smoother skin after just one shower
  • Formula with NutriumMoisture technology delivers skin natural nutrients
  • Minimizes skin dryness

Honest reviews


Caused only problems for me

I was very excited to try this new Dove Body Wash. I use body washes on a daily basis as part of my showering routine and often have dry skin. The dryness is worse right now for I live on the east coast and this has been a very cold winter thus drier skin. My skin can also be sensitive but it usually happens when something irritates it. I have found a few brands of body wash that I love and get me clean while keeping my body pretty solidly moisturized. This Dove product is advertised as a skin nourishing wash with a new NutriumMoisture technology. I did not have high expectations. I thought it would definitely be as good as the other products I’ve been using but could possibly be a great addition for when I need more moisturizing on my skin.From the first try I was not happy with this product. It says it is fragrance free but it has a scent to it that is definitely unpleasant – certainly not a fresh or renewing scent. At first I thought it was just a standard soap sort of smell but with each use it got more bothersome. I used this product for 10 days and I can honestly say it added no moisture at all to my skin. Even a basic body wash does a better job. My skin got drier than its been in months and the product also caused some minor skin irritation. After the tenth day I quickly returned to a reliable body wash and had to apply body moisturizer for a couple of days before my skin returned to normal. In all honesty I have never had a problem like this with any other body wash. And whenever I’ve purchased one promising to be a deeper moisturizing formula it always has been. Never has a product dried out my skin like this. I got the sensitive skin formula to be on the safe side and am very glad I did. If this bothered me, imagine what the regular formula may have done. I used to love Dove products but was very disappointed with this body wash.

Barbra Galesburg, IL

Dove NutriMoisture

This is your standard body wash. It is supposed to moisturize your skin as you wash. I did not notice any deep moisturizing when I used it. It actually made me itch and gave me drier skin.

Veronica Hematite, MO

BEWARE! This product is NOT unscented.

Fragrance is one of the leading ingredients in body care to which people are sensitive. In fact, many people, myself included, that have few other sensitivities are sensitive to fragrance.I read the comments & products review carefully before choosing this product. Even the ingredients listed in the product page do not list fragrance. I bought it even though several of the reviews noted that it was scented. These same reviews appeared on the page for the scented version of the product, so I thought I’d chance it.Because I have very dry skin, I was excited about a non-scented moisturizing body wash.In fact it smells like plain old Dove soap. The scent was very strong on opening the bottle. IN SPITE OF THE FACT THAT “UNSCENTED” IS PROCLAIMED ON THE FRONT LABEL.”Shame on the makers of Dove for pulling this stunt. A truly unscented or fragrance-free version of the body wash would be welcome.Shame on Amazon for allowing them to put misleading information that can affect people’s health on the product page.

Addie Model City, NY

Great product for dry skin

Dove Body Wash works great, keeping my skin moisturized without the annoying film that other products of this type tend to leave.I tested it during this cold winter weather – using just the body wash and no moisturizer after – for a few days and my skin didn’t dry out.I do agree with other reviewers though – this product does have a scent. It’s mild and I liked it but if that’s an issue for you then you might want to take that into account before purchasing.

Lorena Mahto, SD

Creamy and moisturizing Body Wash

I am a big fan of Dove products, and started using them when all that was being produced was the famous Dove bar, when the advertisements urged you to “stop using soap and start using Dove.” At various times over the years I have switched to other products but seem to be always come back to Dove. The body wash is thick and has a mild, pleasant smell to it that would be appropriate for both men and women. The product rinses off completely but my skin stayed soft and moist for hours afterwards. The NutriumMoisture is new to me, but it seems to hold in moisture better than products without. I did not feel the need to apply lotion immediately after using the body wash. Since I became a “senior” adult, dry and itchy skin has been a major problem. I think I have found a solution with Dove Body Wash with NutriumMoisture.

Cortney Satellite Beach, FL


I’ve always used Dove soap bars, they have a beautiful look and ergonomic feel. My skin tends to dryness, so I steer clear of fragrance. I thought I’d try this sensitive skin formula in a liquid form. It’s okay, I didn’t notice anything remarkably different about my skin. The bottle is almost too large for a standard shower, and heavy, so when your hands are wet, be careful not to drop it which is easy to do given the smooth shape of the bottle, there’s no way to grip it firmly. Most annoyingly, you can never get the last bit of soap out of this style bottle and wrestling the cap off is nearly impossible.

Harriett Goldendale, WA

Very good moisturizing body wash

No secret I live in Minnesota and during the winter months I do a lot of outdoor activity, officiate hockey, etc. Doing most of this stuff causes my skin to become dry, itchy, and just generally uncomfortable.For years I have used Dove of Suave body wash and just dealt with using other lotions to deal with the dry skin. So, when i saw this product I was eager to try it. Being that it’s winter it was even better.After using this for three weeks, hte vast majority of my dry/itchy skin issues have been resolved. No scientific data, but I think my skin feels softer and smoother as well.In the past I have broken out when trying some products. Happy to say this isn’t one of them. The other thing I like about this is the size of the bottle. 24 ounces is quite a bit and I don’t feel like I continually have to remember to get more due to that.The slight scent of the body wash is nice and refreshing as well. Smells clean and fresh unlike some other products I have tried.If you are looking for a nice, smooth, moisturizing body wash I’d seriously consider this one. I have been pleasantly surprised by it so far.

Eugenia Roby, MO

So in love with this!

So in love with this product that it will be a staple in our house from now on. I’ve always loved Dove soap for sensitive skin and this is more than the icing on the cake with it being in body wash form. It really does leave your skin soft and supple from use. You wont regret this purchase ; )

Blanca Wise, VA

Leave your skin clean, healthy, and nourished

I’ve been using Dove’s sensitive skin body wash for years. I have sensitive skin, I’ve seen a dermatologist in the past for treatment and recommendations, and Dove works for me.The sensitive skin formula may have changed a bit over time, but it’s been great and I haven’t had any qualms about it. I’m such a creature of habit that I feel naked without it on the road. This wash leaves my skin feeling clean, healthy, and nourished. There might be a tiny, tiny scent, but it’s essentially imperceptible (“unscented” is printed on the bottle).Do yourself a favor – ditch the fruity, scented, cheap soap and treat your skin with care. Go Dove or go home! Also, thesensitive skin barsare worth considering since bars allegedly last longer than body wash. I haven’t tried them yet, though.

Claire Horsepen, VA

Seems to do as it claims

Maybe I scrub too hard when showering, but most soaps and body washes tend to leave my skin feeling too dry which also leaves it itchy. I experienced neither problem after using Dove Sensitive Skin Nourishing Body Wash. Like Dove’s bar soap, it really does seem to nourish the skin as well as clean it. I don’t want to sound like I’m trying to write advertising copy, but this product did leave me feeling refreshed. Some other reviewers have complained that it is not unscented as the product description claims, but I did not detect any scent, certainly nothing strong or perfumy.Dove costs a little more than I think I would normally spend for body wash, but this is a quality product that I wholeheartedly recommend.

Shawna West Hickory, PA

Clean and Smooth Feeling …

I normally use Suave soap products but when I saw that this Dove soap was offered on Vine, I wanted to try it. It really does leave my skin feeling smooth and feeling clean … love the fresh scent. I don’t feel like that I need to rinse for a long time just to get the soap off my skin. If my skin glows, I can’t tell because I am too pale to notice anything other than white.The price is actually pretty pricey for me. I don’t like spending more for soap because I can find other alternatives. However, this would be a splurge for the winter months as it does nourish the skin. I do suffer from sensitive skin and I work in a place where the air is so dry that it literally eats the moisture off my skin, so this would be a good alternative for the winter months.It would have been rated a 5 star if it wasn’t for the price.1/5/13

Liza Pine Village, IN

Very Nice Body Wash

Dove always puts out such good products. This is a very nice body wash for sensitive skin. Won’t leave you itchy or rashy or feeling dried out. Highly recommended for those of us with sensitive skin who can’t take heavily fragranced, drying products. Highly recommended.

Denice Hansford, WV

A Dove product at its best

You can put away all of your Dove bars now–because this body wash is the best of them all.Goes on silky smooth.Spreads over your body so easy with a towel or a puff.Leaves you smelling great though this has no real scent–no flowery heavy scent.Rinses off quick , clear and cleanly.It left me skin so moisturised and elastic–I amost didn’t need any lotions later. Usually I have to put it on quickly after a shower—but not with this product.To me this is a very highly done product and I salute it.When you get a chance to try it–you will love it too !!

Angel Joyce, WA

Nice lather; excellent moisturizing performance

I’m quite pleased with this body wash. It has a thick consistency and lathers well. I’m especially impressed with the moisturizing ability – I’ve tried other brands that offer that benefit and they either don’t do much of anything in terms of moisturizing, or are so oily that I don’t feel clean after showing. This strikes the right balance between clean and moisturizing. I especially appreciate it this time of year (winter) when my skin feels so parched.Excellent product that I highly recommend.

Lee Haynes, AR

Moisture rich indeed

I already use Dove products. I typically use the regular bar soap, though, so this is different.I really liked the delicate scent. It reminds me of a light Shea butter. The soap is thick and really lathers well. I could instantly feel the moisturizing ability as I spread the lather. After my shower, I did not have a tight feeling in my skin. I noticed much less dryness as well, and I already use Dove! I still used lotion, but I could feel this really is a better moisturizing soap. And after several days of continuous use, I still agree with my original assessment. This is a wonderfully rich moisturizing soap.I highly recommend this soap, especially in this dry winter.

Louisa Sedalia, CO

Very nice

I love this body wash. It smells great and doesn’t irritate. I have super sensitive skin and some scents give me a headache. This is not one. I love how this body wash makes my skin feels and smells.

Amelia Anthony, TX


Dove Body Wash with NutriumMoisture, Deep Moisture Nourishing, 24 Ounce, is quite the name. Since the last few years I have noticed the need to hydrate, moisturize, and all the good stuff during a shower. Dry skin is a little pain in the arse, and I am always on the look out for the most advanced, highly concentrated product in the free world that may keep the body from dry spells. I do not like the signs of dry skin. In some severe cases you can see the skin shedding this powder like form when scratching, which always seems that itching and dry skins are like best friends, or part of the same obnoxious gang. It is nice to jump, or better still, step into the shower and have the proper line of products to combat all that is needed. From Plax before brushing the teeth, a great toothpaste, an even better mouthwash to absolutely obliterate the great concentration of bacteria that is rumored to multiply by the hour (wipe them all out, is what I say!), and then pick the best possible soap that will wash that ass but at the same time it will deliver hydration, nutrition? (what in the world is NutriumMoisture, otherwise?) and allow you to walk out of the shower a renewed man, ready to take on the world without any fear of unwanted claims of improper hygiene.I have been using this product with a very efficient japanese wash towel (if one could call it that), that allows for the foam to multiply and since it is very long, to be able to wash your own back to one’s hear content. This Dove Body Wash, once it has covered all areas (and I do mean all, for the most secret ones are definitely the most essential), and properly rinsed does leave you feeling a bit more optimistic even to the point than an operetta might be attempted, feeling fresh and for the day officially acknowledge to be part of the elite that just got out of a thorough shower. I am sure this is something that most people take for granted, but I have stood in line with some smelly characters, or pushed in an elevator, and let me assure you: I take the well washed crowd any day over the soap deficient one! Be that girl or boy, to put it mildly.Cleanliness is one step in the right direction, and If the resources are available, I would encourage everyone to take a shower once in a while, and this Dove Body Wash may not be the top dog but it certainly performs well if used with diligence. Shower Time! 4 Stars!

Patrice Camp Hill, PA

“Unscented,” “fragrance free,” and the FDA {sigh}

Until I did online research, I assumed that the FDA — the Food & Drug Administration, which regulates food and medical industries for public health and safety — would have standards for labeling a product “fragrance free” or “unscented.” But, surprise! The FDA does NOT regulate those terms after all. “Fragrance-free” products can and do include fragrances to mask the smell of other nasty ingredients.Apparently, the convention is for manufacturers to claim a product is “unscented” if the manufacturer just covered up the scent of the stinky chemicals (as Dove did in this case). “Fragrance free” would further imply that no additional pleasant scent (like lemon or vanilla) was added on top. Still, by FDA rules, they do have to list “fragrance” in the ingredients if they used ANY fragrance.I myself am not environmentally sensitive, but I have friends who are. I stay far away fromTide HE Original Scent Liquid Laundry Detergent 2 X 50 Fl Oz (Pack of 2)and Bounce 80168BX – Fabric Softener Sheets, 160 Sheets/Box, but I don’t expect this body wash to cause similar, dreadful problems for my friends, because the scent doesn’t linger. (The scent is a pleasant, light, baby-powder smell.) So, while Dove is not breaking any regulations by labeling this body wash “unscented,” even though there is fragrance added, they’ve let the marketing department mislead and betray their customer base, who has come to expect more transparency from the Dove brand.However, the body wash “stripped” my skin too much in the shower, so I used my trusty olive oil bar soap directly afterwards to help restore some of my skin oils.Not Dove’s best effort.

Alberta Lake Isabella, CA

dove sensitive body wash

gave this to my oldest adult daughter to use for she has very sensitive skin. she used it and said that a little goes a long ways. she advised that the body wash did not dry out her skin and used less lotion after her shower. she really likes this and told me that she will buy this

Mae Hawks, MI

Good, not great

First the good news My skin can’t tolerate additives to detergents, soaps, deodorants and the like. I break out in a rash whenever I’ve used a ‘fragrant’ type. Second good thing about the item was that I squeezed a little bit into the bathtub and it created plenty of bubbles. So a little goes a long way, but in terms of truly moisturizing, it’s a misnomer. If you are seeking a TRUE moisturizer, every dermatologist I’ve spoken with says the only ones that work contain urea, since it allows the moisturizing chemicals to bypass the skin barrier. Just type that key word in if you’re looking for a true moisturizer, rather one that works on the placebo effect.

Jewel Queen Anne, MD

All Time Favorite

This is my all time favorite body wash because of its intensely rich lather and fresh pleasing scent. I first discovered it several years ago on a visit to my in-laws. They were in their 70s at the time and recommended this product to me because they said it had really made a difference with their dry skin. I loved the scent when I first opened the bottle. It’s very fresh, clean, and pleasant smelling without smelling “chemical-ish” or flowery at all. The lather is so rich and creamy that I can’t compare it to that of any other body wash I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried a lot of them. Every member of my family likes this stuff, from my in-laws to my husband to my kids. I would recommend this to anyone who would like a creamy body wash that makes a lot of lather and has a pleasant scent that men or women will like. I also think it’s especially good for kids and older adults who have issues with dry skin.

Glenna Mulvane, KS

Is Dove always Dove?

I love Dove products, and used them on my children when they were babies. I use Dove now. So I was surprised and disappointed in this product. I know it is for sensitive skin and is hypo-allergenic, therefore, mild. However, this product is so mild that I did not feel clean. This is due to the very light fragrance and thin feel of the soap. I “know” it is cleaning me, but I keep using more, just to be sure. No one wants to come out of the shower confused. So, although I believe in this company’s products, I won’t be buying this one….jodie marino nachison, spouse.

Carlene Ludlow, VT

Would definitely buy this again!

I’ve always felt that Dove is a reputable brand. I’ve never disliked any Dove product I’ve used such as soaps and deodorants. I’m also happy to know that Dove is not only made right here in the United States, but also in my home state of Connecticut! All great reasons to try this new product – the Dove Deep Moisture Nourishing Body Wash.I love body washes, and although I don’t use them constantly, I do enjoy treating myself from time to time. This new one by Dove does indeed give one a very good feeling of deep moisturizing – you can feel it upon the skin while washing, therefore, I know I’m giving my skin not only a good cleansing but also a nourishing moisturizing treat. Another great thing is that it rinses clean and clear with no remaining “filmy” feeling as with some other brands. I get out of the shower feeling soft and clean-feeling skin.

Cheri Eagle Lake, ME

Not really for sensitive skin

This product is disappointingly marketed as being for sensitive skin and is “unscented.” One of the most common ingredients in personal care products that causes irritation is fragrance. This product is NOT fragrance free. It has “unscented” fragrance. And the smell is quite strong. Particularly once it warms up in the shower. The “unscented” smell is way too powerful for me. Overall the formulation seems nice. It’s thick and foams adequately, but it’s not something truly suited for those with really sensitive skin.

Denise Forsyth, IL

Great even in Winter

Dove for Sensitive skin body wash fills my loofah sponge on a regular basis. When I read about the extra moisturizing of this one I switched. How can you not give it a try when you have dry skin and its in the middle of a Midwest winter? I certainly was not disappointed. It will be my new shower wash. Suds nicely. Does not leave a residue. Will recommend it to other Midwesterners.Happy sudsing!UPDATE: I just ordered another Dove with Nutrium I am so pleased with it. Consistently leaves my skin.feeling soft and clean.

Gracie Rock View, WV

Fresh and Simple

The Dove Body Wash made a good lather and was gentle on my skin. It did not dry it out as many body washes have in the past. My skin felt soft and clean and moisturized after my bath. The scent is fresh, light and gentle. It makes you just feel clean all over! I love it!

Alyssa Lansing, IA

Dove Body Wash with NutriumMoisture, Deep Moisture Nourishing, 24 Ounce

Dove Body Wash with NutriumMoisture, Deep Moisture Nourishing, 24 Ounce. I love it! Finally something that helps stop the dry itchy skin in winter. Smooth and creamy with a very light fragrance. It is easy to squeeze out of the bottle, use a wash cloth or your hand to apply and work up a lather then rinse off. Make sure you rinse your shower floor when done, it can get slippery. Great product.

Kristy Alakanuk, AK

Better than many grocery store body washes

The primary difference I’ve noticed between the expensive body washes such as those made by Bliss, and the cheaper ones at the grocery store, is that the grocery store ones are less concentrated, so you have to use more. This Dove body wash is more concentrated than most in its price class (but you still need more than you would of a more expensive wash), so if you want a good body wash (particularly in winter when soap can dry out your skin significantly) but don’t want to pay a big price, this is the one you want.This wash is also a good choice if you are looking for something without a strong scent.

Jerri New Harbor, ME

Better than I expected

My mother always used cake soap that made my skin feel tight. I thought that was the feeling of clean. Years later, I realized that was the feeling of dryness. So I switched to liquid soap with moisturizersSoftsoap Moisturizing Body Wash with Moisture Beads, Ultra Rich Shea Butter, 18-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 3). My skin felt better.When the Vine program offered this body wash for sensitive skin,, I thought I’d try it. When I got the bottle out of the box, I got a bad impression of the packaging. The top was sealed with tape which was a drag to peel off. When I was finally able to open the top, a large dollop of the body wash squished out. So I wiped it off on to my hands and washed my hands.The soap was viscous — thick, but unlike Softsoap, it had no ‘moisture beads’ — just consistent, smooth cream-like texture. I had a lot of soap on my hands so had to rinse a lot but after I got it off and dried my hands, they were really soft! They felt as if I already had hand cream on them. There is a very mild lingering smell.This product seems to be good for my skin.

Maricela Star City, AR

Love it! Thick, moisturizing.

I love the dove products for sensitive skin. My daughter has bad eczema and the doctor recommended these products. Her skin is looking better already. It doesn’t dry her out or cause itching. No added stuff that makes her skin flame up.

Elena Glenwood, FL