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Double Eyelid False Eyelashes Makeup Glue Transparent

Double Eyelid False Eyelashes Makeup Glue Transparent

Key features

  • Double Eyelid False Eyelashes Makeup Glue Transparent

Honest reviews


Sometimes, clear is better….

Its pretty good, I like it much better than the black one, at least when your hand is not as steady as it used to be….My isn’t so my lines don’t be like they used to be.

Leslie Pemberton, NJ

No good

Although its says transparent, it dries out white and clumpy. Not worth it at all! Waste of money & there are better glue available.

Christi Landisburg, PA

Thank you

Your product is fantastic and I would recommend it to others. The downfall unfortunately it dried up so fast in the tube and was a tacky mess

Ivy Terry, WV

A little tricky to use

It is a little tricky to use, however once you get the hang out it the product works A-Okay. It keeps your eyelashes on all day. The glue will keep your lashes on when you curl them too. Good quality glue in my opinion.

Hattie Danville, CA

Pretty good.

Holds pretty well. A tiny bit messy when trying to put it on. But I do like it. I don’t think I would chose this next time though.

Daphne Naugatuck, CT

Double eyelid glue transparent

Yes very good glue sticks and holds well . To say the least I have ran into glues that r cheap and don’t work well surprisingly this glue holds well and good customer service . thank you kristen ,

Kim Doland, SD

Don’t buy at allllllllllll

Where to start? For one its called cluewater have no idea what that is O_o. Two the glue is sticky and lightweight so my lashes couldn’t stay on because they were to heavy for the glue. It’s in Chinese so unless you’re Chinese or could read Chinese the instructions are unless. And the picture on the box don’t help at all. So let’s just say I called Amazon very disappointed in this product and wanted my refund for it. So please stay away from this, I shop on Amazon a lot and this is the one product that I was very disappointed in.

Keisha Southampton, NY

Waste of time and money

The eyelash glue works but u gave to be careful putting on the lashes make sure after u put them on use a eyelash comb and comb ur lashes or they will clump up but wouldn’t buy again not worth the money

Lana Tar Heel, NC