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Dotting 5 X 2 Way Marbleizing Dotting Pen Set for Nail Art Manicure Pedicure, 4 Ounce

Why pay more when you can have the top quality item at fraction of the price, shany dotting brushes are great for home and personal use, combine this item with shany image palettes, nail art set , nail polishes and shany stamper and find yourself in heaven. the set comes in PVC clear pouch holder. product of SHANY Cosmetics, please note the shany logo on the brushes

Key features

  • Shany 5 piece dotting set with 10 different sizes
  • Ideal for producing dots and daisies on nails
  • Can also be used to create a marble effect with paints
  • Most useful Nail art tools, Nail decoration tools
  • Pack of 5 essential Nail brushes from the brand you trust

Honest reviews


Love it except…

I love this set of dotting tools and use them all the time. HOWEVER. One end of the dotting tool has the same size tip as all the other pens…so really you are only getting six sizes, not ten as it would seem. So its kind of a rip-off in that sense. You can also find this set way cheaper on Ebay. I paid about $2 for mine. The pictures on here are deceiving- they have the yellow pen backwards to make it look like the tip on the bottom is different from all the other tips on the bottom. But it isn’t. It’s the same size and shape.

Sasha Benicia, CA

Perfect tools!

These are the perfect tools for nail art! I love how simple it is for dotting and other art. I can finally say goodbye to my toothpicks!

Deidre Palm City, FL

Making It Easy to Dot!

Delivery was fast. Started using it the same day i received them. They all have different sizes and make perfect dots. I had been used to making dots with an item from home, once I used this product, I found it hard to make my dots from largest to smallest. After using this product several times I figured the best way to make the same effect.

Jolene North Robinson, OH

No instructions

Cmon guys…no instruction booklet? A few starter tips to lovely nails? These have proven worthless to me. I am disappointed!

Gwen Harlan, KY

I deffinantly Did not buy this

Idk why it is in my reviews if I did not purchase this product that is so weird but ok

Jami Monroe City, MO

Very useful!

This dotting tools are great when you have a hard time dotting. I normally use a toothpick and I hate it so I purchased this set and it cuts the stress of making cute polka-dots. Great product!

Josefina Sumava Resorts, IN

Love them!

Got these and started playing with my nail polishes imediately. I have never owned any nail art tools and have never really used any. Yes all the points on one side of the tools are the same but the difference of size on the other sies are fine. Great Deal!

Allyson Powersville, MO


I have been seeking out for these nail dotting pens for quite some time and when I spot them here on amazon I made sure to grab them at this steal of a deal. I started doing my own nail to save myself the extra money and began to build my very own “at home nail salon”. These dotting tool are a must have is nail art. The items are exactly as advertised and will fit in well as a addition to any first “do it yourselvers” out there. Good product and shipping. Thank you.

Maryanne Dillsboro, IN


first off…. i ordered these expecting there to be 10 different sizes…. but now im reading in the reviews that there are some the same size…. i have been waiting and waiting, but i still havnt seen them, and its passed the ETA. (estimated time of arrival)

Angie Surprise, AZ

Great for nail art

These dotting pens are great. They’re very useful, well made, and super affordable!This set includes five different dotting tools, each one double sided. Some of the middle sized dotting tips, as mentioned by other reviewers, are very similar and size and are a bit redundant. I wouldn’t say this is completely useless or a disappointment, though. It’s nice to have multiple tools if you’re working on a design that requires more than one polish color.I think these are very well made, considering the affordable price. I have not had any issues with them breaking or the tips coming loose. The metal tips are sealed directly into the plastic handles. They’re very durable, very sturdy.These are also very easy to clean. I’ve used mine a lot since I’ve gotten them and they still look as good as new.I highly recommend these if you’re passionate about nail art. It’s so much easier to dot with these than to try to make due with toothpicks or other substitutes. I’m glad I bought them!

Celeste Mehama, OR

Very Happy Person

These are some good quality nail dotting pens. i think there are five or six different points from extremely small to rather large. I even use these instead of my nail brushes. And the price? It cant be beat.

Yvonne Pewee Valley, KY


I had no problems with this product. The 5 parts are different as are their double points. There are several that look alike but no, they are not. I really liked this it again with eyes closed

Eddie Darien, IL

cute and works well, but needs more variety in dot size

I am pretty new to doing my own nail art but am pretty handy with artsy stuff, so I thought I’d give these tools a go. Their swirly design is super fun and it helps to have multiples of the same dot in case you are going back and forth between two colors of polish.What I didn’t like was that the dot sizes are all very close to one another in size – I have ridiculously tiny hands (and fingernails) so I thought small dots would be best, but honestly, some of these are like the tip of a blunted pencil. A dot that size could barely be seen on my hand. I was disappointed there weren’t some meatier-sized dots in case I wanted to do a bold polka dot or an oversized flower.

Alyson Gold Bar, WA

Tips for using please?

I bought these because I loved that they were different colors and colorful, when I received mine they are all one color and there isn’t any directions on how to use them or tips for making designs. Thank goodness there is youtube videos. If they came the colors shown and with some kind of how-to directions i would give it a 5 stars.

Cecelia Kennebunk, ME


These are spherical rather than being flat on top. They don’t actually put a dot on your nails the size of the ball, they just put a tiny speck of polish from the top of the ball. You can sand down the top, and they’re certainly cheap, but they’re poorly made.

Mari East Rochester, NY


This package did take a while cuz it was shipped over seas but it was well worth the wait. First of all there are so many diff sized of dotting that the possibility are endless. Totally worth the money, Ive used mine alot if not every time i do my own nails every week or so and they are in perfect condition. Deff recommend!

Ernestine Swepsonville, NC

Great but not if you’re in a rush

Great product, greater price but they come from Hong Kong so I waited almost 3 weeks. The sizes don’t vary a whole lot but the biggest one I haven’t been able to find here so it’s worth it

Deirdre Kellerton, IA


I do really like these and they don’t feel/look cheap even though they are. One of the dotting tools though the metal end popped out but I think I can super glue it back. Just be warned.

Angel Kersey, PA

5 sturdy tools, 6 different sizes

First of all, I must say that I really disliked there was no tracking info on this. With a arrival estimate at nearly a month away I would have liked to see where this was and make sure it was headed my way. They just arrived today in a tiny little package. I took them all out and inspected them thoroughly. First I gave all of the ends a gentle twist and a pull, only one end was loose, but it took more than a gentle pull to get it out, so I am not worried. The green and blue dotting tool are exactly the same. They all seem to have one similar end but the rest are different. So I am sad to report that yes you are getting 6 and not 10 different dots. These were really inexpensive when I bought them, so I don’t feel I got ripped off because I still have 5 sturdy dotting tools, and the dot that was repeated will probably be the one I use the most of anyway. In general, I am really happy with my purchase.

Olive Alna, ME

Dotting Pen

Purchased these different size tip pens for nail artwork. At first you might feel they don’t work, but you will find the pens are great with some practice on your part. Would recommend the purchase of this product.

Flossie Ritzville, WA


I got these two weeks before the estimated delivery! They are perfect. People are complaining about the tips but you can clearly see in the picture that all the ends are the same on one side. I got five different ones no doubles. The price was great and coming from China I got them very fast.

Bettie Cedar, KS

It’s ok

I’ve heard of dotting tools for nail design, so I wanted to try them. I tried it once, and the design was alright. Don’t have the patience for this kind of stuff. So it’s just OK for me.

Lourdes Wagarville, AL

Where is My Stuff?! Ugh!!!

I ordered the dotting pens on November 8th. It is now December 27th and they still have not arrived. I will NOT order from this merchant ever again. I’m totally disgusted with having to wait so long. True, I spent next to nothing for them but money spent is money wasted. I chose one star because there wasn’t anything lower I could choose. Total waste of time and money. Not to mention if/when they arrive they may not be the product as shown in the pic as some other buyers have stated. Might be better off winning the lottery than getting this thing anytime soon and it being the product as shown.

Gracie Trego, WI

Not awesome

I was really hoping this would make perfect polka dots, but it doesn’t. I would not buy this type of product again.

Mai Oakford, IL


Good product, especially for the price and quality. Mine arrived about 2.5 weeks after I ordered them. It’s true, there are only 5 different sizes since the opposite ends are all the same size. But then again, how many difference sized circles do you need? 5 is more than enough. I use one side to make designs, and the opposite ends to grab the rhinestones.

Freida Freer, TX

Very colorful!

I like te heavyness, the colors, it doesn’t slip of your hands when you are using it, good quality and pretty 🙂

Nettie Pheba, MS

Dotted it’s way to my heart…

I truly loved the dotting pen set. All the sizes you need in one affordable set, easy to use and they work beautifully…what more can you ask for!

Kristen Bancroft, IA

Nail Decor

I loved that I received this item before the time frame and it came well packaged. I have been wanting this kind of tools to help me in my pursue of my nail art hobby and it is just perfect because it has different sizes and they work as I imagined.

Bette Alvaton, KY


Took a little bit to arrive from China but it was just as described and couldn’t be priced any better!

Petra Metz, MO

don’t really do a good job equalizing the size of the dot compare to …

they are ok. don’t really do a good job equalizing the size of the dot compare to other dotting pens i have.

Juliana Gainesville, NY