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Doo Gro Hair Vitalizer Mega Thick Anti-Thinning Formula, 4 Ounce

Helps thinning edges and temples. Promotes thick, strong, growing hair. Doo gro medicated hair vitalizer mega thick anti-thinning formula helps thicken and strengthen weak and damaged hair. Its special blend of vitamins, pure herbs, shea butter and botanical thickeners provides needed nourishment for strong, healthy, growing hair. Safe to use on all types of hair including natural, color treated, and relaxed. Works wonders on thinning edges and temple areas.

Key features

  • Helps thicken thinning edges and temple area
  • Enriched with oat protein, oat extract, shea butter, vitamin a,dande
  • Safe on relaxed, color-treated and natural hair
  • Safe on braided and weaved hair
  • Great for all ages, including children

Honest reviews


A waste of money

These African-American hair products are so bad, I would not accept them for free. They do not cause hair growth especially in natural hair rather they clog your pores and cause hair loss.

Kristin Millersville, PA

Not Ideal for Natural Hair

Doo Grow Thickening Hairdress received 2 stars for several reasons. First, the price is a rip off. I saw this same product at the local dollar store for $4 less than what it is selling for here. Secondly, because I was looking for a hairdress without many harsh chemicals and one that was ideal for 4b type hair, I was disappointed to see that petroleum is one the first listed on the ingredients list. As research shows, petroleum is not good for most individuals with 4b type hair because petroleum blocks pores of the scalp resulting in slow hair growth. Third, the product is thick and makes my hair greasy even if I use a small amount. For every negative characteristic, I deducted one star. The main good quality about this product is that it has a nice smell. For African American women looking to transition to natural hair or who already have natural hair, I would not recommend this product.

Candice Hadar, NE

Heavenly smell

I actually came across this product in a CVS store and bought it. I have short-cut, relaxed hair. Fall/winter normally dries my hair out so I wanted something to give me some sheen. A little goes a long way w/ this product. Don’t use too much or your hair might get weighed down. The smell is AWESOME!!!!!!!! I absolutely love it. If I’m between washes/dry shampoo I’ll massage this into my scalp to give my hair a nice smell. I also work out everyday or every other day so I also use this to cut the smell of sweat(if I dnt get to wash my hair immediately). I gave it 4 stars because I just started using it and I’m not sure how well it’s working yet w/ d anti-thinning so we’ll see.

Annie Saint Petersburg, FL

Quite greasy

Doo gro usually gets stellar reviews from nearly everyone, but the product is so greasy and it clogs your scalp! It doesn’t penetrate it; it sits on top of your scalp. I used it after a wash, and instead of having moisturized hair when it dried, I had dry and crispy tresses. I like to use the optimum hair dress line, and I wanted to try something different.

Johanna Fernandina Beach, FL

Works almost instantly ! Thicker and Healthier hair ! (n__n)

My husband originally used this product as a pomade sorta think to slick his hair up. But I noticed his hair looks thick and more dense then outta boredom I read the jar that it thickens your hair. His hair always smelled good too. One night we were going to go out and as I was combing my hair I noticed I’m getting a little thin around the front of my head. My husband said to try the Doo Gro. He rubbed the Doo gro into my hair and then applied a little bit of water to it. I combed my hair as I usually would. Next morning I noticed that my thinning area was barely noticeable. I was amazed ! I knew it made my husband’s hair thicker but never knew just how much it’d work til I tried it myself. It’s very inexpensive and I believe this stuff is better than rogaine or any of that other hair volumizing products. If you got thinning hair and wish you had thick full hair get yourself this Doo Gro Mega Thick and you can save that thinning hair back to it’s thick healthy luster. I also noticed it leaves your hair very soft, manageable, and shiny. I’m gonna have to share a jar with my Mom for her thinning hair. Definitely recommending this to all my friends and anyone who wants thicker fuller hair almost overnight.

Jewel Lismore, MN


very good product help my hair to not tangle, sorry im from latin america my english is not so good but yess this product help my natural hair to detangle very easy and to keep it in his place, this product also remember me the blue magic my mom use to show on my hair when i was a chid!

Aline South Milford, IN