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Dolly Wink Koji Liquid Eyeliner, Deep Black

Japan KOJI “Dolly Wink” liquid eyeliner deep black now every girl can become a doll, produced by Tsubasa masuwaka fine tip design for perfect & impressive big eyes from delicate fine line to bold thick line. Excellent quick-drying formula, sweat, tears, sebum & smudge-resistant. Dense black color allows you to create beautiful sharp line that stays on all day. Can be easily removed by lukewarm water.

Key features

  • Produced by Japan’s top model taubasa masuwaka
  • The world awaited koji/dolly wink/collection finally released in japan
  • The color is deep black
  • It gives you a more defined look

Honest reviews


Flimsy tip.

I had no control with the tip. It seemed too long. It kind of made my eyes itch after a while I just ended up scratching my eye so badly and having it rub off. Not worth the price.

Allyson Homestead, MT

Very Black and long lasting

I LOVE this eyeliner! I’ve heard great things about it and after I ran out of my Physician’s Formula Liquid Eyeliner (very similar to this one) I decided to try this out. Also found this NEW one that is a deeper black. It lives up to its claims of being a very deep black color. Also it is very long lasting so it never flakes or smears off during the day! It is a little trickier to work with at first, but once I had it down, there was nor turning back. The point is so fine and thin that you can create the perfect winged-liner with such precision! Would purchase again <3

Viola Jarratt, VA

Awesome deep black eyeliner.

Super pigmented, fine tipped, and easy to use. I don’t usually like liquid eyeliners as they aren’t very forgiving if you don’t have a steady hand, but this baby is awesome to use. Has some staying power, I had to learn to draw on the line, let it dry for second and then fix any mistakes. Dolly wink is a bit pricey but I do love the cute packaging and the eyeliner is super pigmented! will buy again!

Tricia Cranberry Isles, ME

Great liner

I love this eyeliner. It goes on so easily and it is really water resistant. You can easily draw a very fine line or thick. You are in control. I have never had it flake or smudge. A great liner.

Tamika Conasauga, TN

Great when compared to other brands!

I am a frequent purchaser of Koji products, especially anything Dolly Wink related. I have used many different eyeliners, and this one is currently my favorite! Just practice on the back of your hand a few times and you will be fine!

James South Orange, NJ

Best liquid eyeliner ever.

I wasn’t good at liquid liner and this helped so much. It makes it easier (cause it’s never easy) and faster to do. It doesn’t migrate. I don’t do liquid liner every day and was worried that this was too $$ and would dry out on me in a day or 2 like the other pens I’ve tried. It’s been months and still going strong. Ink black and a fine point for control. Holy grail.

Shawn Christchurch, VA