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Docooler Professional Cosmetic Kabuki Brush Face Make Up Blusher Powder Foundation Tool Flat Top


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Pretty winds

Haven’t tried however I have taken it out feels different than all the other brushes I owned. Sticky silky yet isn’t hair brush. Pretty wings that carry the wind of color to where you need it at without an mess.

Dionne Mount Upton, NY

Simple,Sleek,almost like Real Techniques!

I like this brush,it seems to be a dupe of the brushes REAL TECHNIQUES.and thats what i like about it. also when i got mine it was shedding but thts with most brushes because the chemicals in the process of making it are still on there,but after i washed it,it was fine i like how they come in different colors like, pink,purple,blue. oppose to the real techniques only come in two basic boring colors. It is soo soft and i like tht its softer then the real techniques brushes but the docooler is not as firm as id like them then real techniques but is sturdy enough and has its own unique qualities.Something i would love to see if docooler decides to make a new collection is the name on the brush.But overall i am pleased with docoolers brush and will be buying from them again soon!You make wonderful products.-Customerforlife 🙂

Noreen Pride, LA

Perfect brush!

Extremely s​oft to the touch but sturdy enough to do its job without any issues. I am thrilled that I found this company. I’ll buy more! Highly recommended brush line!!! ++++++++++

Tiffany Branch, LA

My favorite brush

This brush is soft and makes applying foundation really easy. Make up looks very natural when using this brush. I love it.

Abigail Many, LA

dupe for real techniques!!!

it is a really nice dense brush! i would recommend this for everyone. this blends out my foundation flawlessly!! love it

Lisa Chester, MD

Balding Brush.

I am really bummed about this brush. I waited several weeks for it and I finally got it today, I opened it up and noticed some stray brush hairs so I gently brushed them away and then there were more, I had chunks of brush hair in my hand! My brand new brush is practically bald and I haven’t even used it once! It’s like they weren’t secured in the brush very well…. I am pretty disappointed. All of the reviews were pretty good, the price was great…. I guess I just got a faulty brush.

Kenya Wadmalaw Island, SC

Perfect Brush

I use this brush for my liquid foundation, it does the job perfectly. I have used this with powder and it’s quite nice it does not make your skin look like a powdered donut. It’s lovely!!! I would recommend this to a friend, a family member, even a stranger.

Allie Levittown, PA

You buy for cheap, you get cheap!

Decent brush for the price. You get what you pay for. A cheap, OK brush that holds powders and/or blushes. Don’t expect the best quality like a Real Techniques brush, but it does do very well with powders. Not so great with liquids or creams. I like the brush. It’s OK.***EDIT*** So three months later after purchasing, the brush has finally kicked the bucket. During a deep clean wash that I do about every week, the bristles finally gave way and began to shed. And I mean, shed! Not like a few here and there, but rather a huge chunk of half of the bristle head fell out. So I was left with half of the brush bristles left. It’s now in the trash on it’s way to wherever makeup brushes go to rest.Overall, I would say for $5 this brush did it’s job for the couple of months I had it. Not a terrible loss for $5 for a couple months use. I only used it for applying blush anyways. I wouldn’t recommend this product now though, because nobody wants to replace brushes every two to three months. I would rather purchase a good brush or set to last up to a year or more. And there are brushes that offer good quality and longevity.

Dorthy Solomons, MD

Kabuki brush

This makes my second kabuki brush that I own. I used this brush today and it is just like the other on. My makeup goes on flawless!!! Now I did clean it last night so it would be ready for use. I recommend that any makeup brushes that you purchase you make sure to clean them before using. I recommend this kabuki brush!

Tiffany Hoyt, OK