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DivaDerme Lash Extender with Brush – Black

This unique professional age-defying triple action formula instantly and dramatically lengthens, adds volume and strengthens your lashes. Fortified with vitamin E, this intensive natural treatment delivers longer, fuller, thicker, healthier lashes in seconds. Specially designed Italian brush, combined with a new high tech texture formulation, this sophisticated treatment lengthens, curls and separates lashes perfectly, without clumping. Simply apply in between coats of your favorite mascara. Directions: Apply a light coat of your regular mascara or waterproof. While still wet, apply divaderme lash extender to the tips of your lashes with a rolling motion of brush. Repeat process until desired length and volume is achieved. To eliminate black fibers, use brush inside of box Miles and miles of fabulously flirty lashes instantly! Ciglie lunghissime e voluminose! Available in White or Black Safe for Contact lens users!

Key features

  • Lashes in a bottle!
  • All-natural and vitamin-fortified!
  • Longer, thicker, luxurious lashes in seconds!
  • Just apply in-between coats of mascara and you’re done!
  • Made in Italy.

Honest reviews


Not Really Good with the Brush

I was not born with super long lashes, so like to find a product that give me length and thickness. This product is a bit cumbersome to use for me. I have tried a few times, but eventually gave up. I use a mascara by Lancome call, Doll Lashes and that gives me what I am looking for.

Lola Underwood, IN

Longest Lashes Ever

Makes my lashes look fake every time! The fibers make my eyelashes so long I don’t need to use fake eyelashes! Just buy the right mascara and add the fibers. The more layers I add the longer and thicker they get! This is my 3rd time purchasing this and love it

Corinne Millsboro, DE

Lash Extender

I do NOT like this item. I have tried it several times. Each time, it just does NOT work well on my lashes. I read the instructions and went online to double check to see if I was using it properly. I was but this product just is not for me. Arrived in just a few days. Sorry but wont buy this product again.

Randi Cloverdale, IN

Big Long lashes..

I really like this product. It works the best with a wet mascara , not a dry one. My lashes look indescribably long, no words can explain. It took me a couple of times getting it down to a science, I am really happy I ordered diva derme lash extender … I love long lashes!

Stacey Broaddus, TX


This stuff is amazing. I have really short lashes that need a lot of help. I hate wearing falsies because they are usually so obvious. I saw this stuff, and it had great reviews and a great price. It takes a few times to get the hang of it, but once you do, even the shortest thinnest lashes look NATURALLY long, thick, and gorgeous. I only need a couple coats of mascara, where used to pile it on to get the thick lashes I like. Also, a little goes a really long way. It only takes a few of the fibers to give your lashes oomph, so I predict that this little tube will last a long time and save me lots of money on mascara.

Madeline Kemah, TX

I was curious

It is very messy, but the overall concept is good…just not if you have curly lashes. Really have to be an expert to use this stuff, but I will keep and maybe give it another Go before I toss it out.

Meredith Shedd, OR

Practice, practice, practice

I like the concept of this product, but I did not find it practical. Diva derme’s fibers can be very messy and if you have thin, very short lashes-this item is not for you. I find that after several coats of diva derme, lashes look clumpy and very weighed down. It takes lots of practice to achieve the long, curly lash that everyone likes.This tube will last quite a long time which is why I gave it three stars, but in my experience I think investing in some good mascara and falsies is better.

Shirley Lenzburg, IL

Long Lashes

I want to first thank everyone who gave such amazing reviews, it helped me pick the right product so thank you. I thought I’d review this as easily as possible for those who were like me, trying to find a simple direction for longer lashes.Application is as follows: Mascara. Divaderme. Mascara.Make sure mascara is wet, I only did one eye at a time to ensure this, then apply divaderme, then mascara again. Oh and apply to tips from middle of lashes to outer lashes and it looks more real. Good luck! It’s really easy and you shouldn’t get the flakes or fibers on your face if you just tap a few times before application.

Sierra Holstein, IA

best ever!

These are the best eyelash fibers I have ever used. Maybe because they are black they seem to make my lashes much longer and thicker.

Deann Lankin, ND