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Diva Stuff Eyelash Conditioner

New and improved formula as of June 15th, 2014. This serum now contains an eyelash growth peptide and is in most eyelash growth serums. This formula is not made with any chemicals and is greasy. A lot goes a long way. I apply it by blinking on to the wand. All natural formula made with ingredients known to promote the growth of lashes, make them thicker, healthier and darker. This product now comes with a doe foot applicator. Apply to your lashes and try to get to the base. You can apply it with a qtip, a fingertip or any small brush as well. Make sure you remove all eye make-up before bed because it can dry out lashes. Then apply a nice coat of our special formula and make sure you get close to the roots. Sleep with it on your lashes and dream of sexier, more dramatic lashes. Remove the treatment with a gentle cleanser in the morning because the oils can attract dust. Made with coconut oil, vitamin e, aloe oil, almond oil, castor oil, and beeswax. Please note that this product does contain almond oil and coconut oil so if you are sensitive to peanuts it might not be the right product for you. Your lashes recycle every two weeks. Your lashes will still recycle this product helps them become more lush until they recycle and it helps new lashes come in healthier. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

Key features

  • Now Contains an Eyelash Growth Peptide Too! Promotes thicker, darker and longer lashes naturally
  • Blink on to wand for easy application
  • Please Note: this product is made using coconut oil and almond oil, both are considered “tree nuts” so if you are sensitive or allergic to nuts this product is not for you
  • Contains vitamin e, aloe, almond, coconut, castor, olive
  • New improved container and applicator, holds 3ml more product

Honest reviews


Notice a difference

I love this Diva Stuff product. The eyelash Conditioner helps promote long, thick, healthy lashes and I can see it working. I use it every night before bed, waking up in the morning cleaning my face and there they are longer and fuller than before. Yea! Thanks Diva Stuff.

Sophie Arbovale, WV


I am so addicted to this product. I’ve given this as gifts too and everyone who has used it loves it. It goes on with a mascara style wand and it really works. I noticed results after only a week of using this product. My lashes are definitely longer thicker and more full I adore this product by diva stuff.

John Como, TX


I have tried a number of products to "fix" my lashes. They’re pale and very, very sparse. Also, in the past, I’ve tried extensions, which have been great a number of times but horrid once or twice. I honestly was a little unsure if this would work for me, since I was thinking that it would only work to condition my lashes and that’s not the problem–I pretty much never wear mascara because it only emphasizes the fact that I have almost no lashes at all, so the problem’s not that they’re dry and breaking off short.But I have to say that this does work! After a few weeks of using it every night (mostly), I definitely noticed that the bald spots had filled in, my lashes look thicker, and they’re longer and darker. Brilliant! I am using it more regularly as time goes by, because it’s easier to remember to do something once you see results, yet I still have a lot left.Lastly, I wear contacts, have lots of allergies, and am generally pretty sensitive all around. I’ve had no bad reactions to this at all. Obviously, everyone’s different so if you try this you should take your time and make sure that if’s good for you too. But at this price it’s not too big a risk.I hope this never gets discontinued! I am too much of a scaredy cat to try some of those Rx lash growth products and not wealthy enough to keep up with extensions, and this is perfect for me. If you have the same problems (though I hate to use that word because it seems pretty shallow to call sparse lashes a "problem"–you know, like if this is the biggest problem I have in life I’m a lucky girl) I have, please give this a try!

Lana San Simon, AZ

It really works!!

This stuff by Diva Stuff, no pun intended, really does work. I was skeptical at first because I have tried everything and nothing worked. But this, if you apply it as you are supposed to, will make your eyelashes grow. It did for me. I think its because it conditions the eyelashes. I will continue to purchase it. Thanks Diva Stuff.

Jacqueline Fort Calhoun, NE

No difference noticed

I’ve been using this everyday and can’t say that I’ve noticed any changes in the length or thickness of my lashes. I have long, dark lashes to begin with so I am not complaining. I use this instead of mascara.

Britney Bloomfield, MT

Long lashes

I use this conditioner 1-2 times per week. I think it really is a great conditioner but can be a little on the greasy side which is why I don’t use it everyday. My lashes are much healthier and have grown since using this product along with Speed Lash. Will buy this again for sure.

Lolita Northport, NY

It works!

I’ve been using this for about 10 days and I already see results! My lashes (upper and lower) are getting longer and are curving more. Every Diva Stuff product I’ve tried so far has worked really well for me.

Wilda Big Creek, CA

Five Stars

Best Conditioner around.

Ashlee Grants, NM

I love this

I am a HUGE fan of Diva Stuff so when I read the reviews on this Eyelash Conditioner I had to have some. It goes on so easy, I have been using it every night as recommended,

Aline Jefferson, AL

Eyelash growth

I have been using this every day for about 5 weeks and have seen absolutely no growth or thickness in my lashes. I cannot tell if it helps my lashes to be more healthy. Would not recommend this product.

Dianna Seneca, PA

… if it’s helping my lashes grow but it seems like the natural ingredients are good for your lashes

Not sure if it’s helping my lashes grow but it seems like the natural ingredients are good for your lashes. Only downfall is that it’s oily and can run into your eyeball. God I hope these lash growth products don’t have some crazy negative effects on our vision 🙁

Jannie Strawberry, CA


I bought this stuff on a whim because I’m a sucker for anything that promises me thicker, longer lashes. After using it for just a week or two, my eyelashes are noticeably thicker (not sure about longer, hard to say). My only complaint is that it stung like crazy the first time I used it because I got it in my eye (not the fault of the product….total user error). Just don’t stick the stuff directly INTO your eye and you’ll be fine 😉

Shawna Widnoon, PA