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Digestive Advantage Probiotics-Intensive Bowel Support Probiotic Capsules-Survives 100x better than yogurt and leading probiotic-96 Capsules

Digestive Advantage Intensive Bowel Support Probiotics supplements support digestive health with BC30 probiotics and digestive enzymes to help restore the natural balance of good bacteria within your intestinal tract and defend against occasional digestive upsets such as gas, abdominal discomfort, bloating and diarrhea.

Key features

  • SURVIVES 100X BETTER: Digestive Advantage is the daily probiotics supplement that survives 100 times better than yogurt and leading probiotic
  • DEFENDS AGAINST GAS/BLOATING/DIARRHEA: Digestive Advantage Intensive Bowle Support provides relief from minor abdominal discomfort, bloating, and occasional diarrhea
  • PATENTED INGREDIENT: Only Digestive Advantage has BC30, a unique, patented strain of probiotic bacteria designed for resilience
  • SAFE FOR EVERYDAY USE: Our daily probiotic capsules support long-term digestive health with continued use* for women and men
  • RESULTS IN TWO WEEKS OR YOUR MONEY BACK: Take the Digestive Advantage Two Week Tummy Take-back.  If you are not completely satisfied (i.e., you do not experience improvement in occasional abdominal discomfort and bloating), you may receive a full refund.

Honest reviews


This is a Miracle for me!!

I’ve had the gamut of gas, bloating, irregular bowel habits & have been to a digestive specialist for several years with no help at all. He ordered a medication that made me sick as could be…so I stopped that. On top of IBS, I have recurring kidney stones & between the two problems, I had times of such pain I would be bent almost double. When I went places, I had to take a handful of the strong Mylanta Gas tablets just in case…used them often to feel some better.Then 2 months ago, a friend told me of this product & how it had helped her. I got some & WOW…what a difference in my life now!! One tiny pill each morning before breakfast & I’m off to a productive day with NO discomfort!! I can hardly believe this medication can make this difference. I continue to watch what I eat which I think is an essential part of handling IBS. Most of us who have this problem have sensitive stomachs & should avoid trigger foods (onions in any form are usually one of the culprits, for instance). As an R.N. I know that food allergies can also be triggers so I would hope any IBS sufferers would avoid any foods they might suspect…it’s not worth it! These caplets work so completely for me in that I can now eat without any discomfort. It’s a whole new life for me now & believe me, I’m keeping a supply of this medication on hand, always!

Reva Hornick, IA

Works for me

I have constipation type IBS and this works for me. The first thing I noticed was that I wasn’t as bloated. Not alot of relief, but just enough to keep on giving it a try. It took about 2 months to get the full effect.Without it, I am really constipated, but with it things work alot better. I use the chewable tablets.

Darla Lenni, PA

Don’t waste your money

Took the entire package and it was like I took a placebo. Didn’t work whatsoever. Don’t waste your money.

Bobbi Weimar, TX

Unfortunately Not For Me

Digestive Advantage just didn’t seem to have any impact on me. It certainly didn’t make anything worse, and I assume the probiotics in contains must have done some good, but it just wasn’t the IBS solution I had hoped for.However, if you’re a fellow IBS sufferer and desperate for a solution, give it a shot! (I’m seeing plenty of good reviews out there– it must just depend on the person)

Jami Sunbury, NC

Better than Imodium (so far)

I can’t believe how soon I got relief, due to the fact that I have only been on it a short while. I am on alot of medications for other health problems, and this does NOT interract with the prescriptions. My “running to the bathroom” has subsided, but not “fixed” yet. The information on and in the box does tell you that it takes about a week to tell a major difference. I also like the fact that it is putting the natural enzymes back into the body that a person’s intestines lack.Give it a try before you go to prescription; be patient and let it work before you judge.

Amelia Mystic, GA

Works better than the chewable tablets

I had tried the chewable tablets for IBS from this same brand for 4 or 5 months and found I was still having a lot of symptoms of IBS on a daily basis. Now that I’ve started taking the caplets, I experience symptoms maybe once a week, on average. I only gave it 4 stars because I still have problems every once in a while, but the majority of the time it works really well. I used to suffer from bloating, gas, cramping, and diarrhea on a daily basis, so any help to me is wonderful!

Shawna Silverhill, AL

Wish it worked

I went on the subscribe & save through Amazon for this product. I have taken months worth of this supplement only to find myself in my usual misery.I started out taking one a day. No results for about a week (I have IBS-D). Then I became severly constipated. Very painfull. I started to take organic psyllium & next thing I know, I’m become much more normal. This combination of Digestive Advantage & psyllium seemed to be the answer. After about 3 weeks of “success” IBS-D became more and more persistant. I started to take 2 Digestive Advantage pills. One in the AM & one in the PM. Things seemed to get normal again after about a week and a half. This lasted for about 3 weeks as before and once again IBS-D started & really kicked in. I upped my intake of Digetive Advantage to 3 and 4 pills a day & stopped taking the psyllium. Nothing. It didn’t work. I then thought maybe I’m getting crazy with the Digestive Advantage & went back to one pill a day. All these months & nothing. I still suffer from IBS-D. As of writing this, I’m still taking the Digestive Advantage & will do so until it is gone. I have canceled my Subscribe & Save plan with Amazon.I am currently on the Subscribe & Save for Align. So far I’m not sure if it’s working. It’s too early to tell. It can take several months. I have read great reviews from IBS suffers. I hope this will finally help me!If Digestive Advantage doesn’t work for you, you may want to look into Align as I have done.

Trina West Paris, ME

digestive advantage

I bought this at my local drug store..I only took 2 vitamins,,Wow never again, felt like i had the flu…The first one made me go to bathroom all night, i take them in morning with water..Then i took the 2nd one, thats when i thought i had the flu, I was so sick, it was coming out both ends at the sametime…I dont recommend this product if you have a sensitive intestine and stomach, I wont take this again!!!

Cara South Richmond Hill, NY

Definitely a GODSEND.

I didn’t want to write a review, because, well frankly, IBS is an embarrassing disorder. However, this stuff is amazing. I’ve been taking it for almost a year now, and I’ve had IBS ever since high school (I’m 26 now). This stuff will take probably 2-3 weeks before you start to notice the ultimate, life-changing difference, but, if you can hang in there it is worth it. For those that are saying it doesn’t work, well, I just don’t see how that’s the case unless you’re SELF-diagnosed as having IBS, and instead may actually have something completely different, therefore something like this designed for IBS may not be for you. But, I can’t imagine my life without this stuff now. They did change the name and a few ingredients, but I’ve noticed no significant negative change. Still works like a charm. My boyfriend has started taking these REGULARLY. He NEVER does ANYTHING on a regular basis. But, with this pill, he makes sure he doesn’t forget it.

Renae Brookline Station, MO

Life Changing

WOW! WOW! WOW! There are not enough words to describe my gratitude to God and the makers of “Digestive Advantage Intensive Bowel Support” I have had IBS-D for YEARS and it had gotten worse in this last year for some reason; I also do not have a gallbladder. My life has been centered around bathrooms. I had to practically stop going anywhere as it was SO bad!!!!! I now have been taking Digestive Advantage for 30 days. The first 11 or so days, I didn’t think it was working as I had soooo much gas and thought the Digestive Advantage was making it worse, however, as the instructions said, it can take up to 14 days for your body to adjust to the probiotic. I did have to give up my coffee as it certainly made my problem WORSE!!!!I have slowly begun to introduce foods that I used to eat and by golly, it IS working!!!!!!!!!! I will say that the other day I got a little brave and ate some trail mix and WHOA, INSTANT diarrhea!!! So, I now know that I cannot have coffee or this trail mix!!! I have waited to post my review until now as I wanted to be sure that this is working. I take one of the probiotics in the morning and one in the evening. I tell you, I believe if my house was on fire, I would grab this FIRST!!!!!!!!!If you do decide to try this, PLEASE give it a fair chance and DO consider deleting caffeine from your diet. Just for kicks I tried Decaff coffee and I had the SAME problem!!! This has been a life changing necessity for me!!Thank you, thank you to the manufacturers of this WONDERFUL product!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jordan Tylersburg, PA


Get this in bulk for a great price. I take one everyday and it’s helps me become more regular and have less upset stomach. Movements are more comfortable.

Sonia Oakwood, OH

Works for mild GI Cystic Fibrosis too… but has pros and cons

(I am not a medical doctor.) Fantastic product, works for more than just IBS, but has its pros and cons.PROsMiraculous results in under a week for manyTiny pill; can take with or without foodLife goes back to normalCan help to eliminate the GI symptoms of mild (adult onset) Cystic FibrosisConfirms that it isn’t all in your headCONsCan cause constipationSymptoms return after you stop using it; it is not a cureComments – This product is marketed as being for IBS. But, IBS is diagnosed by exclusion – meaning after other factors such as, parasitic infections, lactose intolerance, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, celiac disease, and cystic fibrosis have been ruled out. Between denial, procrastination, funds, lack of physician attention/listening, and a host of other factors, I’m not sure how many people actually make it that far. That said, we have found that this product completely eliminates the Cystic Fibrosis like symptoms in about 3 to 4 days.If you do not see results in 4 days, the manufacturer suggests up to 2 per day for adults. Taking one in the morning and another 12 hours later may help you to achieve better efficacy. In this case, you can start with two per day at first and see if you can drop down. We added high potency probiotics (like Renew Life Ultimate Flora Critical Care or New Chapter Probiotic) as a 3rd dose. In some cases, according to the leaflet in the package, it can take up to 30 days to work. Yes, 30 days. So, it’s probably wise not to get discouraged if it takes your system a while.It is not a cure. If you stop taking it, symptoms return. So, if the problem can be resolved by other means, considering using it for some relief while these other solutions kick in. Several have reported constipation. As a suggestion, try taking Equalactin too. It is a non-habit forming water soluble fiber that rebalances your system to combat constipation without causing diarrhea. Unlike most products, it produces results overnight. Use this (with plenty of water and on an empty stomach) instead of a laxative for normal bile movements.Cured?! As an update, we inadvertently discovered that taking a prescribed antibiotic (free from the grocery store pharmacy) for 7 days along with New Chapter Probiotic seems to have eliminated the need to keep taking Digestive Advantage product for ever and ever. We do still take probotics (currently New Chapter Whole Food Probiotics or their Prenatal Whole Food vitamins which contain probiotics) and enzymes (we like Digest Gold) at times. Best we can figure is the whole food supplements have a more lasting effect that the isolated active ingredient in Digestive Advantage?No one thing works for everyone, but we hope that this helps someone.

Dorothea Deer Park, WA

I don’t know..

Not sure if I noticed in my bowl movements. Not sure how I feel about the product. Might work for others but not for me and that’s ok.

Louella Farnham, VA

One of the best products for intestinal problems

I used this product about 3 years ago when I had an intestinal infection (C. Diff) and it was the only thing that finally got things back in order after being on antibiotics for a couple months. It’s intended for IBS but it seems to work great for any intestinal disturbances. My husband tried them recently at my recommendation and he thinks they’re very effective too. They contain a blend of lactobacillus cultures with an amino acid which seems to help with digestion of any food you eat. The nice thing is that you only need one per day to see results, although I took a couple a day after the C. Diff because everything was so out of order. I keep them on hand for any intestinal issues and highly recommend them. I’ve tried other probiotics, but these are the only ones where I’ve really noticed a difference.

Pearlie Chesterton, IN

works well, better if you also use their lactose intolerence pill

this is a good product, I did not have good results with prescription medication for ibs, this works better, is less expensive and no prescription is needed, I added the lactose intolerance pills after getting a free sample in the mail and the combination keeps me almost symptom free (my symptoms were moderate to severe)

Jan Maple View, NY

This stuff is great

I have not found a probiotic that works as well as this one and you cannot beat the price from this seller!

Marta Selawik, AK

Good support system

Taken daily it helps me keep my bowels regulated. It is a good pro biotic and was recommended by my doctor.

Keri Colts Neck, NJ

Have had IBS for over 20 years and this is the ONLY thing that has worked.

At the age of 10 I started having abdominal pain when ever I ate or became stressed. It came on gradually, just appearing to be “nerves” about school, but instead of getting better, it got much worse as time went on. By the time I was 12 there was a whole list of things I wouldn’t eat because of what terrible pain it brought on. My family took me to the doctor and I had an Upper GI done as well as other tests. They all came back fine and my doctor said I appear to have IBS, however he didn’t know how I could as he had only seen it in adults (at the time). He prescribed me Zantac and said there was nothing more that could be done.As the years went on, my list of foods I couldn’t eat lengthened. Now 20 years later, at the age of 30 I have a list of what I CAN eat since the list of what I can’t has gotten so large. It’s so bad that even certain food coloring causes me pain (Yellow #5) and anything with aspartame is like a bullet to the stomach.A long time ago I gave up hope that there was anything out there that would help. Everything ever suggested (fiber, yogurts, etc) all hurt too much to ever be helpful.I discovered Digestive Advantage a while ago and all the positive reviews convinced me to give it a try. I could not believe how well it worked.First, the capsules themselves don’t cause me any pain. Even most multi-vitamins are made with sugar substitutes to bind them together, because using real sugar would make the pills too large to swallow. This is one of the few medications that dosen’t have anything in them that itself causes me discomfort.Second, I never had any issues from the active ingredients. So both the material the capsules that contain the ingredients and the ingredients themselves cause me no problems. I’m trilled with this since there are more things than not that cause me issues.Within days of taking these pills I feel tons better. The not as noticeable, mild discomforts, that those who suffer with IBS become accustomed to having was the first to go. Then I found that the pain that comes from stress triggers was almost completely gone. The longer I took these pills, the better it got. I also found I could incorporate many more foods (in small quantities) back into my diet that I could never even consider eating before.When I am good about taking these consistently, I feel normal. I can feel stress without sudden intense pain. I can eat foods without suffering for it later. If something does cause me discomfort, it’s MUCH milder pain than I get without taking these. And if these benefits weren’t enough, these are very affordable! You get almost 100 pills in the box.When I have been off them for any length of time, I start back on them by taking 2 a day (at the same time). Then after a few days I bring it down to 1 a day. They make so much of a difference I really regret it when I run out and stop taking them. I go back to being in pain every day all over again.If anyone suffers from IBS, I seriously suggest trying these. Give them a few days to start working and you will be amazed!

Mandy Grant, MI

Stopped working for me-

After 6 months of use, it stopped working for me. I thought maybe they changed the ingrediants but not sure. Very disappointed because it gave me great IBS relief. Not sure what to do now.

Sabrina Stuart, OK

works very well

best supplement and probiotic i have ever taken and works well.ever since i took these, i haven’t been having negative symptoms

Frances Hardyville, VA

My Husband’s Bowel Difficulites were much better in just two days

My husband who is 55 has been experiencing many of the symptoms that you will read in other reviews. I decided to get Digestive Advantage IBS for him, since the RXs his doctor gave him have proven to be of no help, and in some cases made the symptoms worse. Knowing that this product is considered to be a food, and not an RX, I was a bit skeptical about how it was going to work, but with all the problems he’s had, I decided to give it a try. My huband and I are amazed at how quickly it cleared up his problems. I have never had to remind him to take it, because he noticed the positive effects of this digestive aid right away. I am no doctor, but I have seen the positive effects in my husband and we are getting it on the subscription program offered. He takes two tabs a day. I am very pleased because he is no longer in agony and I love to see him pain & symptom free.

Lorene Grand Cane, LA

Surprisingly it Works

I probably would have never tried this product except for all the glowing Amazon reviews. I normally think these kind of products at best will just lighten your pocket book.I’ve never been diagnosed with IBS, but I seemed to have most of the symptoms that came with it. After taking these pills daily (or nearly daily) my symptoms have almost completely gone away. There have been other changes in my life (lost weight, eat differently, etc) which I feel contribute to helping out, however I noticed a very big change when starting to take these, and I believe they are most of the reason I have not had any issues.For just a few bucks a month it’s wroth trying out (and it seems to work for nearly anyone).

Kathie Crandall, IN

Okay…but way too expensive from amazon

This product seems to be working okay, but the price is double what you can find at walgreens. I will shop for it there from now on. And in the heat I think it killed at the benefits of this product with the long delivery to me.

Lela Camby, IN

good but pricey

i found this product helpful, but a bit too pricey. i found other similar products with a higher, viable count of probiotics for the same price or less. as far as gas and or bloating, even an x brand of gas-x works just as well for a lot less money.

Alisha Georgetown, MA

Great Product

I have only been taking it for a month but it seems to be working. My IBS is not 100 percent better but I am slowly getting better. Can’t wait to see what the future holds as I keep using it!

Hope Shaw Island, WA

Best Pro Biotic

Hello, I have been using this probiotic for about a year. I take this one before bed and another brand in the morning. Since I started the probiotics I have noticed less gas, no noisy stomach anymore and way less bloat. I would recommend this to anyone. And the price is awesome.

Kimberley Morgan, TX

Wonderful product!

I bought these on a whim because I wanted to be healthier…well, you know the bloated fat feeling you get after you eat a lot? With these pills, you don’t get that anymore! I think this was a great impulse buy! 🙂

Adelaide Elgin, AZ

So far so good

I have been taking these for a couple of days due to IBS, and have found my stomach to feel a bit better. It does not make me go to the bathroom, and I do not feel nauseaus, which is a good sign. I will write another review when I complete the bottle.

Josefa Steinhatchee, FL

Good product

This product seems to help relieve some of my son’s painful IBS symptoms. He doesn’t have the horrible stomach pains that he was having.

Dina Norway, KS

Terrific…..And A Deal

There really isn’t much more I can add as to the success story of this supplement. Suffice it to say that it works terrific, has no side effects, and is readily available either here on Amazon in a three pack, or at most local pharmacies. It also starts working from the very first capsule, and one a day is all it takes for most to sustain the results. I even skip a day here and there and have never had a problem since. I have seen results with this that 3 other supplements of various kinds combined have not come close too. Trust me if you have IBS or any similar problem that has you getting far too much reading done in your bathroom as of late, (or not enough), stop right here and save yourself a lot of aggravation. This is great stuff. My only complaint with it is a minor one. It’s one of those supplements that comes in those annoying horrible blister packs rather than just in a delightful little bottle, making it a pain to dislodge the capsule everyday. It’s easy to crush it in the process, but so far no capsule has broken open on me. One final note, the main ingredient in this supplement is something called bacillus coagulans, of which I did a search on Amazon and on the web to see if any other brand was available with this active ingredient. There are some around on Amazon and beyond, but nothing at a better strength and deal at the time of this writing than this Digestive Advantage. A supplement that works great and at a decent price to boot. Done deal for me. Highly recommended…

Peggy Raeford, NC