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Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner 16 oz

The only 100% natural pore perfecting toner that gently cleanses and conditions pores to maintain clear, smooth and balanced skin. Pore perfecting toner tightens and refines pores, gently removing excess oil, dirt, and makeup residue without over drying – for evenly toned and beautifully smooth skin everyday. Dickinson’s original witch hazel – clean should feel this good. All natural skin care since 1866. Made in USA.

Key features

  • The only 100% all natural toner
  • Powered by the extraordinary cleansing benefits of original witch hazel
  • Oil-free, non drying, for all skin types
  • Vegan
  • Trusted skincare since 1866

Honest reviews



well I never actually got a chance to use this toner. I did try a different toner from hazel that worked miracles on my skin. I would diffidently recommend hazel toners to friends and anyone who wants to have better looking skin.

Ophelia Pratts, VA

Minimal Alcohol, No Artificial Color or Fragrance

This toner is refreshing and effective, with no added chemicals that I need to be concerned about.Most drugstore brand toners and astringents contain artificial coloring and fragrance. Why would I need a brightly blue colored toner? To give my skin a blue cast?Things can be absorbed transdermally. I don’t know that there is any proven harm in applying artificial color to your skin, but why take the chance?I also appreciate that there is only a minimal amount of alcohol added to this product. My skin is dry enough as it is.This is a great natural formula. I use it on a cotton ball, plus I pour some into the plastic packaging that contains facial cleansing cloths. Those cloths are typically too dry to suit me, and Dickinson’s offers the perfect solution.

Patsy Ranson, WV

Best toner EVER!

This product is truly amazing in its simplicity and overall effectiveness. After years of suffering with milia on my chin, they are now gone after using this for just one week! I tried everything – from eliminating foods from my diet to different face washes, toners, moisturizers, etc. I now realize that it wasn’t what I was doing that was causing my chin to constantly break out – it was what I wasn’t doing. I was not using an effective toner after cleansing. I also realize that the fewer ingredients in a product, the better. My skin just didn’t need all the additives that most beauty products have in them. Some of the other benefits are softer, smoother skin. Even with the 14% alcohol, my skin isn’t dry at all. I use twice each day, morning and evening after cleansing.As far as the smell goes – really? Who cares? If it does the job and the end result is as good as I’ve gotten, I could care less about the smell. Besides, the smell goes away as soon as it dries on the skin which is very quickly. I plan to use this toner for the rest of my life!!

Sherrie Mangum, OK


I have used Thayers witch hazel, and yes it works ok. However after light exfoliating every two days as normal; then cleansing with the big D brand of witch hazel, the family of medium sized pores around my nose are almost extinct. I know now from previous experiences, that since I have oily skin in those areas, I need to astringe every day. Moreover it doesn’t dry my skin.Also I clean my makeup brushes with this stuff, and they dry really soft, instead of crunchy

Helga Satanta, KS

Worst smell ever

I used this one time and it smelled so bad I will never use it again. It smells like a mixture of motor oil and pizza grease, just really disgusting. As soon as I put it on my face, I had to wash it right off cause I couldn’t handle the smell. My husband hates throwing stuff away so he offered to take it so it wouldn’t go to waste and even he couldn’t tolerate the smell. I can’t comment on its efficacy because it didn’t sit on my skin for more than 2 minutes.

Terrie Fort Ann, NY

I want to love this…

but I absolutely HATE the smell. I think it’s a good product though, which is why I’m still using it. But I have to plug my nose and hold my breath when I use it. I understand that the smell of witchhazel is not the most pleasing to the nose but maybe after a few more uses, I might have to toss it. My review is based on smell, which I cannot stand and I guess with beauty products, smell is an important factor…

Alexandria Galesville, MD

Don’t use if you’re allergic to some flowers and plants

This looked great, but I’m allergic to pollen and lots of trees and grasses, so I was allergic to this too. I noticed my face starting to swell up and get red and puffy, but I didn’t know what the cause was, so I kept using it. After a few weeks my face was swollen like a balloon, my eyes basically swollen shut, and it was itchy, red, and dry and peeling. For most people I’m sure it works great but be careful if you have other allergies!

Sabrina Oelrichs, SD

Just Okay

This is a pretty good toner. It’s not the best. At first I thought I was working really well but I kept getting breakouts. It was working very gradually at reducing pores. I used Carol’s Daughter Acai Toner and it worked a ‘zillion’ times better.

Gayle Creston, WV

Works Great as Primer and to Control Oil

This witch hazel toner is great for a lot of reasons:
• It’s very affordable, costing under $5 if purchased from a drug or grocery store; even Amazon’t price isn’t too bad compared to other skin-care products.
• It controls oil very well. My skin is very oily but when I use this toner regularly, applying it in the morning and at night after washing my face, the sheen and greasiness stays away for hours, almost the entire day.
• It improves skin texture moderately. I noticed immense improvements when I first started using this product; some of the redness on my face and deeper acne marks faded and reduced. Now that I’ve continued to use it I don’t notice as much improvement but it does prevent my skin from getting worse.
• This works really well as a primer for foundation and powder, working as well as if not better than drugstore primers I’ve used in the past. When i apply it in the morning I wait a few seconds for it to dry and then apply my foundation. It goes on smoothly and my pores appear minimized, almost non-existent. For people who like to use primer, I would recommend trying this as a replacement: not only is it better for your skin and works to improve it under your makeup, but it’s a cheap alternative that will save you money without having to sacrifice quality.Overall I would recommend this to try. I think those with oily skin will find this beneficial and this is a great substitute for primer. It leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth and reduces redness and dark marks. There is a bit of a smell but it’s not strong and it disappears almost immediately. This is not a purchase I regret making and a product I will surely use again.

Erna Powers Lake, ND

I do not see any difference in my pore size, smell is horrible.

I can not see any difference in the size of my pores or the oiliness of my skin. Plus, the smell is horrible. I won’t purchase this again.

Wendi Cherokee, IA

Just what the doctor ordered, especially for problematic skin!

Amazing!!! Great value for the price! This toner is sooo good for both skin of the face and neck! Its doing wonders on my combination acne prone skin, reducing the inflammation and occurrence of blemishes. It leaves my skin feeling incredibly moisturized and refreshed, leaving no residue behind! I’m sooo loving it!! The best toner ever!!

Socorro Lake George, MI

Witch Hazel Pore perfecting Toner

This is a natural, older style toner. I like it and in my opinion it works just as well as many of the higher priced products. The smell of the witch hazel doesn’t last and I don’t mind it at all. It has never irritated my sensitive skin. It’s an economical product and works well. I purchased this product on Amazon. It arrived on time and in good order. No problems at all.

Therese Middlebury, VT


It was awesome.. it cleaned out my pore, no more acne marks and evened out my tone.. I have oil skin and this product is awesome.. it doesn’t leave any res due..

Jessica Mingo, OH

Pefect for my combination skin

I’ve been using for some years now…I happen to have not found this on my own, my brother bought it for me, thank goodness for the find. This stuff does not irritate my skin nor makes my mild acne more red, sting or increase the size out of pimples I might run into. It’s very refreshing and removes the the remaining bits of dirt leftover from cleaning. The little breakouts I run into clear up faster than usual and my skin is quite smooth with it sometimes I opt out of moisturizing. The smell isn’t horrible, almost faint to me. I highly recommend this to those who need a new toner and don’t want to go through the having your skin be on fire using the other brands.

Kelley Jonesville, KY

an Oldie but a Goodie

Great stuff. I have used Witch Hazel for years but I never thought to use it as a toner before make-up. I just put some in a spray bottle and give my face a few squirts before applying moisturizer and make-up.

Christine Lebanon, OK

less pimples but pores look the same. (UPDATED)

i read rave reviews for this product and was hopeful my 27 year old skin thats been damaged by adult acne would be helped. but i still have scars and large pores. the pimples have lessened some what…UPDATE: i gave this toner a chance, along with my st ives soap and cream, and my pores look smaller, my scars are fading, and my pimples have disappeared. my face looks much healthier!!

Cecilia Kell, IL

magical stuff

I’ve bought this before, but since I’m buying from a different seller this time, I decided to review again. This stuff is great! It’s all natural with no parabens or unnecessary chemicals so I’ve never had a break out because of this even though I have sensitive skin. It’s the best toner I’ve ever used, and the price is fabulous compared to the prices of the rest of my skincare. Besides this one product, I only use Shiseido. This is just as good as some other expensive stuff out there, if not better.

Corrine Hills, MN


Good, natural, all-purpose astringent. I like using natural products. I use this on my face and on my kid’s faces. It cleans and refreshes the skin. It’s safe and gentle.

Petra Pineville, AR

Good for oily skin

Love this product. The smell is not very good but the product does wonders for your skin.

Carole Phoenix, OR

I’ve been using for a month

Haven’t seen a motionless difference in my pores appearance. I got this stuff hoping it would aid in cleaning them out. It hasn’t but it does smell nice and wipe off any remaining residue in my face, a good prep before my facial cream.

Martha San Augustine, TX

love this toner!

This toner is gentle on my skin and I see great results! I have not been able to find this item in my local stores. Compared to upscale department store toners I would say this beats them all and the price is excellent!

Coleen Emerson, KY

Absolutely Worth It

I have used toners from Neutrogena with balancing and fading marks, Neutrogena Pore Refiner Toner, Clean and Clear toner all ranging from .05%-2% salicylic acid and even acnefree toner with benzoyl peroxide. My favorite has been Neutrogena with the balancing and fading marks but this product absolutely helps me as much as that one did.Day 1 – I can already tell a more even skin tone all around and noticeable reduced the red in my breakout spots on my chin and side of my cheeks. The pores were definitely smaller although felt like some new tiny little break outs my forehead, however I kept using because I thought it was just dirty being forced up.Day 2- Less black heads, no drying out on the skin, less tiny bumps than before.Day 3 through rest of daily use- Pretty much the same for now on since that day, less black heads, skin still not dried out or too firm.price note- found it at wal mart for $4.47. Cheaper and natural, makes me feel a lot better about my daily care product bills. Toner worth trying if you’re looking for something new.

Jimmie Summer Shade, KY

It works as a toner for normal skin

This is a fine toner for normal skin types but I prefer Thayer’s which is also sold on Amazon. If alcohol were not an ingredient I would like this toner better.

Natalia Shady Grove, FL

Great quality, good product

I use witch hazel after shaving to calm irritation and prevent ingrowns but can usually only find store brand at my local target or CVS. This is much better quality. Smells much less chemical-ey and less tequila-ey than other brands. I also love the way it dispenses. Has a restricter over the opening to make sure it doesn’t get everywhere. Will order again and again

Reva Mastic Beach, NY

Ok for summer, but maybe not for winter

I believe that different season dictates different skin care products, for instance, dry wintertime requires more powerful moisturizer and "non-alcoholic" ingredients while summer might not. So this toner is rather good for summer use especially after a sweating day that it could bring some refreshness given the somewhat "alcoholic" feeling – it dries too quickly as if it evaporates from your skin because of the particular feature of alcoholic or related chemistry thing. This would feel good in humid summer, but not in dehydrating winter. So as the winter is on, this product more frequently "peels off" the skin and makes it feel rough.And I’d like to say that the classic "rose water" from the same manufacturer is much much better even for wintertime.

Sherri Fifty Lakes, MN


I am 30 years old and have been suffering from moderate to severe adult acne for the past 5 years. I’ve recelty cleansed all my cosmetics and toiletries to only include all natural products. I love this toner. My skin feels wonderful after using it, and the redness and irritation from the inflammation has decreased significantly. Plus, you can’t beat the price!

Stacy Ancramdale, NY


I wouldn’t say it’s non-drying, but it’s nothing like using rubbing alcohol to clean your face… the water here is horrible, so I use this exclusively to clean my ugly mug.

Nelda West Rushville, OH

Pore Refining Witch Hazel Works

After using expensive toner my entire life ( Exuviance) it’s great to find one that really works. It is so cheap it is ridiculous ! Shipping costs are high- check Rite Aid. Look for Pore Refining.

Leann Leroy, AL

Witch Hazel

This stuff is A-MAZE-ING. Holy smokes. I am using it for bath bombs and it works perfectly. Absolutely NO SMELL at all. It is a pretty big bottle, too. And I had no trouble opening. The packaging was goos and it arrived fast. Great product.

Adriana Fulton, IL

I Love it

I use this every night after i wash my face and before i put on my moisturizer … i like it because it natural and its not harsh like some toners i love witch hazel toner and will def be buying this again Im a first time user of this i usally buy other toners but i love this one and will be sticking to this

Nichole Clinton, MT