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Diane Wig T-pins * 2″ Long * Silver * Package Of 12

* T-Pins* 2″ Long* Silver* Easy to insert and Remove from Wig Head* Keeps Wig in Place on Head when Styling Wig* 12 pins* Our Item #: 824703025401* ASIN: B0048L3JPU

Key features

  • T-Pins
  • 2″ Long * Silver
  • Easy to insert and Remove from Wig Head
  • Keeps Wig in Place on Head when Styling Wig
  • 12 pins

Honest reviews


It does the job

These pins are firm and don’t bend much when used properly. I used it to make a sew in wig and they held up nicely.

Georgette Southgate, MI

They’re good

Can’t say much about these, except the face that they are 2" T Wig Pins. They hold the wig to my wig head easily and don’t slip. I’d buy more of them if I needed more pins.

Naomi Bivins, TX

No complaints here

I’ve turned my Styrofoam mannequin head into Hell Raiser from all of the pins I stuck into it. They seem sturdy enough. Naturally if you manhandle them, they might bend, but what’s the point in that?

Kari Westbrook, ME

Just like picture

Was fast to get and was just like the picture in the default and also does the job very well

Genevieve Lake Delton, WI


These work just as expected. Long enough to hold wigs in place for styling. Far price for the quantity you get.

Beth Dresher, PA

different use!

I have a cork poster board that I stick these pins in, to hang my necklaces. These are perfect for that.

Heidi Hazelhurst, WI