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Diane Straightening Brush

Get smooth, beautiful hair with the Diane Cermaic Straightening Brush. Made with nylon bristles, this hairbrush is durable and will last long. The handle is soft to the touch and ergonomically designed for comfortable control and flawless styling.

Key features

  • Made with nylon bristles
  • Soft touch handle
  • Ergonomically designed for comfortable control

Honest reviews


Magical for me

I love this brush. I use this in tandem with my flat iron. It can give you a bit of static, but this has gotten my hair straighter than any other brush or comb I use with my flat iron. The bristles are hard, not a softer boar hair like bristle. You can only have so much hair in the brush at a time or it will negate the point of using it. I like the fact that the brush locks for easy storage. I have thick, natural, tightly coiled African American hair. I will say I do not like using this while blow drying, only when my hair is dry.

Lily Auberry, CA

really helps with blow drying

this really helps with blow drying my hair straight and eliminating frizz. I liked it so much I got one for my sister.

Bettie Belmont, WI

Great Idea

I love the idea. For my hair it made for a lot of static and did notwork well for me. I have fine baby hair. It’s easy to use and probablywould work better for another type of hair. I think the product is good!

Betty Bruceville, TX

Not as good as the Conair Go Straight brush

I ordered this straightening brush because I was not about to order the Conair Go Straight at $30. That is absolutely ridiculous to charge that much for that brush. I used to get the Conair Go Straight at CVS for $6.99 but for some reason, cannot find it anymore. So when I was searching Amazon for the Conair, I was shocked at the price. I found this one and purchased it. It is ok. I’ve noticed that the bristles come out. This brush does not glide through the hair like the Conair one does but it will have to do because I will not pay $30 for a Conair brush.

Tia Bryant, IN

not what I expected

This brush always locks when I close it as I am brushing. I struggle a lot with it, I cant brush comfortably when it locks each time!

Adeline Camptown, PA