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Diane Snap On Magnetic Roller, Purple, 1.75″, 6/bag

Snap-on magnetic rollers create smooth, soft curls. Strong, non-breakable material. Holds locks and curls in place with grooved edges. No pins or clips needed. 1 3/4 inches. Purple. 6 per bag.

Key features

  • 1 3/4 inches
  • Strong, non-breakable material
  • Purple
  • 6 per bag

Honest reviews


Nothing curls like magnetic rollers

Magnetic rollers are easy to use and fast drying, and they give great volume to hair – whether one lets them air dry or uses a bonnet dryer. I fasten them with 3-inch bobby pins, because it seems to me that the clips leave marks on my hair. For nighttime, I wrap my hair around a roller, slide the roller out while holding onto the curl, and fasten it with a long bobby pin. These roller are great because they are smooth, and I can slide them out of the curl without disturbing it. I use mousse to set curls. This company ships promplty and the items were well-packaged.

Dianne Waunakee, WI

Not Great for Long, Thick Hair

I gave these a try in my bid to find healthy ways to define the curls in my waist-length, very thick, wavy hair. I hate using curling irons or hair dryers or hot rollers (which never really work on me anyway since my hair is so heavy it would just pull the curl straight down) so I tend to sleep on two braids or twist damp hair around an elastic headband (this works extremely well, by the way. I’ll detail it at the bottom). I was hoping to find some easy rollers that could hold the amount of hair that I have and that were comfortable enough to sleep on. These weren’t quite as large as I was hoping to find (I wanted a minimum of 2″) but decided to try them anyways.First, I don’t understand why they say these are magnetic when they are clearly not. They are simply hard plastic with a hard plastic cover that snaps on through a tight fit rather than any magnetic properties. Even with a tiny bit of hair on the roller, my hair is long enough that it was extremely difficult to get the plastic cover to snap on over it. But I did it after a bit of work and then let my hair sit like that all day on a Saturday. I had been planning on trying to wear them to bed but I noticed the hair was completely dry so I figured I’d see how the curls turned out. They probably would have been semi-okay if my hair didn’t get caught up all over the rollers and pull the curls apart in a very frizzy kind of way. My hair was HUGE when it finally came out and definitely not in a good way.I’m sure these rollers are great for people with shorter hair than me. For me, it was just way too time consuming and too uncomfortable to consider trying again. I get amazing results from five minutes of work before going to bed so I’ll continue with that.Here’s what I found that works:1. Get an elastic headband (I useScunci No-slip Grip Flat Black Headwraps, 9mmbut any elastic headband should work)2. Dampen the hair. I’ve found that spraying with a spray bottle gets the hair too wet so I just get my fingers wet and run them through the hair. Don’t get the hair too wet! Very important!3. Put the headband on OVER your hair running along your front hairline down to the base of your head.4. Take a small chunk of hair on one side and twist it loosely away from your face and then tuck it over and under the headband so it loops it loosely and then dangles down with the rest of your hair.5. Add another segment of hair to it and twist it loosely together (away from your face again) and then loop it over and under the headband again.6. Repeat that for all the hair until you get to the other side. Make sure you don’t loop it too tight when you get to the ends of your hair at the other side otherwise your nice big curls will be weird tiny, frizzy curls at the ends of your hair.7. Sleep on it and carefully take out in the morning when dry.This works beautifully for me. I get so many compliments daily on my hair and no one believes me when I say that I don’t use a curling iron every morning. If you’re going to try it, just be patient if you don’t get it right the first time. I tried it about six times, changing small things each time, until I found the way that would work best for my hair. The main trick is though, NOT to get your hair too wet. Otherwise the curls twist and it looks reminiscent of dreads. Good luck! (and let me know if you need anything clarified. it’s hard to describe in writing!)

Shanna Scarborough, ME

Easier To Put In Hair Than Magnetic That needs PIns

I have thick 4a texlaxed hair, I decided that I didn’t want to continue using the flat iron as often and decided to do roller set’s. I love these rollers, I have this color and the orange. I decided to buy these because I was tired of putting in the magnetic rollers that need hair pins. The magnetic rollers I originally had are by Conair and they worked fine, but these snap on rollers are much better. They are wider and hold more of my hair, also the make of it is really great it doesn’t have any bumps that can snag your hair. I also noticed that after applying my leave in and oil the roller still has the leave in and oil on it, so I’m thinking that every time I use these I’ll have additional moisture. I will clean them off after awhile though. The first few times I used these I used the snap’s and I was able to get it in my hair quicker. Also the snaps make the roots straighter and holds the hair in better. The disadvantages are that the snaps leave a line in your hair, so I comb out each section put my hair in a ponytail and wrap the ponytail into a doughnut style bun and tie my hair up. This helps to get rid of the lines a little bit. If the lines are a big bother you can just put a few in the front with pins instead of the snaps. Another thing is that the rollers feel tight at the root. After using them with the snap for awhile I decided that the snaps may cause damage to my hair near the roots and now I just use the rollers with pins and it’s still easier to put in my hair than the Conair roller’s that I have.

Dawn Lind, WA

Product was as described

Product was as described but you can find it a lot cheaper at your local beauty supply store. I don’t really even use these anymore now that I have curlformersCurlformers Salon KitWhich are sold by sally on amazon, but if you go on sally actual webesite they are cheaper because you can always find some 25% or 20% coupon code. I like curlformers much better than the magnetic rollers because they get to your roots. I am natural so these work perfect. I guess if you get your hair relaxed the magnetic rollers would probably work best since they are a lot cheaper.

Bobbie Kunkletown, PA

Great magnetic hold

Easy to use, great magnetic hold, a must have for long hair needs. I highly recommend for women who need large rollers for long hair.

Alyce Tallapoosa, GA

light weight

These rollers were the perfect size and easy to use, They provided a loose curl for my shoulder length hair, and the curls held all day long.I just wish there were more in the package!

Emilie Georgetown, NY

Unsatisfied w/ Product Quality

The plastic is quite flimsy with sharp bits at the edges and seams. The seller will accept the return, at the expense of my paying for shipping, because he/she doesn’t consider this a defect. So rollers with sharp bits are normal, and a feature not mentioned in the product description? Ok, fun. Return shipping will cost me the same amount that I had paid.The Annie’s and Salon Care brands make snap on rollers with better construction and materials. This plastic is shiny and somewhat translucent with the aforementioned sharp bits.

Fran Fieldon, IL

Works well

I dry my hair and then put these in for a couple of hours, and it gives it good volume. The curls don’t stay in (I have thick Asian hair), but it still makes it look like I blow dried it. It does leave a little crimp marks, but it’s only really visible on the front locks and I just wet it a little and it goes away.I am a mom who stays home, so it probably works better for me than people who work – I don’t have to run out the door in the mornings. I can cook lunch with this in my hair and it’s ready for when I go on my errands in the afternoon!

Valarie Brooklyn, NY

Didn’t work for me

Meh not a fan. I have thick, long and curly hair and had to order two of these and 2 of 1.75" ones. Because they are plastic, they were very slippery on my hair whether my hair was dry or damp. Maybe it will work for thinner and less hairy heads, but I used them twice then gave them away to my sister. I guess I prefer rollers with spikes that hold the hair in place vs sliding off of them

Sherry West Liberty, KY

These are ok for what i need

I ordered these along with some ‘pillow curlers" to wear at night on damp hair to achieve a curl in the morning. They are what i expected for the price.The only complaint i have is (like the pillow curlers from the same company) There are no instructions on how to use them (for 1st time users like me) about how you’re exactly supposed to use them.But again i will just use trial and error , and see how they may work best for me. No complaints otherwise.

Elda Port Bolivar, TX

Love these rollers

These are super quick and my favorite rollers. Rolling is as simple as wrapping moist hair around the barrel and snapping to get a tight grip on the root (I have 3a/3b hair). I always use these rollers with keracare wrap set lotion and love the results — smooth, soft and shiny curls. I use a blow dryer with an attachment to remove any lines left by the snap on piece.

Gena Gable, SC

Bought as a gift

I bought these for my mother and they are just the right size for her. She likes them a lot and is using them regularly.

Marcella Wiggins, CO