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Diane Practice Mannequin Hand

Practice hand, nails not included

Key features

  • Life size
  • For practicing all nail applications
  • Great for students and professionals
  • Note: The mark on the thumb is not a defect as it is due to Injection moulding effect.

Honest reviews


Mannequin Hand

I haven’t used the hand as of yet. I would really like to have more information on how to use it. It will help me out alot. Thanks Clayre

Camille North Tazewell, VA

Not Exactly Life-Sized

There’s really not too much to say about a fake hand…except that this one is too small.I thought it was going to be more of an average-sized female hand…but it’s really narrow and oddly shaped…the hand as well as the fingers are super skinny but extremely long…just very awkward. The nails are, naturally, the same way, which makes it difficult to practice nails on. I mean, I’m sure some women have this size/shape hand,(and no offense if you do lol), but it’s certainly not an average life-size. Other than that I suppose it’s an okay hand…I can’t use it though. I am looking into another brand to buy to replace it.I’m a beginner and I find the awkward shape and size of the nails too difficult for me. (Maybe it would be better for somebody more experienced…)

Althea Granbury, TX

too thin?

It’s pretty heavy. But it’s long and thin. Middle finger is about like my pinky, and I don’t have have big hands. I’m kind of disappointed. I’m not sure I’ll keep it or not. But since it was such a good price and I have it, I might try to use it.It has slots to put artificial nails into. But again, you’d be using all the same size tiny nails.

Annmarie Glenn, MI

Hard to Clean

I bought this for my 12 year old grandaughter to practice nail polishing and nail art on. She uses it alot but you do have to just dig out the glue and polish with cuticle clippers. I tried to find a hand that was easier to clean but this is the best one I could find.

Opal Blooming Grove, TX

One Star

its too hard … cant move the fingers or nothing

Sharron Hingham, WI