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Diane Eyeshadow Applicator Double-Sided, 5 Count

Double-sided makeup brush set, nylon, pony, goat and boar bristles. 5-Piece. Includes eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara brushes.

Key features

  • Includes eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara brushes
  • Made with nylon, pony, goat and boar bristles
  • 5-pack

Honest reviews


Too small – Sent back

The buyer removed my negative comment, because they issued me a refund. However, I felt that I should give fair warning that these brushes are very cheap and small. They also did not work well with the make up I use. I do not recommend these brushes.

Celina Grandville, MI


These brushes are the best!!! I used 3of them today. They were shipped out on time and they arrived on timed also. These brushes will be handy when I travel so I don’t have to pack my entire brush collections. I recommend these brushes and remember to wash these once you get them. They aren’t dirty or anything but with all the germs and things it’s best to cleanse them before using.

Noreen Saint Michael, ND

Good for the price

I find these brushes to be very impressive, given that you technically get 10 brushes for just $6. The smaller brushes, however, are pretty stiff and it kind of hurts to apply eyeshadow with them. The small ones are very useful to line the eyes with a dark eyeshadow though. The bigger ones work perfectly and are extremely soft. Overall I’m very pleased.

Millicent Troy, TN

diverse set, great for the price!

I got this set to do my wedding makeup and was very pleased with the results! There is a really good variety in brush shape, texture, and firmness, which gives tons of application options. I got some great ideas on how to use these different brushes to best accentuate my face by going to a mall makeup store and paying close attention while having my makeup done. I used the same brushes and techniques for a couple weeks to gain experience and then was confident enough to move on and use the rest of the brushes as well.

Wilma Elkton, SD

Great Mix of Natural Bristles

I purchased this set of brushes from “Maya Beauty” and they were delivered in just over a week in excellent condition. I needed a few more smaller detail eye brushes and wanted some more that had natural bristles. These are a great mix of pony,goat & boar hairs and pick up/blend products beautifully! If you’ve never tried natural bristles vs synthetic…you have GOT to try this little set of brushes! I have more expensive natural hair brushes that don’t perform this well, so at this low price point…it’s a win-win!! Be forewarned though….when you first purchase natural hair brushes, there IS just a little more than usual fallout before the brushes are washed/conditioned than there is from synthetic brushes. This is normal and is to be expected because of the difference from synthetic bristles and how the brushes are made.. so don’t let it upset and deter you. And you WILL have to wash/condition these brushes before use (which of course, you SHOULD be doing anyway!!) because natural animal hair is much coarser and more porous than the synthetic bristles most ppl are used to in their brushes. With this set…the most fallout is from the c-shape brush,the flat shader brush & the larger white blending brush…so expect that when you first receive them. The shedding stops AFTER they are washed/conditioned and you’ll notice a world of difference in the application/blending of your products. (Besides using the ELF Daily Brush Cleaner…I use a mix of 5-7tblsp. each of Lavender Baby shampoo & Anti-bacterial liquid Soap with 1/4 tsp. Virgin Olive Oil & Grapeseed Oil in a small squeeze bottle and fill remaining space in bottle with distilled Rose Water to condition-deepwash all my brushes once a week…I find that nothing else works as well to keep my brushes deep-cleaned,in perfect shape, & makes them last in like brand new condition for years). Using just virgin olive oil OR grapeseed oil mixed with Baby shampoo & Anti-bacterial liquid soap will work just as well…you don’t have to use both at the same time. I’ve known some ppl to use just their regular shampoo/conditioner combined products to wash their makeup brushes, but I think this just builds up on makeup brushes just as it does on one’s hair and eventually causes either the brushes to wear out faster and/or causes them to not perform as useful tools as well because of the build up of chemicals from the shampoo/conditioner. I’ve noticed these same ppl have to replace their daily brushes a lot more frequently than I do and I wonder if the way they care for them is the reason why.

Karyn Cold Spring Harbor, NY