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Diane Duck Bill Clip, 12-Pack

3.5″ aluminum duck bill clips. Anodized aluminum. Lightweight and rustproof.

Key features

  • 3.5′ aluminum duck bill clips
  • Lightweight and rustproof

Honest reviews


Can’t live without

I can’t do anything to my hair without these! From blowdrying, straightening, and curling they are great! 12 is enough to do anything you need to do with your hair.

Chelsey Negaunee, MI

Great Clips!

These work great! Good quality duck bill clips and I have been really liking them instead of claw clips. Buy them!

Letha Ancramdale, NY


I have this clips for a few months, none have fell apart. They are strong and I like the fact that I can separate my hair with these and still fit a heating cap on over them,,The thing is that you must be careful if you have thick hair not to get your hair hooked on the ends. It could break your hair off,, I am very careful and take my time with them so as not to break my hair..I recommend this product to all .. Enjoy happy clipping ;)God Bless and enjoy your day

Consuelo Redvale, CO

Diane Duck Bill Clips

thank you i like these.

Joanne Johannesburg, MI


it is a good staff, it is not too tight but ok, and I use it when I curling my hair, and it is pretty useful.

Rhonda Golconda, NV