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Diane Double Prong Clip 1.75 Inches, 80 Clips

1.75 inches double prong clips. Great for pin curls and for holding rollers in hair. Nickel-plated steel. Silver. 80 per clamshell.

Key features

  • 1.75 inches
  • Nickel-plated steel
  • 80 per clamshell

Honest reviews


great clips

a ton of clips for a little money. I use these with the curlygirl method of pinning up just a bit on the top of my head to keep my curls from falling flat while they dry. These work great and since there are so many I have them in whatever bathroom I walk in to. Very Strong and sturdy.

Alexis North Waltham, MA

good little clips

These are good small clips. I use them after I curl my hair. I clip the curl close to my scalp to save it while I finish hair, make-up, and getting dressed. I also use when the clips on my rollers don’t hold everything.

Greta Ellenville, NY


Great product, arrived as schedule and it holds good, lost of clips for such a low price! you cant go wrong

Letitia Pink Hill, NC

Good buy

These are smooth and serviceable clips that don’t catch or pull the hair. They work perfectly for pin curls or clipping plastic rollers in place.

Lilly Spruce Creek, PA

Work great!

You get a ton of these for the price and they hold well. I used them to do a 1920’s style hairdo and they worked great!

Rosalinda Talisheek, LA


I bought these to clip up my curls when I curl my hair but they are a little small, I should have picked a larger clip, but they are perfect if you want small curls – cause then you’d have to use smaller sections. I don’t know what I’m going to do with 80 clips!

Chandra Ridley Park, PA