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Diane D10 4-Inch Metal Control Clips – Black Metal

Diane Satin Foam Rollers

Key features

  • Color: Black
  • 10-Pack
  • 5/8-Inch

Honest reviews


They’re ok.

Be careful, these are tiny!!!! I didn’t really take into consideration the actual measurements, they’re the width of your fingers. . .I guess they get the job done, but the quality isn’t that great, they clip/lock, but kinda flimsy. . maybe i’ll try a bigger size.

Verna Jacksonville, NC

Wonderful for my Grandma

My grandmother has medium-length, wispy, coarse hair. I was worried that her current rollers were pulling hair out. I bought these, not realizing how big they were or WHY they were called satin rollers. I purchased on a whim and am now a satisfied consumer. Not only are they a perfect match for her hair type, but I’ve noticed she doesn’t have the usual frizz and fly-aways like she did with her other rollers. Her hairstyle stays in place! I will be buying more for her to replace her entire roller set. I hope I can find some that are a little bit smaller for the back of her hair.

Stefanie Green Sea, SC

Smooth and Easy

Going back to old school rolling (African American), does not tug at hair or scalp. Easy to sleep! Fast delivery!

Rosalia Boxholm, IA

No Damage Rollers

These are great for delicate hair, and they are relatively fragile. It is a good thing in my case, because I think that the plastic mechanism would pop off before my hair was damaged by these. They take a few minutes to get used to, but a good product overall. I would highly recommend.

Jolene Tujunga, CA

You get what you pay for

These rollers were very cheap. In fact, when I received them, two were broken. The “satin” covering the rollers didn’t damage my hair, but they were difficult to use and to open and close. Would not purchase again.

Luann Carsonville, MI

Good rollers!

These rollers were pretty good, but they are a little flimsy. I find when I am putting them in at least 2-3 come apart and I have to redo that section. Then when I wake up in the morning after setting them right before bed the night before, at least 2-3 have fallen out, and I wear a beanie to try and prevent that. In fairness, I move around a good amount.Other than that, these rollers are great. I have very fine hair, and don’t like to use heat to curl it as it is easily damaged. I’m rocking curls for the first time ever because I’ve finally got a good way to get nice heat-less curls.

Karina Zuni, VA