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Diane Comb 9 3/4″ Rake Handle # 142 assorted colors

* 2″ Teeth * 10″ Long 2-1/2″ Wide* 4″ Handle* Color: Assorted Bone or Black

Key features

  • Diane Comb 9 3/4″ Rake Handle # 142
  • 2″ Teeth
  • 9 3/4″ Long 2-1/2″ Wide
  • Color: Assorted Bone or Black
  • 4″ Handle

Honest reviews


It’s a great comb for detangling in the shower / very study.

I love this comb. My hair is thick and long(think Rapunzel) … yes, that long. This is awhopper of a comb – large! And sturdy! Justwhat I wanted for the shower after conditioner.IF there are any seams, I can’t find them.This is not a LOVE YOUR scalp comb… it’s notfor massage or anything – but if you have seriouslylong (white chick) hair – this comb is for you.Goody combs seem small to me and too flexible.I’ve even had a Goody comb break on me. “snap!” -NOT this comb. Okay HATE HATE HATE the color thisawful rusty/orangey/faded almost tan but tooorange to be tan color – but who cares (that much).It’s a great comb that feels very verysubstantial in the hand. It’s too big to loseand I love that part the most! I’m trying togrow my hair even longer and with this combI notice at least 70% less hair wrapped around thecomb after a comb-thru after conditioner (youknow what I mean). So buy it and don’t say Inever did you a favor.People with shoulder length or shorter hair -or very fine/thin hair have no need for sucha hefty comb. BUT I DO!Thanks DIANE COMB!!!!

Mitzi Deputy, IN

Long. Hard to hang onto in shower.

It’s a very long comb and I think it would be better suited for those with long and/or thick hair. Mine (sadly) is neither so I’ll be paying-this-forward to someone who may get more use from it. Because of it’s length it was difficult for me to keep a grip on it. I wrapped a long rubber band around the handle so I wouldn’t keep dropping it in the shower.

Rebekah West Poland, ME

Vey big black Comb

Lola Creston, OH

Larger than you might think

I got this comb to help when I put Almond Oil in my hair to give it that extra smooth silky look & feel. I have long hair and the comb works really well, but I really only needed just a tad bit smaller width between teeth. I will keep using this comb but wanted to let others know that the teeth are really wide apart from what it appeared to be. I give it a four star because it’s not the product’s fault that I didn’t get the right width, but to me it’s just okay! 3 stars

Cherie Negaunee, MI


Im very pleased with this product.Works very well for my my thick and long hair.Gets out tangles which i like.

Cassie Olney Springs, CO

The best detangler EVER!!

This comb is thee absolute BOMB!! It detangles so very we’ll. I’ll definely have this in my holy grail of products. Amazing comb. I wish I got a different color other than black but it’s still amazing. I will order again!!!

Katharine Milton, MA

Great Big Comb

I love this comb. Its huge. Doesn’t pull my hair. Great for people with curly hair. I am glad I purchased it.

Eve Bishop, VA