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Diane 3″ Hair Pins, Black, 32/card

3 inches hair pins with ball tips. Great for up-dos. Black. 32 per card.

Key features

  • 3 inches
  • With ball tips
  • Black
  • 32 per card

Honest reviews


Hair Pins

I bought these hair pins to create styles like FroHawks and Pompadours. These pins are okay… the issue that I have is that the pins are spaced a little wide… a bit wider than what is actually shown, so I have to use other pins to help me create the styles. other than that, the pins were very sturdy.

Maryellen Sabillasville, MD

Really long

I was surprised at how long these were. Totally my fault as the listing title tells exactly how long they are. If you are poor at estimating size, as I clearly am, you may want to look at what 3 inches really is on a tape measure before you order.

Odessa Alturas, CA

Perfect for up-dos

Rubber tips and nice and long! These are the hair pins that curly girls love for their up dos–and significantly cheaper than at my local beauty shops. The long pins are hard to find…but, here they are!

Kristine Crystal, ND

awesome length but black paint is peeling

I got these couple of weeks ago. Love how strong they are and how long they are but black paint is peeling off them, that’s quite annoying. I don’t even swim with them or do anything else crazy.

Meredith Brinkley, AR

Best pins, virtually the only ones that work for me

My entire life I’ve had long fine hair and have been a huge fan of updo’s. These pins are like the hulk compared to any other wimpy fiddly pin. If you want your hair to stay put, jam a few of these babies in your ‘do and it’ll sit tight once and for all. Then use smaller pins for fly-aways or to keep your headband in place, etc. I had about six or so of these Diane 3″ pins I used for years while always trying to find a paralell supermarket brand that worked halfway as well. The only thing that holds a bun better is a scrunchie! And we all know, no one wants to walk around with a scrunchie. That’s the hair equivalent of sweatpants. No. Go instead for these Diane pins, and your fine hair for once won’t spontaneously unravel on your date or at work.

Dolly Oakdale, IA

Not bad…

These pins are kind of flimsy… I have super long all-the-way down my back hair and the pins don’t support the weight well. My buns usually end up drooping throughout the day. Would probably spend more next time and get something a little better.

Casandra Fentress, TX