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Diane 3.5″ Powder Puff

Large cosmetic powder puff.

Key features

  • Soft powder puff
  • Large size
  • Pink
  • Large size for easy use
  • Attractive pink color

Honest reviews


This is nice

I bought 2 of these, one for each bathroom, and while they are on the small side as others have mentioned, they’re better than the cheap ones that come with some bath powders. Wish I could find bigger ones, but these are soft, and more absorbent; powder stays on puff and more goes onto skin, instead of floating in the air.

Paula Neola, IA


This puff is small, but is exactly as described by seller—3.5". It has a bow on one side for easy handling and it is very soft and fluffy. It fits in my homemade powder deodorant container perfectly. I use a round, plastic food container for this. Be sure to measure your powder container before ordering, so you get the correct size puff. I’m very pleased with this order!

Lacey La Cygne, KS

Not what I thought

I was hoping to buy large powder puff.This wasn’t large as I thought, and doesn’t have the texture I was hoping for.

Anita Centerport, PA

Diane 3.5″ Powder Puff

Diane 3.5" Powder Puff Works well for the Gold Bond Ultimate Comfort Body Powder rather than by hand and making a mess of it. Thanks much.

Jenifer Glendale, KY

Pretty and works very well, lasts a long time

I make my own body powder with arrowroot powder, baking soda, and essential oils for scent, and I use this puff to apply. It’s very soft, pretty, and shows little signs of wear after having used it quite a while on a daily basis.

Gwen Green Castle, MO

It is OK

I guess that I did not think it through when I opted for the 3.5" item. Would have liked a larger unit.

Lena Tallulah Falls, GA

Nice, but pretty small and did I really pay $10 for this?

Pretty pink puff. Smaller than I imagined. Nice, but maybe worth like $2? I have seen bigger, puffier puffs elsewhere for super cheap, like $2. I think I was a bit caught up with the PUFF shopping this time.

Elaine Hemlock, MI

Smaller than I wanted

I guess I need to read details better. it states the size in heading. But…I used it anyway. So OK.

Lora Charleston, ME


Spent days looking for these puffs in my area stores. Most sales persons knew what we were looking for but all said they did not have them nor knew where to find them. I love Amazon! Just decided to see if there were puffs and yes there were. These puffs, though not as thick as you would remember them to be work fine. Already washed one and it fluffed up when dry. Would recommend them.

Lucy Toledo, IA

Just what I needed for makeup and body powdering.

My old ones can go to the trashcan in the sky now. I love these puffs and will buy extra now that I see their potential. The size is just what works for me best as little ones allow makeup and powder to go under my long nails – can’t have that and now won’t!

Tina Limerick, NY