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Diane 2.5″ Jumbo Bob Pins, Bronze, 100-pack Tub

2.5 inches jumbo bob pins for hair. Great for up-dos. Simulated rubber tips. Flat style. Bronze. 100 per tub.

Key features

  • 2.5 inches
  • Simulated rubber tips
  • Flat style
  • Bronze
  • 100 per tub

Honest reviews


A Boatload of Bobby Pins for a Great Price!

I am constantly leaving a trail of bobby pins wherever I go, so I need to replace them semi-regularly. I was so happy to find large, high-quantity tubs of good-quality bobby pins on Amazon.These large/jumbo bobby pins are great for updos where you are trying to secure large pieces of hair. If you are just looking to pin back bangs or a few strands, these might be too heavy-duty.I got 100 bobby pins for a lower price than I would have paid for 10-20 at a local store. They are a light brown/bronze color that matches my auburn hair really well. If your hair is very dark or light, consider going with a different color.

Mia Molina, CO

exactly what I wanted

Purchasing these size Bobby Pins is very expensive. You usually may get 20 for around 4 bucks. These are the size I need for putting in my rollers. I am very pleased with this purchase. I recommend this product. I thank you, Amazon.

Tami Welaka, FL

Great buy

Exactly what I was looking for to hold up my long thick hair in a bun for church! Works great!

Cara Valleyford, WA

Good quality large bobby pins

These are good quality large bobby pins. I have used them multiple times and have not yet had one bend beyond being usable. The tips have stayed on, and the bobby pins haven’t torn any hair.

Carol Carey, OH


Does what it is suppose to do. I have thick hair and it holds my hair in place nice enough. No complaints!!!!!

Charlotte Burt Lake, MI


I love this. I used it to make my 3/4 wig and it fits perfectly on my hair. I made a YouTube video please check it out you will see how the wig looks like.

Beulah Centreville, MD

great deal

this was a great deal, will never have to look for pins again when doing my hair up or just getting it out of my face…love these..the perfect color tone for my hair…

Beverly Rougon, LA

I like these big pins.

I got these and they were open and all over the box they came in. So I was missing a few pins and that is why I only gave them 4 stars. I use these pins to curl my hair up on the top of my head at night so my curls stay in. I also use two of them to pin my hair into a french twist. The two hold my hair in really well all day long. These are favorites but I could not buy them locally anymore, so i was happy to see then on Amazon.

Vilma Victory Mills, NY

if you need a great Bobby pin–then stop where you are! O__0

I have long hair and I pin it up at home or it gets caught in weird places, like outside in the bushes when I’m trimming them, OR if I’m cooking I DON’T want hair in my stew. These pins have a geat return and they work perfectly. Don’t hesitate, they do NOT tear your hair out, an I see no problem w/ them whatsoever. I loooove them!!!

Geri June Lake, CA

Good Add On Item

These big bobby pins are great for long, thick hair like mine. A good choice as an add-on item for shipping.

Herminia Weimar, CA