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Diamond Glitter & Shimmer Style 10 Piece Liquid Eyeliner Eyeshadow Color Set + Microfiber Pouch Bag

This 10 piece Eyeliner is all you need to bring out the perfect look for your eyes. Color include 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 3 Grey, 4 Green, 5 Purple, 6 Blue, 7 Peacock, 8 Black, 9 Pink, 10 Bronx. Perfect for any road trip and Daily use. This Set has all the colors you need to recreate sophisticated or edgy looks for day and night

Key features

  • 10 Shimmer Glitter Color
  • Free Microfiber Pouch Bag for Carry
  • 0.21 oz each

Honest reviews


Like a kid in a candy store

Very nicely designed, great colors and allot of fun to play with. Even for someone who can’t draw, using these to create glitter facial designs has been easy.

Dollie Idanha, OR

Poor quality

These are a very thin and watery glitter base and barely come out on the brush. You have to layer several layer for just a little glimmer. I was very disappointed.

Lorraine Kanawha, IA

Takes too long…

the glitter liner takes too long to dry, you end up looking horrible if you blink before it dries. Wouldnt buy again.

Melissa Marion, LA


I was expecting the quality of Ben Nye but I was mistaken. This is a slight pigment with the glitter. If you want more pigment you must put on more and this leads to a very unattractive clump in the corners of your eyes. Along with flaking off during the day. Its just ok..

Alberta Lynnville, IN

Only received eyeliner…..

I only received the eyeliner and thought it had the liquid eyeshadow also. Otherwise, it’s good stuff.It would have been a better buy if the eyeshadow was included

Cheri Willis, VA

Great for color guard

I am captain of my band’s majorette squad and my twirlers just love using these liquid eye liners for performances! We’ve found a use for each color so far. They do take a while to dry through and I would suggest blowing them dry with a blow dryer so they don’t drip. A very useful product for color guard and I’m sure they would be useful for cheerleaders as well!

Tonia Duncan Falls, OH

Glitter Eyliner

you will need to use a base with these as they are not very thick. sa a few coats over a base. they are a nice highlight.

Octavia Keller, WA

Cheap And Very Little Color And Sparkel

This stuff looks like something from a kids playset. I expected some bold bright color and, tons of sparkle…What you actually get is some sheer shine and, little sparkle and, the shadow is very watery. Don’t waste your hard earned cash on this.

Jewel Big Laurel, KY

Jen’s Review

Nice array of colors. A little sticky on the eye. Not a long lasting liner so it is okay like a dollar store item.

Madeline Glen White, WV


It takes forever to dry even with a small, thin layer. But you have to put at least 3 or 4 layers just to get it to show up…i would not recommend this at all

Augusta Center, ND

Don’t like

I don’t like them I don’t even use it at all. I wish I never got them at all and save myself of having in my makeup it

Millicent Roy, NM