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Diamon Deb Nail File 8″

What it is: The Diamon Deb Nail Dresser File has a unique abrasive surface that files nails perfectly. What it does: Unique abrasive surface files nails perfectly Eliminates harsh features of cross-cut steel nail files Will not rust What else you need to know: Diamon Deb Nail Dressers are used by professional manicurists for shaping nails and preventing splitting and peeling.

Key features

  • Exclusive Diamon Crystal Surface Shapes Nails Smoothly Helps Prevent Splitting & Peeling
  • Precision crafted nail dresser
  • Comes with it’s own sleeve
  • 8 inches long
  • Stainless Steel

Honest reviews


A Great Investment.

I last bought one of these files in 1972 and I’m still using it! I have looked for another one for literally decades — why didn’t I think of Amazon sooner !?!These files last and last! They work great! They’re reasonably priced. I wish I could say this about everything I buy. Thank you.

Adelaide South Hadley, MA

Disappointed compared to my old Diamon Deb.

I have had a Diamon Deb file for about 30 years and this new one isn’t a good as my old one, even tho it is old. The quality isn’t the same.

Felecia Bucoda, WA

Not fancy, but very good file

This file is a plain piece of stainless steel. It is fairly long. It has a cleaner tip on the end. It does what it is supposed to do and should last a very long time.

Lelia Augusta, WV

Great Help for Aging Nails

Much better than your usual emory board. It doesn’t tear nails – it gently files them. A friend had one and I used it and it operated sooo much different from those emory boards one buys from drugstores.It’s a great help for aging nails.

Aileen Redmond, UT

Perfect to prevent ingrown toe nails

There’s a history of ingrown toe nails in my family so I make sure to take good care of my toes. There’s nothing beautiful about this file, I would actually describe it as plain and ugly (my preference are products that serve the purpose and look nice!) but boy, does it do the job! Its perfectly shaped to file the sides of my toe nails and does that with such ease that I have to give it five stars.

Mariana Williams, IN

Great Product

I can see this nail file lasting a really long time. The file seems to be as effective as day one after many uses. I have really thick nails that grow fast so I am really happy to have found this one. I highly recommend it.

Daisy Hyrum, UT

Ordered two and one works great

The other is much finer – it’s strange because they don’t say that there are different grits to be had but you have to file forever to get the one to work. Good product.

Patrice Troy, NY

I love it!!!

My mother-in-law gave me one 44 yrs ago and I loved it; after a couple of moves I lost it and couldn’t find anymore.. Saw this and jumped on it and I LOVE IT!!! Files cleaner than emery boards and much easier to use than the fat wide ones that are suppose to be "so chicy".

Mable Wilsall, MT

Works great

I have used this a couple of times so far, and I love it. Never used this brand before. It files quickly and without requiring too much pressure. I hope it lasts!

Deana Eek, AK