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Diamancel Tough Buffer #11

I´m the first to admit I wondered about this item when I first received it, but I am a true believer after just one use! Try using this Diamond Chip Foot Buffer along with an excellent foot cream (and the Callous Rasp if needed) to get incredibly soft feet.

Will get your feet looking pool pretty in an evening!

Genuine diamond chips make this foot care file effective for buffing your feet to a silky smoothness. Nickel coated fiberglass combines with diamonds for flexibility and strength in this unique foot grooming tool.

Use on dry feet for best effects and then apply an exfoliating agent for maximum moisturizing benefits.

Try Diamancel´s Callous Rasp for those little detail areas.

Caring for your Tough Buffer is easy. Simply clean with soap and water and a soft brush. Rinse under running water. For anyone with athlete´s foot, soak your buffer in an antibacterial solution to help kill contagious fungus. It is NOT recommended that the tool be autoclaved.

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  • Diamancel Tough Buffer #11

Honest reviews


Outstanding buffer..the #11 Diamancel !

I had never heard of this product before I came across some reviews of top beauty products on Folks raved about the power of this little tool. At $47 I was hesitant but decided to ante up. And I am so glad I did.The #11 buffer is an outstanding tool. Used dry, you simple rub it across your feet. Dry skin quickly sheds off leaving a soft smooth surface. I follow the buffing with a good moisturizer and tuck my tootsies in socks. The results are smooth, soft pampered feet!The price may seem high at first, but a pittance when you think of all the money you would have spent on pedicures.The tool is designed to last for years and after use a quick wash with a small soft toothbrush and soap will have it ready for the next use.An excellent value!

Margery Deer, AR

Luxurious Foot Pampering

Since my husband promptly stole my last foot file, I had to order myself another one and decided to try this brand. This is honestly the best foot file I’ve ever used and the idea of using diamonds in a file adds an entire new dimension of luxury to this item.The price seemed somewhat steep in comparison to other items, but then I figured maybe it would last longer than files that needed replacement files and maybe it wouldn’t break as easily as cheaper plastic files. So, the advantages are a longer lasting item that works at least twice as well and the results are very apparent within five minutes of using this product. My heels could now be described as “silky.” They are as smooth as satin sheets, almost unbelievably smooth.If you are a Spa Girl at heart, this product will completely impress you. You will also save money by creating your own little spa at home. This doesn’t just remove dry skin it polishes your feet. The file rinses very easily, it’s nice and sturdy and is very easy to use.This may be a 100 star product!~The Rebecca Review

Augusta North Buena Vista, IA

Not worth the money

I don’t understand why this had such good reviews. For the price, it didn’t work as well as I thought it would. I should have just saved the money and bought the one from Ulta that I’ve been using for years that’s only $4.99.

Lois Concho, OK

Would it be tough enough? Yes.

None of the reviews here at the time of my purchase really answered what I wanted to know. I’m reading about “rough heels” and thinking “I think I need something more powerful than something that makes one’s heels smooth.”Still, I was torn between this, the Diamancel #11 and the #20 callus device. The ball of my foot has a major callus that I’ve tussled with all my adult life. The #20 looked like it might be akin to a cheese shredder and I already have devices like that- they do work, but leave your skins ripply and ripped up looking. Maybe #20 was not as unkind as that, but maybe the #11 would be quite enough.For those who want to cut to the chase, yes, this baby was able to work on a serious callus in pretty short order. The UPS truck dropped it off and I literally sat right down and got to work with it. Honestly, 5 minutes later and both calluses (the other on the outside of the foot, below the pinkie toe) were about halfway gone. I can plainly see this works very quickly and will have these painful thick spots gone with a little more work, and leave my skin in much better shape.If you have a ball of the foot callus, you might want to read on below for more thoughts, but if you just want to know if this buffer will work on a terminal stage callus, the answer is heck yeah.- – – – – – – – – -The recurrent callus on the ball of my one foot is the result of a Morton’s toe. Not to bore you, but when you walk, the pressure gets transferred forward from your heel up to your big toe. If that transfer doesn’t happen correctly, you end up moving the pressure to the ball of the foot. The foot then responds by building up dead skin, and mine gets thick quickly. Left to its own devices, that callus would allow me to tap dance barefoot if it didn’t hurt so much. Since the transfer is sending pressure away from the big toe and outwards, I’ve also developed a callus on the outside of the foot below the little toe, like a little tripod balance. Isn’t nature wonderful?I have a freaking collection of files, rollers with blades, a flatter thing with a Solingen steel blade in it, a PediEgg, a knockoff of a PediEgg, acid laced callus discs and so on. All have their merits and failings. Most of the stuff files your skin, or acts like a cheese shredder. For efficiency, the bladed items couldn’t be beat. Yes, the blades have cut me a few times, but they have been the go-to tool to cut off thick skin quickly. Unfortunately the ball spot had gotten to the point where the skin was so smooth and hard that even the blades couldn’t get ahold of anything, and slid right off. That’s why I turned to this “buffer” – which is an innocuous name for a file that works seriously well.If you get calluses on the ball of your foot, you might have a Morton’s toe too. A lot of places incorrectly say it’s when your second toe (next to the big one) is longer than the big one, but this is wrong. It’s an internal thing that has to do with bone lengths and is not always visble.The ball of your foot hurts, so your instinct is to put padding where it hurts, as I did for a long time myself. The answer actually is to put the padding NEXT to the callous – along the big toe down to the side of the ball of the foot. Then that part of your foot hits the ground before the ball and takes the pressure in the right path. I did this with thick moleskin and couldn’t believe what a difference it made. The thing is, it’s easy to get lazy about doing this, as the moleskin gets wet with daily showering, doesn’t stick properly, and is unsightly. It’s also expensive enough that you may not want to replace it daily. I think the answer for me might be to get a full foot length insole and cut away most of the toe area, leaving just the big toe area down to aside of the ball, and shift it from shoe to shoe.Anyway, if that doesn’t work well, no biggie, because this buffer is going to do a terrific job keeping the ball callus away. Best wishes to fellow sufferers![If any issues arise regarding the longevity of the buffer, I’ll come back and edit.]

Jeannie Barrigada, GU

Great Buffer

This smoothes your feet quite nicely. The handle bends just a little and it does feels like the handle will break but the handle does not break. I just used two fingers to brace the back of buffer and it does a WONDERFUL job. Feet smooth as a baby’s bottom. This buffer #11 REALLY WORKS; I do not understand the negative reviews I saw.

Bridgette Winthrop, MA