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Dial Glycerin Soap, Cranberries and Antioxidant, 8 Count

Environmental stress and drying can prematurely age your skin. Dial Anitoxidant bar soap helps reinforce your skin’s defense system while its moisturizing formula, infused with natural cranberry extracts provides a healthy clean.

Key features

  • Daily skin defense
  • Helps maintain your skins natural moisture
  • Also available in body wash

Honest reviews


Five Stars

Great Buy! Nice smelling Scent!

Patrica Quebradillas, PR

Love this soap!

It smells great! It left my skin feeling really soft and smelling good. Will buy again. Great soap! Also cheap!

Dana Saunemin, IL

my favorite hands down.

A well sought out soap, that is usually sold out of stores. Well, if yur are a fan of cranberry, or fruit smells then look no further. This soap is amazing. It leaves the skin feeling soft, and refreshed. And, the smell last hours after you shower. Enough said, if you are thinking of purchasing this, then I recommend it.

Michele Spring Hill, TN

Smells great!

My husband loves this soap, and so do I. It smells like cranberry and cleans the skin very well, just liked soap should.

Sonya Long Island City, NY

smells great

I received two six packs of this soap and gave one pack to my sister. I have used the soap and like it very well. It smells good and lasts a long time.

Brenda Morrow, AR

Cranberry Dial

just love the smell of this soap its fantastic and didn’t cost much at all I recommend it to all my frends.

Maude Hennessey, OK

I love the antioxidant Glycerin Soap Bars!!

I love the antioxidant glycerin soap bars. They are not harsh on my skin and the scent is wonderful. The price on Amazon (especially subscribe and save) is great. I hardly have to shop locally anymore and what could be easier than having it shipped regularly to my doorstep. No worries!!

Shelby North Benton, OH

Best Bar Soap Ever

This is the best bar soap i have ever used. I have sensitive skin. Tried many bodywashes and bar soaps, but all of them gave me allergic reaction. This is the only bar soap that cleans well and soothes my skin. The fragrance also doesnt give me any migraine.

Deann Ronceverte, WV