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Dial Eco-Smart Pomegranate & Tangerine Antibacterial Moisturizer Hand Soap Refill 40/OZ

Dial Eco-Smart™ Pomegranate & Tangerine Antibacterial Moisturizer Hand Soap Refill. Easy pour spout! Fast filling without spilling 67% less plastic than bottle refills lessens impact on landfills. Pomegranate & tangerine. Antibacterial hand soap with moisturizer. Dial, #1, pomegranate & tangerine, antibacterial hand soap. 5+ refills for 7.5 oz bottle. 40 fl oz (1.25 qt) 1.18 L refill.

Key features

  • Refill for Dial Soap dispenser
  • 67% less plastic than bottle refills
  • Saves you money vs. buying a new pump
  • Faster fill with no spill
  • #1 Dr. recommended antibacterial liquid hand soap

Honest reviews


To wash or waRsh…

I was told that "it’s still dirty if you simply washed it… you need to warsh it to get it really clean!"I’m guessing this stuff may warsh my hands…

Jodi Saint Johns, AZ

Hand Soap Bag > Obnoxious Potato Chip Bag

This packaging is ingenious! It’s hard to believe that I found this on the market AFTER those obnoxiously loud chip bags that used less material. Ironically, I get to use these wonderful little pouches after shoving my grubby hands into that greasy eco-friendly chip bag!The pouch is easy to pour from, uses less material, and can be squeezed flat and rolled like a toothpaste tube to get every last drop (don’t act like you don’t do it!). No more propping it upside down for an hour and watching the little drizzles get to the cap so you can refill your dispenser. This particular soap is nice, and smells great while keeping your hands soft and feeling smooth. It seems to help my hands a lot in the dry winter months..Well done, Dial!

Chelsea Woolwine, VA

Great soap! Easy packaging.

Great hand soap. Love the Eco packaging. Good price for soap refill too. Matches my burnt red painted kitchen too.

Ollie Allendale, NJ

I love this hand soap! It’s the one we use most!

This hand soap is the one we use most–I get these refills and fill our dispensers with it. It cleans well and also rinses off well. I love the smell–it’s light, but it smells so nice and refreshing. I’ll continue to use this soap for years to come!These refill bags are great–the more you use, the less room they take up, and they don’t take up a ton of room in the trash/recycling bin, either. I love the twist off cap–it makes it easy to pour and creates less of a mess than the big, bulky refill bottles.

Melissa Miles City, MT

Easy pour.

I buy these Dial refills all the time. You can prop up the refill in the opening of a bottle and walk away…don’t go toofar…just keep an eye on the refilling. Your hands will not dry out. Can put in little bottles to use while traveling.

Janell Port Henry, NY