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Dial Complete Foaming Antibacterial Hand Wash, Fresh Pear, 7.5 Ounce

Has the fragrance of fresh – picked fruits, this pale green hand wash cleans with gentle, delicate foam. But don’t let its mild manners fool you – its patented antibacterial and antimicrobial formula let you get tough on dirt and germs, for a clean that’s complete.

Key features

  • Kills 99.99% of Germs
  • #1 Doctor Recommended**
  • Gently on Skin

Honest reviews



I love the Dial Complete foaming hand wash. It smells clean without smelling perfume laden. It foams as advertised! It cleans my hands without overdrying. And most importantly, it rinses clean.I’m disappointed that you can no longer buy the refills on Amazon, and would typically rate this five stars but the price often is the same as a slightly larger bottle from the store.The price flluxuates a lot, so keep your eye on it and buy when it is reasonably low!

Sofia Hammond, WI

Great foaming dispenser and soap that kills bacteria and makes your hands smell fresh!

We love these foaming dispensers and we have one at every sink in the house. We buy the larger refill bottles of Dial soap and add 25 to 30 percent soap and the balance with water and shake the bottle until it is mixed thoroughly. One of our foaming pumps went out so we picked up some new ones and this is the new package. We like the new more stylish bottle and the fact that it is antibacterial.I must wash my hands 20 times a day and these foaming pumps are the only way I will go from now on. The foaming cleanser and warm to hot water just makes me feel better about the fact that I am getting my hands clean and fresh. It has a nice fresh fragrance of picked fruits and it is a mild fragrance that is not over powering. We like the foaming dispensers and the soap also. We recommend it to you as a good product.I have posted a couple of photos for your information and I hope they help you.

Katrina Osgood, IN

Great hand soap – my kids love this scent!

This has a light but great scent, easy to use, my kids just go through it too fast! At least I know they’re using it. 🙂

Bernadette Winnsboro, TX

Awesome Smell!

My husband loves the foaming hand soap, but foaming soap is expensive and the bottles don’t last very long. This is the best price I have found for antibacterial foaming soap. The best part is this soap smells really good~

Jeri Nerstrand, MN

Nice light scent for everyday use

Dial Fresh Pear Foaming Hand Wash is easy to use and is a nice light scent without being overpowering. We have tried a few hand washes, and also tried to make our own concoction of a refill. Best thing we have just recently found is the large refill bottle for this. Mixing your own is messy, inconsistent, and it separates. Dial has now done the hard work, so just get their refill and it is simple. Also, some of these foam pump soaps are made NOT to even open, so you may be out of luck if you think you can make your own refill and it won’t even open.If you prefer the foam soaps, this one’s a winner. Two clean thumbs up!

Mavis Bryn Athyn, PA

Good for guest bathroom

I purchased this set of eight bottles to have handy for a wedding held at my home. I can quickly change out empty bottles in our guest bathrooms. Normally, I purchase the refill bottles. I am a longtime Dial hand and body wash user. Other brands work, I just prefer Dial.Pros:I like the Fresh Pear scentNicely styled bottleGood size for guest useDoes not leave a soapy residue in my sinksCons:The 7.5 ounce size bottle has to be change more often than a little larger bottle. That really is not a con. It was just what I was not used to. It works for my needs though.

Caryn Warsaw, NY

Nice scent, feels good

As I am writing this comment, I noticed it’s even cheaper than it was 5 months ago, so I added it to my Wish List…again. Anyway, I like the scent. I wash my hands a number of times a day, and I can honestly say that I’ve never developed dry skin while using this. I bought this back in February and I still have 3 bottles left. Can’t beat the price when it comes out to less than $2 per bottle, free shipping. Will purchase again (duh, see above).

Sondra Hanover, MD