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Dial Complete Foaming Anti-bacterial Hand Wash Variety 4-Pack – 7.5 Oz Each

Indulge in a lather that’s lotion-soft, with the light and fresh fragrances of fresh pears, power berries, white tea, spring water and more. This foaming formula is gentle on the skin but tough on dirt and germs, so you can be sure you’re giving your hands a clean that’s complete. Put one bottle next to every sink to ensure fresh clean hands that are soft and supple. Perfect in kitchen, bathrooms, laundry rooms, near pet grooming stations and more.

Key features

  • A little goes a long way
  • Light and gentle, it foams instantly and rinses cleanly
  • Kills 99.99% of Germs
  • Set includes four 7.5 oz bottles in assorted fragrances
  • Varying fragrances may include Cranberry, Power Berries, White Tea, Fresh Pear Spring Water, Clean Citrus

Honest reviews


Great soap

Love this soap. Does it a good job cleaning. However, it runs out pretty fast. OR maybe that is because I use it often!

Denice Colesburg, IA

Works well without drying out hands

I bought these for the first time about a month ago and they’ve turned out to be great. The foam has a light, pleasant texture that makes it easy to rinse off, and so far I’ve liked all of the scents I’ve tried (especially cranberry). More importantly, these soaps are effective at cleaning my hands and always leave them feeling soft. Highly recommended!

Bettye East Olympia, WA

Stocking Up On Anti-Bacterial Products

I stocked up on anti-bacterial products recently. The thing(s) I love about the Dial Foaming Anti-bacterial Hand Wash:(1) I love the way my hands feel and smell so clean after using it. It comes out as a really nice, easy-to-use foam.(2) The smell is great!(3) I’m really happy about the new bottles that allow you to get all of the product. Even when I’m at the bottom of the bottle, it just keeps on going.

Abby Saline, LA

good soap

The soap fits the product description. I have no complaints with it. It works exactly as I expected it to.

Kathrine Union Springs, NY

Nice anti-bacterial action, but not the best foaming hand wash

I’m a little disappointed in this product, in that it’s not a true foaming hand wash. I would call it more of a mixture of foam and liquid, with 2/3 being foam and 1/3 being liquid. Personally; I like a hand wash that’s completely foam, so this one was a little bit of a letdown. Aside from that; it seems to work very well and is gentle on my hands.

James Seward, NE

Very drying, contains triclosan and goes very fast

Title says it all this soap is VERY drying on your hands, the container doesn’t last long and it contains triclosan which they are about to remove from all beauty products because its so dangerous. I wouldnt buy it again, its expensive too.

Stacey Avondale Estates, GA

Great Pack of Soap !

Love these! Each soap smells amazing and does the job. It came with 4 so it was perfect for my house. I put one in each of my 3 bathrooms and one by the sink in the kitchen. Ill definitely be buying this pack again when I run out.

Justina Masontown, WV

Great soap

I really like this soap because the scent is not too strong, yet still there so you smell clean. Also I find my hands do not dry out using this soap. I am very happy with the soap and would recommend and buy again

Elnora Hansville, WA

All great scents

A great variety pack with all nice smelling scents. I would buy it again. A great value for my house.

Sheri Kyle, WV

Cleans hands

I just like Dial products. this is handsop that you pump it cleans your hands easy comes in different flavors rinces off nice a not bad price on azomon.

Ginger Railroad, PA


nice foam soap. like the variety of scents available. dial is a good brand. don’t know what else to say.

Veronica East Livermore, ME

Good product

I’ve been using it all the time – I like it. And the package price is good value for money.

Iva Sioux Rapids, IA

Still buying BUT

the Price has risen 2x since I bought it as subscribe and save.WELL packaged and the anti bacterial is Essential VS using any other type

Dolly O Brien, TX