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Dial Clean & Refresh Body Wash, Spring water, 21-Ounce Bottles

An antibacterial body wash with moisturizers. This crystal clear wash is flowing with freshness, from its clear, brisk scent to its feather-light moisturizers. It also rinses completely, leaving your skin feeling healthy and rejuvenated.

Key features

  • An antibacterial body wash with moisturizers
  • Clear brisk scent
  • Leaves skin clean, healthy and rejuvenated

Honest reviews



With all the concerns of viruses and flus and washing hands with Antibacterial washes, we Forgot about our bodies.Germs are everwhere and i saw this BODY wash that is Antibacterial and ive never seen a body wash that also was antibacterial so i jumped on it, never used Dial Before i was unsure of moisture properties since im dry skinned.I got very clean in the shower and it left no dry skin feeling. I also had a bit of heat rash on chest and after first use it was better. the next shower it was gone.I will buy this over the Cashmere Body Wash by former brand from now on. If u have kids and use park or public restrooms it only makes sense to bathe in an antibacterial body wash when u think about it

Pam Ney, OH

Great Body Wash

1-26-2014. My wife has used this product for a long time and this was a refill through rather then another vendor. Good product and she recommends it.

Margo Riverside, UT

Clean and refreshing

This is my favorite body wash, and the price is the best you will find anywhere. I always keep a spare on hand.

Margo Reynolds, NE

Aptly named – Refreshing Body Wash

This easy to use body wash smells fresh and clean and lathers abundantly. It is much less messy than bar soap in the shower. My husband particularly loves it.

Ruth Wing, ND

Love this and wont have to search for it on …

Love this and wont have to search for it on sale and forget to buy it or make extra trips to drugstores like cvs where you spend $50 in no

Rhonda Wolf Point, MT

Husband and Son Love Thhis Body Wash!

My husband and son love this body wash…they always smell clean, without smelling perfume-y. I have it on auto-delivery…we never run out!

Harriet Freeport, FL

Nice Body Wash.

It’s a nice body wash and it’s made by Dial who I believe is trusted for making great products. I love that you can purchase them here on Amazon in bulk. I did only give it 4 stars because the Spring Water scent is a little sweet smelling and over powering and those are two things I’m just not crazy about when it comes to lotions and body wash. Otherwise, it serves it’s purpose and the bottles are huge!

Sherrie Madrid, NE