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Dial Body Wash Spring Water, 35 fl.oz., 2 Piece

Lovely spring water scent. Two 35 ounce bottles per order. This product is manufactured in USA. It comes in pack of two.

Key features

  • Body wash with moisturizers for long lasting freshness
  • Spring water fragrance
  • Includes 2 bottles, 35 fl oz each

Honest reviews



This is the best body wash. I am prone to body acne, which is absolutely gross. Anything and nearly everything causes me to break out, but this body wash keeps it at bay. This body wash does contain triclosan (the ‘active’ antibacterial ingredient), which some people choose not to use in their beauty/household products, I however, do not mind at all.So, aside from the body acne issue this body wash takes care of, it also makes me feel super clean. Would definitely recommend.

Frankie Columbus Grove, OH

Great deal.

I use this wash a lot and to get these at this price is good and doesn’t dry out your skin.

Cathy Gamaliel, KY

Not sure how anti-bacterial it is

I bought this in when looking for an antibacterial soap that would help stave off body odor for most of the day on these hot summer days. It’s better than other body soaps, and has a nice clean fresh smell, but my search continues for something even more effective. You can’t beat the price on Amazon.

Sonya Buffalo, OH

Come on Dial?!

The soap itself is great. Smells good and moisturizes skin. Good everyday body wash. My issue is that the pump stem doesn’t extend to the bottom of the bottle. There’s about 3/4″ of soap (or about 3-4 oz) left in every bottle. Sure I could dump the leftover soap into the next bottle. Or, Dial could make the 1 penny stem 3/4″ longer. Not sure I’ll buy again.

Samantha Madison, MN

The soap come out slower which is nice. I don’t do through it as quickly as …

Just what I wanted. The soap come out slower which is nice. I don’t do through it as quickly as others. It’s also a great unisex smell!

Marci Ossineke, MI

Dial Duo

These bottles are jumbo, and it’s hard to find this size in stores. I use these as hand soap because it’s antibacterial and has a pump. They last a long time, way longer than those tiny bottles of hand wash. The scent is clean and fresh, and it lathers really well and rinses clean so you know your hands got a good wash.

Concetta Minneapolis, NC

this size of these bottles is huge and awkward

works well, but check out the SIZE!!! I didn’t and these two are HUGE!~ I keep dumping them into my handsoap holder and I’ve been using them in the tub….the soap works well, but, it you don’t have a lot of storage space, not really worth it

Valerie Bangor, WI

Dont buy from the store…

My General Doc advised me to use this body wash due to breakouts, ingrown hairs and blemishes. I have never looked back or used anyting else.Pros:1. Large quantity2. Easy pump dispenser3. AntibacterialI notice this keeps my smelling fresher longer and does reduce breakouts and flaws on the skin.

Andrea Glencross, SD