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Dial Body Wash, Spring Water, 16 Fl. Ounces

An antibacterial body wash with moisturizers. This crystal clear wash is flowing with freshness, from its clear, brisk scent to its feather-light moisturizers. It also rinses completely, leaving your skin feeling healthy and rejuvenated.

Key features

  • Antibacterial body wash
  • Leaves your skin feeling healthy and rejuvenated
  • Rinses completely
  • All Day Freshness

Honest reviews


Love Dial Body Washes

I’ve tried many body washes. I continue to come back to Dial. You feel fresh and clean without any heavy fragrance.

Josephine Mount Pleasant Mills, PA

A VERY GOOD ANTIBACTERIAL BODY WASH…The best I have personally found

Some time ago my physician recommended that I start using an antibacterial soap when I shower. I followed his orders. I fear there were problems connected to this change of soaps. First, all of the antibacterial soaps I tried (when I could find them) tended to dry my skin out. I am no “spring chicken,” by any stretch, but neither have I hit complete geezer status either. But due to age my skin is a lot dryer now than when I was young. That is just a fact of life you learn to deal with. Now having dry skin to begin with, I most certainly did not need a product that did further damage. This Dial Body wash, of all the brands I have tried, does the best job of moisturizing my skin and fighting off the dryness.The second problem was scent. I very much dislike heavily scented soaps. While this soap is indeed scented, it is a very light scent and has the most natural smell of any of the soaps I have tried. In addition to that, after using this stuff I actually feel very, very clean. It does not leave that “soapy feeling” I got with so many of the other products.Third, so many of the antibacterial soaps I tried came only in bars. These bars are relatively expensive and they seem to quickly vanish with use; not so with this body wash. A bottle of this stuff goes a long, long way and I can regulate the amount used much better than bar soap.As to the effectiveness of the antibacterial element of the soap I of course have not a clue as I have not taken cultures of my skin. I will say though that since using this product I have had no problems with skin infections what so ever. Cuts and scratches and that sort of thing do not give me the problems they used to.The only thing of note here is the price on Amazon. While the listed price of the soap is actually a bit less than I pay at a local drug store, there is the shipping charges to consider. If you add those charges in, it makes a significant difference. On the other hand, I not that this particular soap is, at times, difficult to find locally and I suppose if I end up not being able to find it at all I will anti up the extra coinage and buy here.Don BlankenshipThe Ozarks

Willie New Florence, PA

Wish This Was Animal Friendly

I like this soap, but I really wish this was made by a company that didn’t test on animals.I switch up my body washes, but if there is an animal-friendly version of something similar out there, I’d be happy to give it a shot!

Aline Oskaloosa, KS

Nice soap.

Most antibacterial soaps can dry your skin, and this doesn’t. Nice all around everyday soap. Don’t know what else I can say except that the Dial brand has been around for many decades, and is a trusted product, and is always trying to improve their products. Remember the commercial? "You use Dial. Don’t you wish everybody did?"

Cecilia Isleta, NM


I always buy antibacterial body wash to keep my body from bumps and sores from unknown bacteria. Dial seems to be the only product that sells ‘antibacterial’ washes. When I see the name ‘antibacterial’ on the label, I buy all kinds of flavors – spring water, mountain fresh, whatever they have on the market.

Alisa Midway, AR