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Dial Antibacterial Deodorant Soap, White, 10 Count

Experience a pure feeling of clean, and long-lasting deodorant protection. White and bright, it delivers the clean Dial is famous for, with a fragrance as fresh as a new morning.

Key features

  • Rinses clean without drying the skin
  • All day freshness
  • Discover your clean

Honest reviews


Bad marketing idea – Soap with a waistline

What happened to rectangular-shaped soap?My new package of Dial has a waist line. instead of being shaped like this: [ ]; it is now shaped like this ) (, That’s from the top. From the side, instead of [] it’s )(. Why do I care? Well, because this means I’m getting less soap for my money 4.0 oz., instead of closer to 5. Additionally, as the bar gets closer to the end of it’s soapy life, probably a week before its former incarnation would have become a slippery sliver, this one gets goopy (new formula?) and breaks in half.The good news is that since the soap itself is softer, the two old pieces oosh nicely into the waistline of the new bar.The product still gets 2 stars because it smells nice and does the soaping/washing job it is supposed to do.—————Dear Dial Soap:Please give us back our rectangle and charge us a couple pennies more. Really. We’ll pay it.Until then, this customer who’s been using Dial since at least the 1970’s will be buying another brand.Farewell,Your former customer

Lynn Dycusburg, KY

Great buy, especially when you subscribe!

A great buy for the subscription program, I thought this 30 pack total is a killer deal. I was able to pass one ten pack on to my son, and we all agree that this soap does it’s job without creating a bunch of soap scum in the shower.On skin, it feels good and rinses clear. The scent isn’t overpowering (I think it is the lightest of all the Dove products) and it lasts a good long time in the shower. Much better than Lever 2000 that seems to disappear in a week or less. And better than Zest which coats the shower with scum AND breaks in half shortly after opening.A family favorite!

Beatrice Starford, PA


I use the yellow antibacterial bars for the dry summer months and these white antibacterial bars for the winter. It is moisturizing and smells good too.

Janelle Coldwater, MS

Decent Value, tips to save your soap and a warning about the warning…

The Amazon warning says this toy is a marble. It is neither a toy, nor a marble. It is indeed the same soap you know and love. You probably still shouldn’t stick it in your mouth or roll it on the ground, just in case. But my 2.5 year old can handle it without choking so I think the warning might take it just a bit far.Same Dial smell for 40 year, but yes, "new and improved" bar shape. It’s a fresh smell, it does contain perfume. It smells like a lot of other "fresh linen" type smells. Clean, airy, but not floral or musky. I find people either love it or hate it. I grew up with it so I love it and I’m the wife so my husband loves it too. My 7 year old doesn’t like it and won’t use it. So don’t buy the big pack if you’re not sure or if you’re the husband, test out 1-2 bars first before you buy 30. In my opinion the bent bar has actually saved my soap and my shower. My bars are flat on top, upwardly-rounded on the bottom, like an arch. The arch helps your bar dry quicker and doesn’t leave as much oozy, ooey, gooey soap on the dish. I don’t hate it.To use: lather well in hands or on a cloth, poof, loofah or brush and rub, scrub, lather, or repeat on your body. For best results, rub where you smell the worst, don’t put it in your eyes, ears or mouth unless you’ve been swearing a lot or talking back to your mother (maybe that’s why my 7 year old doesn’t like it…).Value: pretty good without clipping coupons. Better with subscription or coupons.Tip: To save your soap, when it gets thin, pull out a new bar. Use them both in one shower session. Yes, you will be really clean. Split up the body areas between the bars if you’re really looking to save some cash. Then smoosh the little bar on top of the big bar. They’ll dry together and you’ll have a bulky new bar for tomorrow (or tonight if you’re into that kind of thing). This trick also does not work on marbles, but I think we discussed that earlier.

Alma Stockton, KS

bar soap, Dial, hand soap

I’ve used Dial soap for years, as it’s one of only two soaps I can use due to allergic and sensitive skin. Pleasant scent. Can leave a soap dish a bit messy.

Deana Linn, WV