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DHS Zinc Shampoo, 8 Fluid Ounce

This DHS shampoo is highly recommended if you have dandruff or sebhorrheic dermatitis. Controlling these scalp conditions can be a bit difficult if you are not using the right products. With the Zinc DHS shampoo, you can easily do so. This contains 2 percent of Zinc Pyrithione that is proven effective in relieving the symptoms of these said skin conditions. This has a long-lasting effect of soothing and nourishing your scalp and hair, so the comfort that you feel after using the DHS shampoo can actually last longer than you think. With the gentle healing properties of the DHS shampoo, comfort is achieved just after using, and this will continue if you regularly use this.

Key features

  • Controls symptoms of dandruff sebhorrheic dermatitis
  • Long-lasting effect of soothing and nourishing your scalp and hair
  • Gentle healing properties

Honest reviews


It works, but a little harsh on the hair.

This product targets Seborrheic Dermatitis or Scalp Pimples with Zinc. Zinc (drys the hair) targets the serious bacterial imbedded at the root base. It does not work overnight (30 day treatment once or twice per day)but in a day or two you will feel the difference. This product works but it realdries out the hair and is designed for very oily hair. It you have dry hair I recommend a different shampoo. Their are other products with zinc on the net try search for ZincPlex that offer a combination that will treats your hair in a gentle way with the same results.YOU MUST ALSO KEEP IN MIND that the hair root is feed by the blood system and you may have to address your diet to “cure” this bacterial infection. This is why when you take a antibiotic (do not recommend) will clear it up this problem for a short time. However it comes back doesn’t it! It does because you have not used the shampoo to remove the bacteria/fungus at the root hair. To clean up the blood system/liver/digestive system is a whole different matter. Give you a hint, you need to eat more greens and juice this will have a positive effect. I know you wanted to buy some shampoo or take a pill and did not want to hear this. Good luck with that! Oh some more good news is as you age (over 50) this becomes more difficult. Now you know why physicians can not solve this problem because they do not address your eating habits. Dermatologist usual go with a topical or antibiotic and now you know the rest of the story. Therefore you stay in a YoYo type of problem. I know it happened to me.

Aurelia Madison, SD

So glad I tried this

This is the only shampoo that has seemed to fully clear up my mild-moderate seborrheic dermatitis. I have been using it almost daily for a few weeks now, and I noticed a difference after the first use. After less than a week, I had no itching or scaling left whatsoever. This is some good shampoo. I do need to use a little bit of conditioner after rinsing it out. It seems to knot my hair up. I have fine, straight hair, long length. If you’ve tried other products without luck, try this one.

Alma Elberfeld, IN

Works well

I use this once in a while when my itchy scalp starts to build up. One use takes care of the itching and build up for a while.

Eileen Blooming Grove, NY

Works but a little drying to the hair

Everything isn’t perfect for everyone. This shampoo worked far better than prescription shampoos! It isn’t nearly as drying to the hair but it is somewhat which lost one star for me. That said, I do everything destructive to my hair possible. I color my hair, blow dry it and use a flat iron. I do use conditioner and a spray on conditioner for the iron. Over all my hair is not in bad condition but it is harder to keep up with using this shampoo. It does help A LOT. The shampoo that I switched to is:CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, 12.9 Fluid Ounceand the matching conditioner. Outstanding condition to my hair and scalp. Smells nice too.

Sally Norway, KS


Have used this shampoo about a month and am very pleased that it has no strong odor, plus it seems to work for the itching and dermatitis. Only one suggestion, really need to use a conditioner after this.

Jaime Danville, AR

its helping Seborrhea dermatitis

I am using this for my seborrhea dermatitis of the scalp. It is really helping. I use this 3x a week & leave it on 2-4 minutes. I occasionally alternate this also with SEBULEX.Before, I had to use the steroid hair foam for control.HTH

Delia New Hope, VA

Effective itchy scalp treatment

I started using this a week ago, and my scalp barely itches anymore. This is a very effective product, but smells bad and may be harsh on hair and scalp. I fix this by mixing some of the shampoo with a generous amount Deva Curl No Poo when I use it, so it treats my dandruff without drying out my hair or scalp.

Corinne Saint Peters, PA

Worked for only a short perio

I used this shampoo to stop scaling and flaking. I dint have itch on my scalp but I scaled a lot. When I first used this product I thought it was what I was looking for. However after 2weeks scaling started to comeback making the shampoo in combatant.

Emilia Mount Pleasant, TX

Best Seborrheic Dermatitis shampoo I have tried

No unpleasant smell (like all the others I tried). Leaves hair somewhat dry. I do leave on for 4 minutes, rinse and then use a little Clear Anti Dandruff shampoo for a few seconds and rinse. It seems to make hair softer without itch returning. You do have to shampoo twice a week.

Pearlie Cromwell, IN

I love this shampoo! Former Nizeral user!

After YEARS having dermatitis and buying and using Nizeral with success I was horrified when I couldn’t find it anywhere outside of a $50 per bottle price tag so I begain trying other products fearing the worst! I’d tried other things in the past before finding Nizeral and they had all been epic failures! This was the second item I tried (giving each trial 1 week minimum) and I was thrilled to discover it worked! Admit it isn’t 100% as effective for me as Nizeral was but it is SO close I hesitate to even mention the difference!The 1 improvement I would ask for is to get rid of the medicine smell. Just because it’s medicated shampoo doesn’t mean it has to smell like one!I will caution it may not work for everyone though. My daughter did not have the same success with this as I did so we are still trying out things for her. For me – it’s a relief! I’m so glad I found this product!

Earline Kalida, OH

Dandruff Be gone

Great Zinc shampoo, does a nice job of eliminating dandruff and itching. Helps also if you suffer from dermatitis by stopping the itching on the forehead. Great buy.

Sallie Coalgate, OK

Five Stars

excellent product clean scalp well

Corinne Newnan, GA


my dermatologist recommended it, love it!GREAT SMELLLEAVES HAIR SOFT AND MANAGABLEADDS LOTS OF VOLUME AND TEXTURE!will buy again.

Sofia Darragh, PA