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DHS Clear Shampoo 8 fl oz.

Recommended by Dermatologists DHS™ Clear contains a unique blend of special cleansing and conditioning agents that can be used daily on all types of hair.  It provides a luxurious lather which gently cleanses the hair and scalp.  It is completely free of fragrance and color, and does not contain ingredients which could be irritating to the scalp.  It is especially formulated for pH balance.

Key features

  • For daily cleaning of hair and scalp
  • Designed for those especially sensitive scalps
  • Maintains the skin’s pH level
  • Free of harsh detergents
  • Repeat as necessary or as directed by your physician

Honest reviews


Too harsh!

I bought this shampoo because I tend to breakout with regular shampoos…. This shampoo left my hair super dry, almost straw like… I wouldn’t recommend it.

April Brogan, OR

My go-to shampoo

My doctor recommended this shampoo and it really works. I have Seborrheic dermatitis and years of Head & Shoulders never did a bit of difference. This is golden. I just wish it didn’t dry out my tight curly hair so much!

Opal Verona, WI

No Smell!

I hate anything with fragrances in it and this shampoo does not have a smell at all AND it works fantastic. I would never use another kind!

Kimberley Roach, MO

Great shampoo

Really like this shampoo because hair feels extremely clean and stays clean longer than most shampoos I’ve used. Fragrance free is a must for me and this product couldn’t be better. Highly recommend.

Earnestine Irma, WI

DHS Clear Shampoo

The product works great and my skin allergy from normal shampoos is gone. My hair looks great with this shampoo. The shampoo arrived on time and it was packaged well by the shipper. DHS might consider putting no spill flaps on the neck opening under the top. There was some leakage from shipping.

Staci Victoria, VA