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DHS Clear Shampoo 8 fl oz.

Recommended by Dermatologists DHS™ Clear contains a unique blend of special cleansing and conditioning agents that can be used daily on all types of hair.  It provides a luxurious lather which gently cleanses the hair and scalp.  It is completely free of fragrance and color, and does not contain ingredients which could be irritating to the scalp.  It is especially formulated for pH balance.

Key features

  • For daily cleaning of hair and scalp
  • Designed for those especially sensitive scalps
  • Maintains the skin’s pH level
  • Free of harsh detergents
  • Repeat as necessary or as directed by your physician

Honest reviews


Perfect for people with sensitivities or scalp irritation.

I bought this along with the DHS Zinc shampoo by advice of my dermatologist. I have psoriasis and extremely sensitive skin. I can use both with no problems. This product is perfect for the “other day” shampooing. (I like to switch my shampoo and conditioning every other day) This shampoo does the job, cleanses without drying or irritation and that’s all I need. I love that it doesn’t have any perfumes added. I really hate all those shampoos and conditioners that are so ridiculously overly scented that give me a headache directly out of the shower. Well anyway that enough of my ranting. I just wanted to add a positive post for those of you that are thinking about it but can’t make up your mind. As I said its good for people with sensitivities or that are easily irritated. If you are looking for something high performance shampoo then this may not be the one for you.

Tabatha Thatcher, ID

Great for Sensitive Hair

I’ve used this in the past so based on past experience it is a great product.I still have another product I’m using and when I’m finished using that thenI’ll use this.

Emilia Philpot, KY

Clean and Clear

Recently my allergies have been out of control, and with my symptoms it has meant that I’ve been itchy… all over. Even my scalp has been itchy. So I decided to change shampoos. In particular, I was looking for a shampoo that was free of scent of unnecessary chemicals.Looking through all of Amazon’s offerings my eye landed on DHS Clear Shampoo and the good ratings other customers had given it. And after dithering and consideration I went ahead and made my purchase.I’m pretty happy. I’ve have used it twice now and while I’m still not entirely itch free elsewhere my scalp is no longer irritated. I credit the lack of perfumes and colorants and other chemical for my present state of happiness.Definitely recommend you try this if you have an irritated scalp. I saw definitely improvement after the second shampoo. I’ll come back and modify the review after I see how it effects my long hair –dries it out or not.

Kendra Snydersburg, PA


DHS Clear Shampoo is working for gentle cleaning of my hair and scalp. I use it in conjunction with the DHS Conditioning Rinse.

Saundra Moreland, GA

Best Shampoo

This shampoo is the best I’ve used. It’s fragrance free, ph balanced, yet my hair has never felt better. It feels so clean after I shampoo and stays clean longer. I’ve recommended (and bought) for my daughter and she loved it also. I’ve used a lot of shampoos and this is by far the best I’ve found.

Eugenia Cokato, MN