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DHC Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection

DHC mascara perfect pro double protection water-resistant tube-technology formula lengthens the look of your lashes. Lush and long-wearing, it lasts all day and night with no flaking, smudging, or smearing. No makeup remover required. Tubes slide off with warm water and gentle pressure. This uniquely lengthening mascara stays on until you decide.

Key features

  • Long-wearing water- and oil-resistant formula
  • Lashes look thicker and longer
  • Precise brush defines from root to tip
  • Tubes slide off when you massage them with warm water

Honest reviews


Best mascara I have ever tried

Best mascara I have ever tried. No fallout ever! It doesn’t smear and stays in place.AND the price beats most other mascaras out there

Annmarie Portage, ME

My favorite!

I am terrible with mascara. I manage to smudge the unsmudgeable, flake it all over my face, get it in my eyes… Everyplace but where it should be by the end of the day. Not this stuff! It coats each lash and dries to make a sheath over each individual lash. You can touch it, rub it, it won’t come off. Then at the end of the day you gently wipe with face cleanser and water and lift the little tubes off! You DO want to remove before bed because sometimes the little bits will come off then and could get in your eyes.

Neva Barnard, KS

Absolutely Smudgeproof

This is a tubing-formula mascara, meaning it is very smudge resistant but comes of with regular cleanser, warm water, and a little rubbing. It is totally reliable. It’s not very volumizing but the brush is very small so you can apply really precisely. I find this adds considerable length.

Alexis Yellow Spring, WV

Goes on nicely but comes off in flakes

I like the ‘fluidness’ of this mascara. It can make eye lashes looks very ‘moist’ & fresh. It does not really lengthen them. I like that as it does not clump in the first application. It is hard to take off & comes off in flakes.

Selena Hardinsburg, KY

My holy grail!

I have blonde eyelashes and oily eyelids, so if I don’t want to look like an albino I have to tint my lashes, and when I do it usually makes it look like I’m still in my goth phase that ended about ten years ago.I’ve tried just about everything on the market, drug store and high end. The problems I always ran into were thus… Sure my mascara would look great when first put on, but within an hour I’d be getting transfer to my lids both top and bottom. I was allergic to several formulas as well. And worst of all, many of them were so hard to take off, even with oils, that I’d lose eyelashes in the process of just getting my face clean. What a pain!I heard of this particular mascara through Lisa Eldridge on Youtube. I’ve used some of DHC’s skincare products before and they seemed fine, but I guess I’d never really considered their makeup. Part of that is because they are NOT drugstore priced and there wasn’t much for reviews or demos of the products either. Skeptical as I am of trying any product when I haven’t seen someone else use it, I’m even more so when it costs three or four times what I pay for things I can walk down the street to a CVS to buy.I have to say, Lisa’s use of it really did impress me, and even more so that she has used it several times. I loved the look of it, and when I finally got fed up and started looking for SOME solution to my raccoon problem I started seeing a lot of talk about tubing mascaras. It took a while for me to sorta connect the dots but when I realized that this mascara that Lisa had used not only looked great and performed well enough for her to recommend it, but that it was also geared specifically for people like me who want something that stays on but washes off easily, I snapped this right up.My general impressions of the product itself are thus…- The first thing you will notice is that the tube and wand are both fairly petite. I like this because I feel it gives more control and isn’t like a brick in a bag (see: CG Lashblast).- In terms of application, it feels fairly wet going on but dries very quickly. I think it works best, particularly if you have light lashes, to coat the tops of the lashes first and then get the sides that show with your eyes open. This forms a more complete ‘tube’ which I feel prevents flaking, makes lashes look fuller, and prevents flashes of blonde when you blink.- The look of it is more toward length than volume, but the formula is not thin either. I think it is well-balanced and definitely doesn’t need more than one coat for a nice "lashy" look without being clumpy, still relatively natural.- This stuff doesn’t budge! I have yet to have it flake or transfer at all, even after 10 hours in a hot kitchen. If you get your face pretty wet it might start to come off, but it doesn’t do it in a runny way, just little clumps that can easily be wiped off.- Removal is really easy and I don’t find I have to use a separate remover for it. I wet down my face thoroughly with warm water, use whatever cleanser I feel like at the time, and just in the process of getting the rest of my face clean the mascara tubes peel off. It basically looks like little clumps of black goo which don’t seem to stain or transfer pigment anywhere, it just washes down the drain. Any straggling bits still clinging to lashes wipe right away with fingers or just about anything else. You won’t end up with mascara residue on showing up on your face the next morning, the stuff really is gone.

Rhoda Bethany, LA