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Devoted Creations White 2 Black Supre Advanced Bronzer Tanning Lotion, 8.5 Ounce

Black 2 White “Go 3 shades darker in 1 session!” Let White 2 BlackTM take you to the dark side. Powered by multiple bronzers and tyrosines, notice the difference in 1 tanning session! Acai Oil-Powerful fruit oil loaded with antioxidants Hemp Seed oil-Saturates your body and continually restores and replenishes moisture Fragrance: Autumn Nights Product Actions: Tan Enhancer, Bronzer Product Specs: 8.5 US fl. oz (250 mL), .5 US fl. oz. (15mL)

Key features

  • White 2 BlackTM – Autumn Nights Fragrance “Go 3 shades darker in 1 session!”
  • White 2 BlackTM take you to the dark side because it’s powered by multiple bronzers and tyrosines.

Honest reviews


My White 2 Black review.

I tried a sample packet of White 2 Black at my tanning salon and noticed results as soon as I got home.This lotion WILL give you instant color, and it will continue to darken.I like to tan in the evenings then I wait to shower in the mornings so that the lotion has time to reach full effect and everything.With that being said, I am very pleased with the results of this product. I have also heard other great reviews on it.I recommend this lotion to those who already have a base tan, want faster results with color, or want to break through their tanning plateau.White 2 Black has a fresh scent that is unisex. The packaging may not be super girly like a lot of other products for tanning, but that’s no big deal at all.Also, it has been 2 days now since I last tanned and I still have lot’s of color from this lotion. I went ahead and purchased the full size bottle today at my salon. Looking forward to seeing how the color ends up after using this for an extended period.

Cora Fredericksburg, IA

Can’t get Past the Smell

The product itself seemed to work okay. The smell before tanning wasn’t bad, like a man’s cologne. After tanning though it was the worst smelling lotion I’ve ever used. They need to do something about the smell and I would consider buying again.

Jenifer Monroe Center, IL


I give White 2 Black only the two star rating because of these things:1. It smells disgusting, at least to me. I realize some people like the manly cologne scent, but it is strong and I can’t stand it. I am a female, so that probably impacts my opinion a lot. It also leaves a STRONG after tan odor on me. It smells gross and does not cover the typical tanning smell.2. It does NOT give the "3 shades darker in 1 session" bronzing effects that it promises. I tried it for a good while before writing this review, to give it a fair chance, but it definitely made very little to no difference in my tanning experience. Maybe I got some junk lotion or something? I don’t know, but it does NOT have good bronzing, though it does have the DHA and smell that goes along with that…3. It is a difficult bottle to use, since it is a hard plastic, square shape. This gets tricky when you have slippery lotion hands, and just isn’t very user friendly.4. It is a thin lotion, so it feels like you have to use a lot to cover yourself well.My experience was NOT what I expected based on reviews and the general high quality of DC products. Like I said before, maybe I got some junk by buying online, but I am not happy with this lotion. I still have a lot left and am no longer using it, I bought a different one that is worlds better that I will also be reviewing! (Almost Famous by AG)

Edith Chilton, TX

Worst lotion EVER!

This lotion is very unpleasant from the smell which reminded me of a mens cologne, to the texture of the lotion it just balls up and wipes off. It left my skin so dry! I saw NO results and I’m glad I didn’t buy a whole bottle!

Gretchen Nicholson, PA

my review

I’m already really tan, but this makes me even darker. The smell isn’t bad, it has a small hint of manly aftershave/cologne but it isnt strong and the smell goes away. I really like this lotion better then all the kinds i have used. No complaints and i am a regular tanner. I also have tinea versicolor and most tanning lotions wont cover it up, but this one did:)

Shawn Chelan Falls, WA

Two thumbs DOWN

I couldn’t wait to try the product with all the great reviews….problem is, I do t think I got the real product. It has NO SMELL, and anyone that tans knows that’s not right…and has no color. I feel like I’m putting unscented moisturizer on. And results…..NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I HATE GETTING RIPPED OFF, DEF SUCKS. I KNEW THE PRICE WAS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Ugh.

Julie East Arlington, VT

OK I guess…

The lotion worked but…I didn’t go three shades darker in one session. Also, the ATO is terrible especially if you sweat a lot during tanning.

Margie Bemidji, MN


I have no doubt this is a decent lotion. I"m simply not to thrilled about the scent or the way the lotion feels when applied. Will not reorder.

Kenya North Brookfield, MA

nasty smell, didnt really see a difference

I tan a lot, so i am really picky about my lotions, and when i used this one, I really didnt see a difference even going in a high pressure bed. defianatly some better lotions out there, plus this one stinks.

Sarah Kennedy, MN


It smells odd, not over powering, but kind of something that I’d expect an older person to enjoy. It is somewhat watery and makes you orange. This reminded me of the cheap hawaiian tropic bronzers.I gave it 2 stars instead of one because it does get you super dark almost instantly, and the smell isn’t bad, but I don’t like how the "tan" washes almost completely off, and I’m not so sure it provides much benefit compared to other bronzers when tanning. For the price, I would not recommend. HD man is much better.

Leanna Paradise, MI