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Devacurl Spray Gel, 8.0 Fluid Ounce

This alcohol free, non-flaking spray gel provides maximum curl definition, lift and a crunch free hold. Spray on wet or dry curls for extra hold. Extra hold and curl retention Moisturizes, enhances and re-activates curls Enhances waves while taming frizz

Key features

  • Extra hold and curl retention
  • Moisturizes, enhances and re-activates curls
  • Enhances waves while taming frizz

Honest reviews



When the stylist used this on my hair, it came out as a misty spray. Mine came out in blobs-not what I needed.

Marisa Perry, LA

Love the spray gel

This is a great product, the scent does bother me a bit, but I am very sensitive to everything. This works great and rinses out easily.

Traci Hill City, SD

it’s okay

smells good, didn’t have enough hold for my hair which is s-wavy, made my hair kind of frizzy and didn’t give it enough curl, may be better for kids

Cathy Ocracoke, NC

I love this product.

Great for curly hair. After you shapoo and style, use this to keep your curls looking great all day. This works great with the other Deva Curl Products.

Allison Caldwell, KS

Soft curls with great hold!

This is the best gel spray I’ve found for fine curly/wavy hair like mine. It doesn’t leave your hair crunchy or hard and it doesn’t give it that wet look like other spray gels. It has a nice gentle fragrance too that isn’t offensive and doesn’t linger in your hair. Very clean feel and not sticky at all. Love it!!

Connie Wilmar, AR

Works well to target sections of hair

This and theDeva Curl Styling Cream 5.1ozare the two newest products in the Deva lineup, and I picked both up the other day locally. The Spray Gel is targeted towards all of Deva’s curl types — S’Wavy, Wavy, Botticelli, and Corkscrew. I have wavy hair, and have been using this mostly to spray on my roots (after I clip them for volume) and on my ends (where I tend to accidentally go light on my Deva AnGel). I really like it! The spray comes out easily, and it’s nice to be able to target those areas of your hair where you are missing gel.I haven’t yet used it on its own instead of AnGel since it seems like you’d really have to use a lot to get coverage, but for spot areas it works great. You can also use it on second- and third-day hair to revitalize your gel, without adding tackiness.The directions on the bottle are as follows: “For added volume, lift and definition, use DevaCurl Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam and follow with Spray Gel to roots and crown to define and separate.”When I started following the Curly Girl method a little over a year ago, I actually used other brands, before finally trying out the Deva line. I’ve been using it exclusively for a few months, and my hair has never looked better. My red color hardly fades, and my waves are shiny and healthy. I really love their products!

Patti New Cambria, MO

my new fav!

This is great for curly hair- doesn’t make crunchy and holds the curl. I’ve used it wet and dry and like it both ways (prefer to use it on wet hair). I like this better than the gel now!

Earlene Ware Shoals, SC