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DevaCurl Low-Poo, 12 Ounce

Buy DevaConcepts Hair Conditioners – DevaCurl Low-Poo Mild Lather Cleanser 12.0 oz. How-to-Use: Wet hair thoroughly. Apply to scalp using circular massaging motions. Follow with One Condition.

Key features

  • DevaCurl Low-Poo Mild Lather Cleanser 12.0 oz: Buy DevaConcepts Hair Conditioners – DevaCurl Low-Poo Mild Lather Cleanser: Gently cleanse with this botanically infused, 100% sulfate free low lather cleanser. Details provided by DevaCurl
  • Hair Type: Frizzy & Curly
  • Item Condition: 100% authentic, new and unused. DevaCurl Low-Poo No-Fade Mild Lather Cleanser 12.0 oz.
  • Type: Shampoo, Conditioner

Honest reviews


DevaCurl shampoo has changed my hair for the best

I can’t get over how grateful I am to the hairstylist who recommended that I use a sulfate-free shampoo, particularly DevaCurl products, for my naturally curly, long hair (curl type 3b for those of you who know what that means). Getting rid of sulfate-containing products has totally changed my hair and curls for the better – my hair is glossy, not as dry, not as frizzy, etc., etc… I can’t recommend this product enough, honestly. I use every other day with DevaCurl Mister Right in between washes to re-shape my curls. This shampoo does a great job of cleaning my hair well without stripping it. Bravo DevaCurl!

Saundra Walterboro, SC

It’s shampoo

No more, no less. It lathers up a bit as opposed to the No-Poo variety, but other than that, there’s nothing notable about it. The scent is chemically, even though it does not contain the usual artificial chemicals most shampoos do, like sulfates and it gets your hair clean, no better or worse than any drugstore shampoo.If you want a more natural, sulfate-free shampoo, save the high price of this and go to a drugstore and read labels. There are a billion and one sulfate-free, chemical-free, moisturizing/smoothing shampoos out there for much, much less money that smell wonderful and do a great job. Burt’s Bees and the Say Yes To…line of products are two examples.

Mai Spencerville, IN

Mom in Denver

I love this product and have been using it for years now, a bit expensive but worth it. I have to use this product because it is sulfa free and it was the only product that worked well on my hair, this product keeps my hair feeling clean all day.

Rosie Aleppo, PA

Great product

Great stuff for avoiding sulfates and things that hurt curly and wavy hair is a good product to go with the conditioner.

Sheree Ozark, MO

Good cleanser, horrible smell

This is a good gentle cleanser that removes product build-up without leaving your hair dry, but it has this chemical citrus scent that turns me off from using it. I’m not even sure if I’ll use up the rest of the bottle or give it to a friend. However, the Deva Curl Low Poo has a fantastic scent, and I’m thinking of purchasing that.

Stella Ludlow, CA

This cleans my scalp!

I’ve used so many different shampoos that say they are conditioning, yet leave your hair frizzy and scalp still dirty. This actually does both! I am so happy to have found this product. The best way to use this is to leave the shampoo on my head for a couple of minutes while I tend to shaving and washing my body. It lathers thick enough so the soap doesn’t run all down my face and into my eyes. It smells really light and fresh. After rinsing, your hair feels like it’s been conditioned a bit, kind of a slick feeling. You still have to follow up with conditioner. I’m definitely getting the bigger bottle next time around. I think I’ve found my HG shampoo!

Alfreda Montvale, NJ

Great for color treated hair

I like this shampoo a lot. It takes some getting used to not having lather, but it does not wash the color out of my hair. I gave my daughter a Sample from mine because she complained her hair color was washing out. She said she couldn’t believe the difference. No color loss!I bought it for my curly hair, but didn’t notice much difference with that aspect.

Elvia Artemas, PA

Great Shampoo in Combination with their Deva One Conditioner

I’m not the type of person to get real excited about shampoo but this shampoo is just great. It is for curly hair, which I have, and my hair is also very thick. It makes my hair feel soft and natural, more so than any other product I’ve ever used. I use it along with their Deva One Conditioner and am so pleased with the combination. My salon recently began carrying Deva products and they were recommended to me by my stylist. I don’t think I’ll ever use another shampoo or conditioner again. My hair has never looked so good or felt so soft. For those of you out there with thick, curly hair you know how difficult it is to get a soft feel to it. A lot of products leave my hair feeling wiry or still gunky after I use them. Not these two. I highly recommend them in combination.

Melva Masonville, NY

Been using for 2 months now!

I have very coarse, dry, curly hair. My stylist is trained in dry-cutting and all of the curly girl methods. She uses this on my hair in the salon along with the entire Deva Care line. I use this low-poo cleanser 3-4 times a week, and follow up with One-Condition. Two months later I am ready to post this review. After using these products my hair is not dull – it is very shiny and strong. I am very pleased with this cleanser and just purchased the 32oz version. If you have dry, curly hair you should definitely never use products like Pantene, Garnier, Tresemme, etc… you really need to choose a moisturizing cleanser like this. I used Pantene as a child, into my teens, and when I moved out of my family home and remember how my hair felt like straw. So I switched to better products a few years ago including Avalon Organics (AO) Lavender shampoo and conditioner which are both very good. However, I do like the idea of "low-poo" cleanser because my hair needs to retain a lot of the natural oils that regular shampoos strip away. I don’t think my hair days are any better than with the AO products but I do think my hair is well-moisturized and shiny with very limited frizz. Definitely buy this to try in combination with One-Condition. I shampoo, rinse, condition, rinse, and then add a little more conditioner back into my hair without rinsing. This is now my routine and it works!

Lauri Celina, TN

deva curl low poo shampoo

I use this shampoo once or twice a week but condition every day. This shampoo is creamy and washes out clean. Love. I do wish the Deva curl products were cheaper but Amazon has the best prices I’ve found.

Samantha Ruby, VA

not great

I feel like this shampoo doesn’t get my hair clean pretty much at all. Not to mention that I also have a very dry scalp now and I don’t use any products in my hair (besides the diva curl set it free spray which I reviewed too, but have stopped using).I like the smell. I like that it doesn’t foam up too terribly but it just doesnt get my hair clean. I have thin hair that needs washed every day or it gets greasy.

Erna Pharr, TX

So so…

I decided to buy this product and give it a try since I was impressed with using the Deva Curl gel, only to be disappointed with the results. This actually left my hair feeling worse than when I didn’t use it. A very high price to pay (in my opinion) for a product that seems like a cheap version of any store brand shampoo. Although I am a “curly girl” now, this will not be a part of my regimen. I will continue to use my 100% vegan-not tested on animals, no animal byproducts L’Oreal Paris EverPure Moisture Shampoo.

Lakeisha Winnebago, MN

Usually love Deva

I’m a fan of Deva but the shampoos I can’t do. I used this for quite some time and my scalp started to itch quite a bit. I finally stopped using it and my head felt so much better. I still use all the other products I just use a different shampoo.

Audrey Conda, ID


I mainly use the No-Poo, but once a week I use the Low-Poo. I love both of these products. I definitely recommend using this once a week if you only use No-Poo.

Hilary Hillsboro, KS

Glad I switched

Great stuff; have been using No-Poo for 3 years and Low-Poo gets my hair and scalp really clean…apparently my hair needs some poo!

Melissa Amsterdam, NY

If you are afraid to try No-Poo . . .

Purchased after reading "Curly Girl The Handbook" by Deva Curl, and I now only use DEVA products in my long curly hair.I was convinced that I needed to stop putting the POO in my hair, but I was hesitant to jump right to NO-POO.I do like this product. It doesn’t suds much, but it is enough for me to believe my hair is getting clean. I only wash my scalp with a very small amount, then rinse it through the full length before applying Deva Care Conditioner. My curls are more defined then they have ever been, and my hair is always soft and not frizzy.

Dianne West Wendover, NV

Good for every other day

This is a good cleanser. It is low-sudsing, but seems to clean the hair nevertheless. I used it every other day as I cannot bring myself to forego a thorough scalp cleansing at least that often. I think it is very gentle on hair, though, and will save your hair some wear and tear!

Alberta Tujunga, CA

Great Product

This product worked great. This shampoo works great for curly hair and cleans it. It is a must have for curly hair.

Paula Dunn Center, ND