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DevaCurl Get Started Curl Essentials Kit

The DevaCurl Get Started Curl Essentials Kit is all curls need to easily achieve perfect hydration, conditioning and curl definition, whether curl type is s’wavy, wavy, botticelli or corkscrew. Save 41%!

Key features

  • DevaCurl Get Started Curl Essentials Kit
  • No-PooTM Zero Lather Conditioning Cleanser- 12 oz
  • One Condition Ultra Creamy Daily Conditioner- 12 oz
  • Ultra Defining Gel- 3 oz, 4 DevaClips for Maximum Root Lift,
  • Towel Frizz Free and Friction Free Microfiber Towel

Honest reviews


I have two mixed babies… Great product

My girls have very curly, frizzy hair. This product definitely does it’s job! I have used pink lotion and many other kinds of oils for their hair, and they usually both have extreme frizz at the end of the day. The shampoo and conditioner are great for eliminating frizz from the minute it goes in! There is a noticeable difference when they get out of the bathtub and all the way throughout the day. Very happy with this purchase!

Iva Holtsville, NY

Absolutely love it!

I have medium-length thick curly hair, and for the most part, my curls are rarely defined and always frizzy, and just an overall hot mess. I decided to give these products a try after receiving several recommendations for them. I absolutely love them and am so happy with the results! I have been using them for only 2 days so far, but they have made such a remarkable difference. My curls are all bouncy and shiny (and happy-looking, if such a thing!) The smell is a little extra flowery, which is something I don’t usually go for, but it’s not that bothersome and with the results I’m getting, I can easily overlook! I haven’t used the gel yet, but love the shampoo and conditioner as well as the towel that comes with it. Great product, will definitely repurchase!

Alyson Lane, SD

Deva Curl is worth trying 🙂

So I purchased Deva Curl for the first time in this little ‘kit’..for the record, this kit is of great value for the price! (Youre getting the ‘no-poo’ and ‘one condition’ cheaper than you would if you purchased them you get some free clips and the towl!)..for the quality of the products, the clips are really great, and the conditioner & poo are both great quality, but make sure you know how to use them…the first time I tried them, I was very disappointed with the results, but then it hit me that these products are meant to be used a certain way (Id never used a “no-poo” before so the whole no lathering thing was a foreign concept to me lol)..but I think that both the poo & conditioner are great quality and will probably work well if you know what youre doing…and another thing, my hair Is EXTREMELY damaged and dry/thin/brittle/weak etc lol, and these didn’t honestly didn’t do much to help make my hair feel I said, it isn’t because these aren’t good products or anything, they are, but if you have extremely damaged hair, then I cant promise you that these will be enough to repair your hair…I wondered why my hair wasn’t particularly liking the duo, but then it hit me..the package says nothing about repairing damaged hair…but yeah, anyway, if you don’t really have bad damage to your hair, then these will probably work excellent for you!! * side note…the ‘deva towel’ is very soft, but when I even so as touched the thing to my hair, I got all sorts of little white fuzzies in my hair lol, so it was kind of shedding, so beware of that…other than that, great quality of luck to any one that tries this!!:)

Marylou Houtzdale, PA

LOVE it!!!

This was just enough product to really try it out and be sure that I will love it….will buy the regular sizes now!

Althea Tilden, IL

Best product for curls

This is the best product I’ve found yet for my botticelli curls. I’ve tried coconut oil-based products, shea-based products, traditional shampoos and conditioners…and this stuff blows them all out of the water. My curls are soft, healthy and manageable, and I think it’s making my hair the way my hair was mean to be. Plus it smells fantastic.This starter kit is a great deal; you get both the shampoo and conditioner, four clips, the microfiber towel and the ultra hold gel (which I don’t actually use: I prefer the light hold). If you want to start DevaCurl’s system, this is a great way to get into it. Highly recommend.

Nancy Knickerbocker, TX

Changed my curly hair forever!

There are tons of blogs, tutorials, information and even a whole book on this curly hair cleansing system. Read up, there is so much info at your fingertips and a majority of it is free! I used to fight with my hair quite a bit, its sorta curly, sorta wavy, and even some pretty straight strands. I always have had dry ends and an oily scalp, and curly hairstyles were either too crunchy with gels and mouses, or too oily with creamy styling products. Here are a few tips that aren’t in instructional videos and information:One thing that is not explained everywhere is that your hair and scalp needs to adjust to this system! Your hair and scalp are adapted to heavy sulfates and harsh stripping washing. Using no sulfates and only botanical cleansers is going to make your scalp freak a bit and get extra oily. My experience was about 2 weeks of extra oily hair–but its worth the wait! Just wear lots of ponytails!Also there is a learning curve for the products, or like a testing phase, you have to figure out how much product works best for you for everything: shampoo, conditioner, and styling products. My personal best combo is the no-poo cleanser and conditioner, Set it Free added spray conditioner, volumizing foam all over, and the gel only at the tips! They sell small sized versions of almost all of the main products, so you can kind of try before you fully commit. I really wish i had before and after photos!

Christina Ridge Spring, SC

Soft and bouncy

it made my hair feel super soft and hydrated. Loved the towel and with all the extras it is an awesome deal.

Angelia Goldsboro, NC

The new Deva Clips are great, but the products cause frizz on me

I’ve been using Deva products since I discovered the Curly Girl method of no silicones or sulfates about two years ago. I actually really like the smell of the products and they leave my hair really soft. That being said, I’ve come to find that the glycerin in them creates frizz on my fine, 2C waves.This starter pack, though, is a great way to try out the products and see if you like them.It also comes with the new Deva Clips, which I love! They’re about twice the size of the regular clips, and give me great lift at the roots of my hair, where I tend to fall flat. If you go to the Deva website, you can also find some picture tutorials of how to use them.Deva makes some really nice products, and they helped me embrace my waves!

Christian Hayti, SD