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DevaCurl DUO – One Condition 32oz + No-Poo 32oz

Buy DevaConcepts Hair Care Kits – DevaCurl Combo No-Poo Cleanser Shampoo + One Conditioner (2 Liter Duo) 2 Piece Set. How-to-Use: Wet hair thoroughly. Apply a generous amount directly tot he scalp to cleanse, stimulate and remove dirt particles.

Key features

  • DevaCurl Combo No-Poo Cleanser Shampoo + One Conditioner (2 Liter Duo) 2 Piece Set
  • Hair Type: Frizzy & Curly
  • Item Condition: 100% authentic, new and unused. DevaCurl Combo No-Poo Cleanser Shampoo + One Conditioner (2 Liter Duo) 2 Piece Set.
  • Type: Shampoo,Conditioner

Honest reviews


High Price – Bad Smell

I like the Deva Curl products but have quit using them because I have purchased some that have a strong chemical smell. I believe the "good" smell fades with time and you are left with that chemical smell. I have returned to organic products that seem to work just as well on my hair.

Melanie Alexander City, AL

Different product?

It shipped quickly, but it smelled kind of different than the smaller DevaCurl No-Poo and One Condition I had purchased earlier, and had a different consistency. After using it for a while, my hair isn’t quite as soft as it was with the earlier products I was using, but I guess that could be the seasonal change? But after reading other reviews commenting on the smell and wondering if it was different, makes me think it’s a different product. Knock-off?

Francesca Salado, TX

I love DevaCurl!

I have “swavy”/wavy hair according to DevaCurl. I received the travel/sampler package w/ the devatowel about a month and a half ago. I have taken pictures of my hair after every use, and I can definitely see an improvement. My hair started out very flat and my curls were practically pulled straight down/out. Since using DevaCurl No-Poo, One Condition, and AnGEL I’ve seen a significant increase in the definition of my curls. While I understand that the DevaCurl system is much more expensive compared to the Pantene Pro-V curl line that I was using, I feel like it’s been worth it. I’m much more pleased w/ the look of my hair since using these products.

Jayne Smithfield, PA

Better than pictured — has pump dispensers!!!

I have purchased DevaCurl One products separately from Amazon — No Poo, Low Poo, One Conditioner, & Set It Free, and can’t say enough good things about them. I have purchased a lot of high-end salon brands that are color-safe and nitrate and sulfate-free, which usually increases cost considerably. Not only is DevaCurl a huge bargain based on quality, but it’s optimized for curly & wavy hair types, and I’ve seen amazing results. Healthy hair & less/no frizz.With this particular purchase, I am thrilled to discover that both bottles have pump dispensers. Great purchase, super value with the combo pack (at times, this price is better than the Subscribe & Save options), and prompt delivery.Shampoo/Cleanser: I have noticed some differences between the “No Poo” that is part of this listing and the “Low Poo” that you can also buy from Amazon. The No Poo does not lather and has a floral scent, while the Low Poo lathers moderately and has a citrus scent. After using both, I am partial to the Low Poo. With the No Poo, it’s really difficult to know when you’ve applied enough to cleanse your hair and scalp. You feel a slightly cool tingly sensation after applying a decent amount, and in my case, I add a little water using my hands to help distribute the product through my hair. Also, it seems like the No Poo scent is a bit stronger than the Low Poo scent, and the floral is a little too much for me. In any case, I am grateful that I have been able to try both at competitive prices and compare them.Conditioner: I am very pleased with the One Conditioner. I went on a hunt to find a great product for my postpartum hair, and after I read an interview with Laurie Berkner who talks about these products, I decided to give them a try. The One Conditioner is an exceptional value, performs as well as any high-end salon brand I’ve used, and keeps my hair balanced through the different New England seasons. It’s a winner, and I will be using it for a long time.

Delores Lowell, OR

the best!

I will never use anything else on my curly hair. I never write a review but I think this product deserves 10 stars!! Love love love it!!!

Kathy Dixonville, PA

great product

if you have curly hair…no suds shampoo will not strip itor dry it out…sometimes I wash my hair using only the conditioner

Kristin Parkers Prairie, MN

Really good product

I love the smell and how is makes my hair feel. I use it in the shower and when I get out as a leave in. It works really well and the curls stay hydrated and without frizz for the duration of the day,

Gena Plymouth, VT

Works like a charm!

Love this combo on my hair. My hair is as luminous, thick and curly as it can be! Thanks Deva!

Lakeisha Sinajana, GU

Great stuff

I try to aoid lathering products because I have sensitive skin that tends to dry out or break out. Same goes for my hair and scalp. My hair always feels very clean and dries much smoother with these products that even sulphate free lathering formulas. It’s been about a year and a half and I am still hooked. I like the Deva Care just as much as Deva Curl- maybe more, as it seems more hydrating.

Luisa South Newfane, VT


I love, love, love the DevaCurl line. I use their No-Poo, their conditioner, their Ultra Defining gel, and their styling pomade. The No-Poo and the conditioner have a nice floral smell (in my opinion), and they both have a nice creamy texture. I was using Redken before I switched to DevaCurl, and I was really disappointed with how loose my curls seemed to be. Once I switched to DevaCurl, my curls bounced up so amazingly well that even my stylist commented that my hair seemed to be getting curlier every time she saw me. I highly recommend the DevaCurl line to anybody – curly hair or straight. My mother has straight hair, but she switched to DevaCurl because it wasn’t as harsh on her hair as regular shampoo. She loves the fact that she can go several days now without her hair becoming super greasy. When I purchased this set, the bottles did come with a pump on each bottle (no regular caps), but I think it depends on which seller you buy it from.

Blanca Hima, KY

Best product I’ve ever used!

This stuff is amazing. I have thin, highlighted, wavy curls and I’ve been battling frizz my entire life. I live on the coast and it’s always very hot and very humid. I also used to have a problem with my hair getting very oily – especially at my scalp. I would have to cover my head in some type of dry shampoo if I ever wanted to skip washing my hair for a day. DevaCurl No Poo and One Conditioner changed all of that!! My hair is very very moisturized and is never ever oily. I can easily wear 2nd and 3rd day curls without a problem. After I use the No-Poo and One Condition I put a little bit of Heaven In Hair in and use it as a styling cream. Then I use the B’Leave In and diffuse it with the blow dryer. For my 2nd and 3rd day curls I mix some of the Heaven In Hair (just a little) with the B’Leave In and water in a spray bottle. I spray my hair all over and diffuse again to set the curl. Works great! I haven’t tried the Set It Free product yet from DevaCurl, but that’s next on my list. For now, I’m very very happy with my current regimen.

Bridgette Elkton, MI

Best shampoo and conditioner I’ve ever tried

The shampoo has a slightly minty smell that I like. It doesn’t foam and I’m surprised that I don’t miss the foam. I know it’s missing all those nasty chemicals that would damage my color-treated hair. It gets my hair clean and leaves it silky even without the conditioner. But I use the conditioner every time I shampoo and it makes my hair manageable and shiny. Great duo.

Angela Ludlow, MS

Wanted to love this stuff….really I did….But….

I can see where this would be great for curly hair because curly hair is SO dry in nature to begin with. This stuff isn’t the best smelling stuff when you are washing your hair, but it smells great when your hair has dried. My husband has super curly hair and that is why I purchased it…also hoping I could use it on my relatively straight hair and avoid the sulphates in regular shampoos. Not the case. It was great the first wash, my hair was super soft…almost too soft to do anything with actually, and it did smell great. But when I washed it today? The result was hair that looked oily and wet when completely dry. Almost as if I’d not rinsed conditioner out. I had to re-wash with regular shampoo to get it out. So. All in all, this is a no go for me. And I don’t recommend it for anyone with straight hair. So far it’s been fine on my husbands hair but he’s not raving about any great miracle either, he likes it enough so far, but hates the price and probably will be deterred by future use on that count alone.

Gena Prompton, PA

Best ever!!!

Since i’ve discovered Deva Curl’s shampoo and conditioner, I don’t know how I survived without them all these years!! I love, love, love this shampoo and conditioner ….. It has changed my life forever!!! It cuts down on the care time, and I’m all for that!!!!

Rena Lincoln, VA

Works for me

Works great for me. I was a little hesitant at first to try but figured I’d try it after reading many reviews. Don’t think I will ever go back to regular shampoo. It really does get hair clean without stripping needed oils. My hair naturally dry and bleached.

Harriett Leola, AR