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Devaconcepts DevaCurl Styling Cream, 5.1 Oz

DevaCurl styling cream – 5.1 ounce targets, defines and shapes curls deeply nourishes and softens for hydration of all curl types, but especially for botticelli and corkscrew curls.

Key features

  • Targets, defines and shapes curls
  • Deeply nourishes and softens
  •  For hydration of all curl types, but especially for botticelli and corkscrew curls

Honest reviews


A lion tamer for thick, frizzy, curly, unruly fuzzy hair……….

I’ve been fighting my coarse, curly hair for decades. Every once in awhile I’ll find something I like, and then it’s discontinued. More often though, it just stops working like I expect. Is it because companies reformulate? That is always possible. It’s also possible that the hair I had in my teens, 20’s, and 30’s isn’t the same from decade to decade and I have to live with that.Currently I have it color treated a dark color, and am growing it out. Kind of like the Mary Louise Parker look (only not with short shorts). I have a good hair day if I leave it curly, maybe once a month. It’s so frustrating. I can’t seem to find advice for my certain hair, from anyone who HAS this kind of hair. Even the Folica forums are filled with people much younger than myself, with time to mess with their hair endlessly. That’s not me. I just need something to put on it and use minimum effort, to ENHANCE and CONTROL what I have.One day I was in an Ulta whose manager treats me like I have a communicable disease and shoplift; praying that the first person to offer help would not be her. At any rate, when I was once again looking for a curly-hair product, I went in that day with not so great hair. You would think this would be the perfect time for someone to see just what they need to work with and make a good recommendation! So here comes MisManager, looking all over at my purse, hands, etc. as she asks me if she can help me? I told her what I need, and she started pointing out products that weren’t even appropriate. (She has very very thin, fine hair made bone white, black, and pink, and plastered to her skull….so she showed me products that would work for her). Finally we came to the Deva Curl section and she said, “They have great shampoo!” But I’m not looking for shampoo, I need a STYLING CREAM. She pulled out their gel, “This is great gel!” (BANG HEAD) Finally I found the styling cream. She chirped happily, “Oh that’s great cream!” I told her it was hard to find stuff that worked, and she said: (brace for it) “Well it can’t look any worse than it does now!”Her customer service skills were so impressive, that I bought it on the spot. Actually I knew if I did not like it, I could return it (which I expected).There are a lot of nice things about the Deva Curl and you may not discover them until you play with it awhile. There are many ways to use it. Let me caution you about using it as a final touch up on dry or mostly dry hair: you may look like you didn’t wash your hair recently. (Use VERY sparingly) Also, if you don’t distribute it well enough, you get white dried lumps in your hair. If you work around anyone who has a juvenile mindset, expect to hear about the white things in your hair.I like to put in one squirt (my hair is past shoulder length) and use it as a blowdry cream until my hair is about 3/4 dry, and then squish in another squirt into the ends and shafts, scrunch it in, and let it air dry, for lots of curls. You can do some finger spirals and such to shape them how you want.I also like to put in two squirts and distribute that, and blowdry my hair until finished (with some Milk Shake serum also) with my hands (no brushes, just fingers). the Deva Curl makes the hair smooth and shiny, it’s not STRAIGHT But there is just enough shine and definition and wave to look like you didn’t even do your hair. (When we all know that if I didn’t ‘do’ my hair I would look like Krusty the Clown)I’m on my second bottle of the Deva Curl, and the price on Amazon is way less than Ulta. So instead of $26 and Cruella DeVille, I can order this for less from the comfort of my home, sitting with my “couldn’t be worse” hair :–) With use several times a week, I got about 3 months out of this bottle. Realistically, I probably get closer to 2 months now that I’m learning how to work with it more.UPDATE: I put this (one squirt) into my hair and used it as a setting lotion with big rollers…can you believe it works??? Very smooth results.

Debora Henry, NE

GREAT curl cream!

I am SO glad that Deva Curl FINALLY came out with a curl creme! I use Deva Curl’s No Poo and One Condition, but am picky about my styling products and tend not to like gel. I love curling cremes though, which is why I was so thrilled when they finally came out with one. After I gently towel dry my hair with a regular towel (no rubbing!), I liberally apply the curl creme and then scrunch Set It Free into my hair, then continue to scrunch my hair with a Deva Curl towel. My hair always looks amazing when I use this, and the creme makes my hair so soft! And it smells great :)!

Rena Melbourne, KY

Best Styling Cream

I’ve tried so many styling creams to find the "holy grail" of products, and I have to say, this is definitely a holy grail product.Like many other reviewers have said, a little goes a long way. I mix about 2 pumps of this with DevaCurl AnGel and scrunch it in my hair upside down (I do this with pretty sopping wet hair). Then I take an old cotton t-shirt and scrunch the excess water out.I’m careful not to touch my hair too much, or I put a braid in my hair and wait for it to dry. I always come out with shiny. bouncy curls.I am in love with this cream and will continue to buy it. Plus the smell is absolutely AMAZING. Definitely would recommend this to any of my curly haired girls.

Valeria Georgetown, TN

Hope it is better than it’s presentation

Some clear liquid was all over it, inside cap, and you can see it floating inside at the bottom under the cream.

Myrna Brisbane, CA

Better at the salon

My curlygirl stylist uses it with deva an-gel, but there it takes time, the hair dryer, etc! & the final curly styling looks great. Personally, I find it leaves my hair feeling kind of heavy, but as if there’s too much hair product on it. Dom’t see a need to re- buy–An-gel after one condition has always worked great for me.

Margot Bancroft, IA

Smells like cotton candy and is very moisturizing

This and theDeva Curl Spray Gel 8ozare the two newest products in the Deva lineup, and I picked both up the other day at my local beauty supply store. I have Wavy hair, and since the Styling Cream is targeted towards botticelli and corkscrew curls, I wasn’t sure if it would work for me. I decided to try it, though, since I’ve had good luck with most Deva curl products — and it’s been working great on my fine, wavy hair — turning my waves into botticelli curls and soft spirals!The directions on the bottle are pretty vague, as they are on most Deva bottles: “For added definition and lift, follow with DevaCurl Spray Gel to roots and crown.” Since this is pretty moisturizing and since on their Facebook page Deva said you could use this in lieu of One Condition as a leave-in, I’ve been using about three pumps on my hair (which is about three inches past my shoulders), and then have been topping it with AnGel. I then clip, add some of the new Spray Gel on my roots and ends, and dry. The result is soft, defined curls.When I started following the Curly Girl method a little over a year ago, I actually used other brands, before finally trying out the Deva line. I’ve been using it exclusively for a few months, and my hair has never looked better. My red color hardly fades, and my waves are shiny and healthy. I really love their products!

Camilla Haverhill, NH

Great addition to the Deva-Licious curls

I have ALWAYS had an issue putting products in my hair. I never knew it’s full potential. I had very thick, coarse "wavy" hair. I have a mix of middle-eastern and Cherokee Indian in me so my hair was going to be a crazy mix. I would straighten it all the time because if I let it air dry, it was frizzy (but not because of unruly curls, but that’s just what happens to thick, wavy, coarse hair). As I got older, I tried serums, gels, all the stuff you can get at the local monopolizing "Mart". All these commercials for certain brands seemed to stack wax in my hair and it just made it difficult to work with my hair. I met a Deva stylist through teaching Zumba and she offered to help with my hair. WOW.From the first cut, I told her I hate putting product in my hair and she promised it wouldn’t feel that way…as I watched her add…EEK – gel! GASP! Then some of this. I said, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" and she said to trust her. So, she proceeded to dry it, scrunched it and whoa. Soft, shiny, beautiful wavy hair? Really? After all she just put in? I was hooked.So, after I wash (or co-wash on my days off of washing it), I mix this with the Arc Angel gel (or now Ultra-Defining is what they call it). I scrunch it in, dry it and then scrunch to remove the cast. I am in love with the Deva product and the fact that they do not weigh the hair down. All those commercials on TV are full of poo…this is finally something that does what it says (as long as you follow the ENTIRE plan). I use the Deva gloves (or a cheese/flour cloth in a pinch) to dry it (as a regular towels loops are too thick and will cause the curls to separate and frizz). My hair is gorgeous. My own mother has switched to the complete line after seeing what my hair has become capable of. And, now, after 3 years of using it, even if I don’t dry it and let it air dry, with just a little bit of condition left in (I always leave the One Condition in), it dries curly and beautiful (just don’t usually have the volume, but after some scrunching, it’s fine).I love this cream. I love the whole Deva line and I’m really happy with how it works!

Kristin Carmichael, CA

Perfect for Botticelli curls

When I initially converted to CG, I used only gel. I had curl, but my hair was so damaged that I wasn’t getting the curls I remembered having when I was younger. I bought this product after reading the reviews, and I LOVE it. After scrunching out the excess water with a tee shirt, I apply a moderate amount of this then follow up with a generous amount of gel. Using too much of this will result in a slightly greasy look, so be careful. This product bundles my curls nicely and makes ’em shine, while the gel adds protein and sets my curls in place. (For gel, I either use the Angel or Aussie Instant Freeze, if I need a harder hold.) I highly recommend this product in conjunction with gel, especially if you are transitioning to natural.

Trudy Milford, ME

smells fantastic!

The first thing you will notice is the great smell. The product isn’t too heavy for fine hair. Keeps frizzies away and helps define curls.

Tammy Bloomington, ID

Perfect product for curly hair during the summer

Perfect product for curly hair during the summer. It’s a little heavier since it’s a cream and it helps weight my hair down enough in the dry months. I typically switch to the foam in the winter.

Gena Wyandanch, NY

leaves hair dry and frizzy

I’m starting to think I must be doing something wrong since so many reviewers praise this product. I’ve had pretty good results with DevaCurl’s No-Poo and One Condition, but all of their styling products seem to promote the conditions I’m looking to avoid.I’m a guy with dry and frizzy hair that I have been trying to tame ever since I grew my hair out two years ago. I’ve gone to Sephora and tried every brand that they carry, including Devacurl. Unfortunately, this styling cream turns my hair into a fluffy, frizzy, dry, undefined mess.

Frankie Chestnut Mound, TN


No Poo, One Condition, then the stylin cream. This trio has transformed my curls into something I love to show off now!

Lorrie Maydelle, TX

smells way too sweet, gives me a headache

It’s an OK product for defining curls but I can’t get past the very strong sweet smell.It doesn’t smell nice on my hair. I’ve tried way better products for styling my curly hair.

Elena West Point, IA

Wonderful for getting perfect ringlets!

My stylist recommended I purchase the various DevaCurl products and I’m very glad I did! This is great if you have kinky curls. My curls start out as beautiful ringlets but start to fall after a couple of days. Now I just wet it a bit and put this styling cream in and voila! Reshaped! It also smells great and is cruelty free.

Ora Forest, MS

Smells awesome

I have really naturally curly hair, and this is not to crunchy, but gives my hair the perfect amount of volume and smells fabulous. Try it!

Eula Humphrey, NE

Does the job

I have fairly curly/frizzy hair and this product works ok. but the amount i have to use to keep my hair under control is more then i expected. i doubt this amount will last very long. I like that it does not have a super "wet" look like other products.

Patrice Quaker Hill, CT

Styling cream

Doesn’t work for my hair. I am looking for a product that will enhance my natural curls and stop them becoming frizzy as the day goes on. I will not order this again kind of pricey to not work.

Elinor Geff, IL