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DevaCare One Condition, No-Fade Ultra Creamy Conditioner 32 fl oz

DevaCare’s ultra creamy, daily conditioner keeps curls shiny and manageable. Enriched with vitamin C and orange peel extract to slow color fading. Whether your hair is curly, wavy, or chemically processed. Made in the USA.

Key features

  • DevaCare One Condition No-Fade Ultra Creamy Conditioner by Deva Concepts for Unisex – 32 oz Conditioner
  • DevaCare One Condition No-Fade Ultra Creamy Conditioner by Deva Concepts for Unisex

Honest reviews


Deva Care Conditioner

I just recently tried this product after having used the sister product,Deva Curl Instant Conditioner for over a year. I decided to try the Deva Care because it is targeted for color processed hair. I am very disappointed in the product. I have used it multiple times, and it does absolutely nothing for my hair. My hair actually seems worse off after using the product: more, dry and frizzy. Maybe I got a bad bottle?I would go back to the Deva Curl Instant. That is a good (although pricey) conditioner:;=beauty&qid;=1279238805&sr;=8-1

Sheena Unionville, TN

Did I miss something here?

Upon reading all the wonderful reviews about this product, I decided to buy this and the Lo-Poo by Deva. BIG mistake. This actually left my hair hard and my curls flat by morning. I was very disappointed in this product and really wanted to like it, but after numerous attempts, alas, it just does not work for me. A hefty price to pay for a product that does nothing but leave my hair smelling perfumed, hard, dry, and flat by morning! I do however use the Deva gel and it’s great. Just too bad this was not the same. I will continue to be a “curly girl” and use L’Oreal Paris EverPure Moisture Conditioner that is 100% vegan and not tested on animals with no animal byproducts.

Kerry Lerona, WV

Is this why my scalp is dry?

I love Devacare One condition, but since switching to this conditioner my scalp has been really dry. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and have to put LOTION on my scalp because it itches so badly. When this bottle is empty, I’m going back to One.

Silvia San Rafael, CA

A little goes a long way

I use the No poo cleanser first and follow up with this conditioner. I love how my hair smells and feels afterwards.

Eddie Dodson, MT

happy with product

I enjoy how soft this makes my hair. I am not true curly more wavy with frizzy dryness. This line of products encourages and defines the frizzy into soft loose curls. Can’t beat the price on line.

Karin Beloit, WI

A Gem of a Find

I just started usingDevaCare One Condition, No-Fade Ultra Creamy Conditioner 12 fl oz (946 ml). My salon is carrying Deva products and they recommended it to me. I just love it. I have curly and very thick hair and this conditioner is just perfect. I use it along with their Deva DevaCare Low-Poo No-Fade Shampoo 32 oz. My hair dries curly just as I like it and it’s never felt softer and more natural. I am very pleased with these two products together, so pleased in fact that I don’t plan on using anything else. I’ve never felt my hair so soft or seen it looking so good. I highly recommend the conditioner with the shampoo.

Betsy Ord, NE

Continuing to be pleased with this line

I follow the instructions on the bottle for after Deva shampoo application and I am completely pleased. Such a pleasant scent! Makes the shower even more pleasant. Plus when your hair is dry, a very faint whiff stays on. Not overwhelming at all. This kept my long, coarse, curly, colored hair from tangling and had no frizz. Completely surprised because I usually need to flatiron my entire head or the frizz simply overwhelms me. Another convert to the Deva line–fingers crossed that now I found it, the line will stick around. Worth the investment.

Tracy Kingsville, TX

Great conditioner for curly hair

This is a great conditioner for curly hair. Doesn’t dry out hair and helps it to hold curls better. Leaves my naturally wavy hair light and bouncy.

Jami Albertville, AL

Oh my, what’s not to love

I have been using the Deva product line for about 5 weeks now and have never been happier with my curly hair. I love the smell and the feel of this conditioner, and it works really well for my fine curly hair. Does not weigh it down at all. I follow the instructions given to me by my stylist on how to use the whole line together, and am very happy with the results. I use only the conditioner, ever, on my hair now. No more shampoo. It does the trick, refreshing my scalp without stripping and drying out my hair.

Concetta Burrel, CA

Good everyday light moisturizing conditioner

This is a good everyday conditioner for all hair types. My hair is medium-fine and frizzy, and needs a little extra conditioning so I will occasionally leave this product in my hair up to an hour for additional moisture. I like that it has a very light citrusy fragrance as I am in general averse to most odors/fragrances.

Lilian Saint Stephens, WY

Very Gentle and Hydrating

I really like this product. I started with the coordinating no-poo shampoo. Anyhow, with great results I decided to try this conditioner. I have not been disappointed. In fact, my hair looks and feels even better than when I was using the no-poo with other brand conditioners. Also, I get the Brazilian Blowout, but it has been wearing off lately and this has left all the frizzy spots smooth, shiny and ultra soft. I wish it came with a pump though as it is dreadfully difficult to use as is.

Marian Paige, TX

Hair-changing product

This with the Deva Care No Poo is a must for all cury hair. It truly will change the way you see your hair and yourself. You will love your curls with this product!

Aida Dearing, KS


This is the best conditioner. I love its smell and how soft it makes my hair. It leaves my hair feeling great.

Abby Granite, CO

Best Conditioner EVER!

I love this stuff! It gives my hair enough slip to easily run my fingers through my thick, culy hair. I only rinse out a small amount of it and leave the rest in like a leave-in conditioner. I’ll never buy another conditioner again!

Angela Pleasant Mills, IN

A must for curls

My hair eats this stuff up since I live in a dry climate. If you have curly or wavy hair and you’re not already using Deva products, what are you waiting for?

Rena Pinellas Park, FL

great product. can’t recommend enough

love love love deva care one condition. i have been using deva curl products for over 12 years and i recommend it constantly. love the all natural ingredients. love the way it doesn’t weigh my hair down and cleanses my scalp. gentle enough to use everyday. love love love

Kari Glastonbury, CT

moisturizes hair

I use this along with devacare no poo. Works great and I only need a small amount. I even use a small amount as a leave in and dont rinse. A 12 oz bottle of this lasts through almost 2 32 oz bottles of no poo cleanser.

Marissa Maple Falls, WA

Just okay

I’m not a big fan of this product. I was really hoping to like it since I am a curly girl. It didn’t make my hair feel very good at all. I don’t really like the smell either.

Marylou Mont Clare, PA

A little goes a long way

Normally when I buy conditioner I need to use very large amounts of it. It was not uncommon for me to go through several bottles of conditioner in the time it took me to go through one bottle of shampoo. However, I can get away with using about the same amount of this conditioner as I would shampoo. I’ve used this both before and after coloring my hair and it consistently gives my hair the same texture. My hair soaks it up, but doesn’t feel at all heavy or greasy after using it. The extra moisture it gives keeps my hair curlier despite the drier climate in which I live. It has also cut down on the frizz factor I usually experience at all times.

Jennifer Geary, OK

nothing special

I’m liking the Low Poo, but this conditioner does not detangle my hair. Smells okay. Not worth the price. I won’t be buying it again.

Raquel Tarrytown, GA