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DevaCare One Condition, No-Fade Ultra Creamy Conditioner, 12 Fl Ounce

To have and to hold. No-fade ultra creamy conditioner. For sale in professional salons only. All you need is one: Love this super rich, ultra creamy conditioner for moisture deprived, colored and chemically processed hair. Enriched with orange-peel wax, Vitamin-C, olive oil and other essential botanicals, One Condition provides maximum hydration and color retention. Not tested on animals. Made in U.S.A.

Key features

  • Pack of 2, 12 ounce each (total of 24 ounces)
  • Creamy, daily conditioner keeps curls shiny and manageable
  • Enriched with vitamin C and orange peel extract to slow color fading

Honest reviews



I have been using this conditioner for a year now. I buy the 32 ounce bottle because it comes with a pump which is easier to use in the shower. It is also more cost effective buying the larger size.Now, about the product…It does lightly condition the hair without weighing it down. It has an okay fragrance — not great, but it is light enough not to bother me. Does it control frizz? That’s hard to say, because anyone with a serious frizz problem is going to apply an anti-frizz lotion/pomade to their hair before styling.I like the way my hair felt after I rinsed out the conditioner, and I was able to comb my hair with ease.You only need to use a little bit. My hair still frizzes in humid New York weather, but I don’t believe there is anything that can totally eradicate frizz when up against the New York elements :)Another user sent me a comment with the following instructions:”… I just wanted to tell you how I use it and that may help you. It is the best product I have ever used and I have been using it for over 8 years. I bought it after reading “Curly Girl” years ago.I have shoulder length hair.Use 3 pumps as you would shampoo, rinse, use 3 pumps as you would your fingers through to comb (I don’t use a comb or brush outside of this step) and then rinse, before getting out of the shower use 2 pumps that you will LEAVE IN. This is all I use, never a shampoo and never a styling gel or pomade. I use a cotton tshirt to wrap my hair after getting out of the shower (never a towel). I really, really hope it works for you, hope you give it a try.”I tried your recommendation, and it does make a huge difference in the way your hair turns out.The product is really wonderful. It works as a conditioner and a pomade. Leaves hair soft and silky.

Cortney Marietta, NC

An excellent, smellarific instant/rinse-out conditioner that’s medium-weight and can serve as a light leave-in.

I love the smell of this conditioner–fruity, like an orange creamsicle. I also like the creamy texture and how it gives hair a nice slip to encourage moisture and clumping. (On the downside, the creaminess means you need to scrub your tub more often, as it leaves residue down there!)I use it as a rinse out condioner after Low-Poo Devacare shampoo, and on the days after a deep conditioning treatment when I don’t need a heavy leave-in conditioner for my dry hair, I also use a bit of this as a leave-in, especially on my superdry ends.A very nice product from the Curly Girl experts at Deva.I’ll add that this line is aimed at color-treated/stressed hair. And it smells nicer than the DevaCurl shampoo/ONE. But the DevaCurl B’Leave In and Gels smell lovely, and I use those, too, as well as teh lavender hair mist.Enjoy your curls.

Carolina Ridgeway, WV

So great for washing out or leaving in

I have naturally curly hair which has quite a bit of frizz. I have chosen to go sulfate free in an effort to improve the health of my mane and this conditioner is my favorite. I frequently leave it in my hair after washing and enjoy the de-frizzing happiness that follows. It is not a miracle cure for frizz, but a friend of the curly-haired user.

Sheila Bath, PA


It doesn’t really deeply nourish your hair, so you don’t get a deep conditioning, so when i used it with the devacare shampoo it made me hair dry and straw like.

Ladonna Summers, AR

A great conditioner

I use this with the DevaCare No-Poo cleanser and I love it. I have fine, wavy, color-treated hair, and most other conditioners either weigh it down or don’t condition enough.Because the No-Poo doesn’t dry your hair, you don’t need to use much conditioner. I started off rinsing out the conditioner right after I applied it to my hair, but I found that my hair looks better if I leave it on for a few minutes.Great product, highly recommend!

Jana Walnut Creek, CA