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DevaCare No-Poo No-Fade Zero Lather Cleanser 12 oz

This suds-free conditioning cleanser is great for dehydrated, chemically-treated curls. The gentle, citrus-scented formula also delivers UV protection to help slow color fading.

Key features

  • Wet curls thoroughly.
  • Apply a liberal amount of cleanser between palms, and work vigorously throughout your scalp and gently through the ends of your hair.
  • Continue with vigorous motion on your scalp to rinse thoroughly.

Honest reviews



I’d been doing no poo, meaning not using shampoo for quite a while. I started doing this out of desperation, regular shampoo would dry my scalp and hair out, then turn my scalp greasy hours later. My scalp was always itchy with shampoo, this stopped when I stopped using it. When I started working out, I needed something to make my scalp feel clean.I love this product. It smells wonderful. It gets my scalp clean, I can feel it. It doesn’t strip all the oil out of my scalp or hair. My hair is soft and happy. My scalp is happy, too, no itch and no dryness.I do not have curly hair, I have very fine, thin, wavy hair.I love this product.If you use regular shampoo now and want to switch to this, give it a month before you decide if you like it or not. The change away from harsh detergents can cause your scalp to seem extra oily – it’s used to being stripped of all oils and needing to overproduce more oil out of desperation to protect itself. Once it adjusts, you’ll discover that you don’t actually have an oil problem.

Lessie Emden, MO

I Will Never Shampoo Again

Shampoo is a sham. And poo. Finding this product taught me that. Like many, I was intrigued by the Wenn commercials, and like many, I wasn’t keen to deal with Guthy Renker to get it. DevaCurl No-Poo changed my life. It makes my scalp tingle, makes my hair smell good and smooths my course, dry, frizz-prone hair beautifully. A couple of things:* It’s not just for curly girls. I don’t wear my hair curly, and it works great for me.* I find that I don’t need the conditioner with it. I have it but never use it. I just use a leave-in styling product and I’m all good.* Since I’ve been using this product, I only have to wash my hair every 4-5 days.TRY IT. I send sample sizes to my friends all the time, so I can be their hero.

Heather Farmington, NH

Doesn’t completely tame frizz but still an amazing product

I bought the No Poo, DevaCare One condition and the DevaCurl Deva Care Arc Angell. This line of product definitely makes my curls look gorgeous! They’re more defined and my husband constantly tells me it looks sexy haha I get compliments from people often! My only gripe is that I believed all frizz would be eliminated but I still have quite a bit of frizz. I use the right type of dryer too (which I don’t use every single time). I’m hoping it’s because I’ve only been using this stuff for 2 1/2 weeks and I know it takes up to 6 weeks to see a total transformation. I’m a fan of the shampoo and gel smell but I do not like the smell of the conditioner. It reminds me of my grandma’s Dove soap lol I will continue to purchase these hair products and I’ll update my review after 6 weeks! 🙂

Nanette Morgan, TX

Kind of a fan…

I did decent research into the product and received mixed reviews. I bought both the shampoo and the conditioner (One Condition) and have been quite pleased with both. There was several complaints to the smell, but to be honest it’s not bad, just a heavy “natural” smell to it and I’ve even received compliments. For those that have curly hair (mine’s natural) it’s been great! My hair seems to be more moisturized, with soft and improved curls. I fully recommend the product.

Libby El Toro, CA

Unimpressive & smells AWFUL

Okay, I *just* used this again today, like 3 hours ago. I’ve had it for months & seriously dislike it.For one, it smells disgusting. It’s overpoweringly intense – like nausea/migraine inducing. Basically, it smells exactly like some cheap, vile, powdery-floral bathroom spray. Not too crazy about my head smelling like a public toilet.It does not do anything remotely impressive for my hair. In fact my hair feels sort of rough & tangly. I have used plenty of other cheap conditioners for CO-Washing, many cone-free, and have been way more impressed with the results. (I’m talking $1 conditioners like V05 or Suave, that you can find dirt cheap at K-Mart, Target, Wal-Mart, drug stores, etc…)Save your money & just get something else. I would never buy this again, nor would I ever recommend it to anyone.

Kenya Pep, NM


I bought this one and the deva girl set it free. Best combo out there. It leaves hair curly and untangled for the entire day. I go to school and my hair is exposed to all sorts of weather every day and yet my hair is soft and untangled! I do use a GENEROUS amount of the shampoo on my hair. It does not create foam which one has to get used to.

Kaye Nellis Afb, NV

Still Don’t know what to think

Just to start off, I gave this 4 stars because I don’t know how to judge the product since I’ve never used anything that has no lather to it. I have naturally curly hair that gets dry quick so after hearing about this product, I thought I’d give it a try. It definitely doesn’t lather so in the back of my mind, I’m wondering if it even works. It has a nice minty aroma and it leaves the hair seemingly clean although I don’t know if it completely cleans the scalp. I think next time I may try the one called “Some Poo” that has a little lather to it.

Edythe Sonyea, NY

Frizz Control =]

I was recommended this product from a friend to control my frizz. I use it to co wash my hair every 2-3 days and Ouidad shampoo once a week which using Too Shea conditioner in between. It does a great job of getting build up gunk from my hair making it light again while not activating my frizz issue. It also has a nice minty smell to it. Once my regimen in the shower is complete, I rinse my hair out, leaving it nice and soft again. Must better than any of my old products. Give it a try if you have curls or bad frizz =]

Tiffany Stevenson, AL

Ohhhh, *this* is what shampoo’s supposed to be like!

The first time I used No-Poo, I had to pick the bottle up again to make sure I hadn’t grabbed conditioner by mistake. I have *always* needed heavy conditioners for my colored, Botticelli-type curls. No more! This shampoo is so gentle and moisturizing that I can use a regular conditioner and be absolutely fine. Now, it doesn’t suds up, which took some getting used to. Small price to pay for my hair being in vastly improved condition! At $18/12 oz bottle, it’s a little pricey, but very worth it to me.

Selina Guatay, CA


I can tell that this shampoo is detangling and moisturizing my hair when I use it. It doesn’t smell great, but it does have a bit of a tingle on my scalp which makes me think it’s cleaning my scalp since there are no suds.

Janis Yorktown, IN

It’s kinda like washing your hair with conditioner….

It starts to wear your hair down. Even after multiple rinsing I was noticing that my hair was going flat and then….oh boy….DANDRUFF. I couldn’t believe it. I have never had dandruff and there it was. So I though ok, maybe I just didn’t rinse well enough. Even after ONLY using this product, no conditioner(just on the ends, I know), and rinsing thoroughly…NOPE…still dandruff. Not only that but the smell started to go away after one day. My ends even felt a little drier. So the hunt for the perfect shampoo continues…something for my mildly dry/combo scalp and wavy/curly/frizzy hair…….Pros:Smells goodEasy to use, but you have to REALLY spread it through your scalpI guess the hair became clean….I mean it smelled and felt clean…No suds, which is great for people with dry hairCons:I got **sniff** dandruff….sorry DevaCurl No-Poo, it wasn’t meant to be…..

Catherine Thedford, NE

Great Hair Wash!

I don’t mind the smell at all. Some other reviewers said it smelled bad but I don’t see why. It doesn’t lather but it’s still a great way to wash your hair and my hair was super clean afterwards.

Hilary New Orleans, LA

doesn’t work for me

I don’t like the way my scalp feels after using this. I prefer the Evercurl conditioning shampoo. So I won’t buy this again.

Willie Kiowa, KS

Not for me — doesn’t mean it’s a bad product!

If anyone I knew had dry hair, I’d definitely recommend this. But I went from one extreme to the other, which is why I think this didn’t work. I used to shampoo once daily (sometimes more) with a daily clarifying shampoo. I wanted my hair to be thicker and healthier, and for it to stop getting greasy mid-afternoon. So I gave DevaCurl a try and started shampooing every other day. It’s been about 2.5 months now, and my hair is greasy even immediately after I shower. If you’re using harsh shampoos on your hair right now, maybe go to a sulfate-free shampoo every other day before diving into this. Otherwise, you’ll be like me and spend months with greasy hair wondering when it’ll go away. I’ll certainly hold on to the bottle to use every now and then, but I’ll be purchasing a sulfate-free shampoo, as DevaCurl just didn’t work for me.

Marissa Seffner, FL

Eh, Okay

This shampoo is decent but I wouldn’t staple it just yet. It does clean and lather well, but I’m still hunting for the best sulfate free poo for my hair. I could see it being amazing for someone else. To each it’s own. Eh, okay for me.Ok, Update:I recently tried this shampoo again and loved it…stapling. Can’t remember what I did differently but it cleaned well and didn’t leave my scalp itchy like sulfate shampoos do.

Kerry Lowry, MN

great shampoo

i absolutely love it, makes my hair feels real clean, need only small amount, not for people who think they need a lot of lather to get their hair clean

Angelina Sea Girt, NJ

Love It

Leaves a nice smell to your hair but does not weigh it down. Makes curls behave when used with other products in this line.

Mellisa Laquey, MO

good stuff

Great hair cleanser. A staple product for any curly hair. A little goes a long way. try it out and you will never get shampoo again.

Madge Holman, NM

not for me

I have very curly, kinky, frizzy hair and this wasn’t for me. on my curly days, my hair looked and felt weird and weighed down. on my straight hair days, it didn’t feel clean. i think the no-poo route isn’t for me.

Faith Sharon, CT

Deva Curl No Poo

THis is the best product for curly hair. It keeps hair soft and manageable. I use it regularly with other Devalporudct.

Jasmin South Shore, KY

As good as they say

I know people always rave about DevaCurl, and I’m here to tell you there’s good reason. Honestly, it’s worth the money. My curls are healthy, happy, and hydrated.

Wilma Woodrow, CO

Good for curly hair

I have been using the DevaCurl products for a while now. I use the No-Poo followed by the One Condition. After washing my hair, I use the leave-in conditioner and then the light gel. I do think my curly hair is better managed with these products but I don’t think I have the technique down perfect yet. I did try the Lo-Poo and didn’t like that at all. For my hair, the No-Poo works much better. I think everyone’s hair is different and the trick is finding what works best for you!

Helena North Loup, NE

Good for curly hair!

This is not my favorite shampoo but it ranks better than any drugstore or regular store shampoo! It does have things in it that is better on curly hair so I like it!

Bettie Lanesboro, MN

Strong Smell

I have mixed feelings about this shampoo. On the one hand, it’s more economical than some other nonlathering shampoos, so you won’t go broke trying it. However, the smell is just too much. I believe it’s mint and rose — an odd combination. It’s the mint I object to. Virtually EVERY nonlathering shampoo is "minty". Why? I think it’s an attempt to "compensate" the user somehow for the lack of lather. Like if you don’t have lather you might not think your hair is clean, so let’s dump in some mint to mimic the "clean" feeling of toothpaste. The bottom line is that if you use this shampoo you will smell *strongly* like a cough drop. The other issue I have with this stuff is that it actually doesn’t make my hair curl at all. I have wavy hair and this shampoo actually made it look straight, frizzy, and dry. I have used Suave Shea Butter Conditioner (less than $2 at Safeway) as a "nonlathering hair cleanser" and my hair is shiny, wavy, and smells really good. I think this nonlathering shampoo craze is just the latest marketing ploy by manufacturers who think women are stupid.

Caryn Grand Ridge, FL

it’s just as stated

it doesn’t lather which is perfect. it keeps my hair clean and not dry. so far so good. love it! item still hasn’t arrived after contacting the seller regarding the issue. now, i just want a refund.

Adele South New Berlin, NY

A Different Type of Shampoo

I had a gift certificate from Christmas and really needed some new hair products. I bought this, the conditioner to it, and the curl holding creme.I have very processed hair. I dye it regularly and high heat wave, curl, or straighten depending on my mood. It’s shoulder length or more and somewhat thick.The shampoo does not lather. It’s not supposed to. It’s cleansing your hair. If I didn’t know this ahead of time, I’d probably have freaked out and sent it back. You work it through your hair and rinse. I usually do this twice. I don’t care for the smell, but it doesn’t matter because the conditioner smells great. You work the conditioner through and leave it on as long as you need it. A minute or ten, doesn’t matter, it just depends on how deep you want or need your conditioning. You can rinse it and then towel dry your hair and put a bit back in to stay. It makes your hair soft and gives more hold, but I thought doing that made my hair feel heavy, but I did try it. The creme hold stuff smells great too. The hold is "OK". That’s why the 4 stars and not 5. I’m reviewing the 3 products as a whole system overall. The creme smells good, feels good, and I even rubbed my hands on my face after running it through my hair. It made such a good lotion. I found that my curls needed the occasional touch up if I were going out, or had something going on in the evening. I didn’t need to add more, just needed to touch up my hair a bit.This stuff blows your average department store products away. I like biolage better, but can’t afford it. But this is better than then the Nexxus products. The shipping was quick with Prime and on time. Packaging was fine. Bottle is simple, plain, not gimicky, if you know what I mean. I would buy more, try some other of their products, and recommend this product.

Charity Buskirk, NY


I love this product! I mainly use it, but once a week I use the Low Poo. They’re a great combination

Angelina Windsor, NJ

Hard to get used to no “suds”

The fact that it does not lather is hard to get used to, but the hair washes nicely and does not over dry like regular shampoos.

Shelly Karnes City, TX

I don’t like all of the Deva products, but this I LOVE

This is the shampoo of my choice. I LOVE the scent and the creamy texture.Even though it is a shampoo, it moisturizes my hair! I don’t use it all the time. I use it about once a week. This is all the shampoo I need. Thanks Amazon and DevaCurl!

Cecile Berlin, MA

The absolute best

I have been using this product for over 2 years now, and just recently decided to try something different. It has convinced me beyond a doubt, that this is the best product for my hair. It leaves it clean, soft and super curly. I will never stray from it again.

Allison Charleston Afb, SC